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ZWR compares Phillies bloggers to characters on The Wire
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Phillies bloggers meet the cast of The Wire: Please check out the latest BANGA from Zoo With Roy where he matches up characters from The Wire with their Phillies blogging counterparts. He had me at Meech = Avon Barksdale. [Zoo With Roy]

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  • T-MAC

    Totally gay concept.


    Totally gay comment.

  • Watrick

    I’m sure this would be more fun if I watched the Wire. As far as I can tell, you’re that guy from Remember the Titans, trying to look like a gansta.

  • Jdashdog

    I don’t always read ZWR, but when I do I prefer it to be about The Wire. *The most interesting ZWR post in the world.*

  • Logical

    This seems so cool!

  • Joe

    Why the Phills have to win —>

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