Making sure people know how smart of a Phillies fan you are

You’ve done it.

You’ve staked your flag with a picture of your own smirking face on the peak of intelligence; You’ve scaled the mountains of baseball knowledge and social media to become the smartest Phillies fan in the world.

But how will people know?  How can they possibly tell the scale of your grand, patronizing smarts, unless you harp on them for thinking the Phillies could have won?

But wait! Aren’t you a Phillies fan? Shouldn’t you be rooting for the team?

No way! You may be a Phillies fan, but you’re a smart, cool Phillies fan – not one of these mindless sheep who hope the team does well and wanted them to win today like a bunch of fucking saps.

Look at them, over there.  Sapping it up.  They probably have both hands on the keyboard, not even writing anything intelligent enough to jack off to while simultaneously typing.  How primitive. Continue reading

Now Available – The PhoulBallz Podcast #32

On the 32nd edition of the PhoulBallz Podcast, Double-A Reading starting left-handed pitchers Jesse Biddle and Austin Wright took some time to take part in exclusive interviews.  Additionally, Tug and I talk about 2012 first round draft pick Shane Watson‘s DL stint, third base prospect Cody Asche‘s Triple-A success, Kelly Dugan earning a promotion to Double-A and Jarred Cosart making his big league debut with the Astros along with a bit of WWE chatter.

Listen above, download below, and subscribe to the PhoulBallz Minor League Podcast on iTunes.

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A Quick Guide to the NL Final All-Star Vote

So many players to choose from this year!  Well, five; like every other year.

But still, the decision still has to be made, and you could just vote for all of them at some point, but why take the coward’s way out when you can use any of these fine reasons that are not secretly insults.

Ian Desmond

You like being told what to do by Nationals fans.

You play fast and loose with the rules too, when it comes to facial hair.

You enjoy the sound of the Nationals’ broadcast team tongue-bathing their entire lineup.

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