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You Could Field An Entire Team With Ed Wade’s Ex-Phillies
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In the most obvious move of the 2010 offseason, Brett Myers agreed (pending physical) to a 1-year, $5 million deal with Ed Wade’s Houston Astros on Friday.  It is just the latest signing by the former Phillies GM in which he took one of his old Philly guys and recycled them to be part of his “new-look” ‘Stros.  Now, it’s certainly no secret that Ed Wade enjoys collecting former Phillies to plug holes in his roster, but in the 2+ years that he has been running the show down there at Minute Maid Park, just how many ex-Phillies has he signed?

Glad you asked.  Not including any random minor leaguer who may have been in the Phillies farm system for a minute but never saw any action in the bigs, that number now stands at 11.  ELEVEN.

So follow me past this jump where we take a look at all the former Fightins who have made the trek to Houston since that parachuting wonder took charge over there.

SP – Brett Myers: Brett is perhaps the most well-known of the Phillies rejects to wind up a ‘Stro.   Prior to signing his 1-year deal last week, Brett spent his entire 10+ years as a pro ballplayer either in the Phillies farm system, or as a Phillie himself.  Brett figures to fit in the middle of the Astros rotation this year, after their 1 & 2 pitchers, Roy Oswalt & Wandy Rodriguez.

C – Chris Coste: “Costey” as he was known in the clubhouse was one of those career minor leaguers who got his first shot at the bigs as a 33-year old rookie (maybe you’ve heard of his book!).  He then spent the next two and a half years as a Phillie before being cut in mid-2009 in favor of Paul Bako.  Shortly after he hit the waiver wire, good ol’ Ed Wade was waiting at the dumpster to pick him up.

1B – Mike Costanzo: Admittedly, Mike Costanzo is the worst choice for this list.  Although he was drafted by Wade in ’04, he never actually played a game for the Phillies, and after being acquired by Houston in the Brad Lidge trade, Costanzo was shipped off to Baltimore a couple weeks later in the deal that made Miguel Tejada a ‘Stro.  So to make up for this lame pick, here’s a funny photo of Mike holding the Phillies jacket he wore as a youth during his introductory press conference with Philly:

2B – Matt Kata: Matt Kata played 10 games for the Phillies in 2005 after Ed Wade scooped him up from Arizona.  Ed was so impressed with his horrible numbers and average defense, that he signed him again to be an Astro in 2008.

SS – Tomas Perez: PIE MAN!, as he was affectionately referred to as a Phillies infielder, played 8 games with the Astros in 2008 after being away from the league for a year.  He only got 2 hits, and hasn’t been in the majors since.

3B – Pedro Feliz: Poor Pedro spent 2 years with the Phillies, made 2 trips to the World Series, and now has to go play in Houston.  But hey, at least he’s pocketing $4.5 mil out of the deal — no other GM in baseball would’ve given him that.

LF – Jason Michaels: Before signing back-to-back one year deals with the Astros in ’09 & ’10, Jason Michaels was a cop fighting maniac who honed his craft under the tutelage of Ed Wade in the early 00’s.  After departing Philly, Jason made pit-stops in Cleveland and Pittsburgh before returning to his rightful owner in 2009.

CF – Michael Bourn: Michael Bourn looks to be the only right move Ed Wade has made thus far.  He was extremely raw as a late-season callup in ’06 with the Phillies, and has been improving every year since.  In 2009 with the Astros, Bourn has a higher OBP (.354) than any season in Jimmy Rollins’ career, won his first Gold Glove award, and he’s not even 30 yet.

RF – TBA: There is currently no right-fielder for this ex-Phillies turned Astros team, but I can only guess that Ed is cooking up some sorta deal that’ll send Hunter Pence and Carlos Lee to the Angels for Bobby Abreu.

P – Geoff Geary: Geoff was also involved in the Brad Lidge/Bearo trade prior to the 2008 season, but couldn’t cut it with the Astros and is now on the Texas Rangers or something.

P – Gustavo Chacin: Gustavo never played for the Phillies during Ed Wade’s time here, BUT he was signed to a minor league contract with us last year and has just done the same with Houston.

P – Gary Majewski: ditto.

And now, for your laughing pleasure, here are all the Ed Wade transactions as Astros GM that involved former Phillies:

11/7/07 Acquired OF Michael Bourn, nonroster 3B Michael Costanzo and RHP Geoff Geary from the Phillies in exchange for RHP Brad Lidge and SS Eric Bruntlett.
11/28/07 Signed INF Tomas Perez to a Minor League contract with an invitation to Spring Training.
4/28/08 Sent INF Tomas Perez outright to Triple-A Round Rock.
12/5/08 Signed INF Matt Kata to a Minor League contract with an invitation to Spring Training.
12/15/08 Signed OF Jason Michaels to a one-year contract.
6/10/09 Sent RHP Geoff Geary outright to Triple-A Round Rock.
7/10/09 Claim C Chris Coste off waivers from Philadelphia Phillies.
9/5/09 Sent INF Matt Kata outright to Triple-A Round Rock.
10/27/09 Sent C Chris Coste outright to Triple-A Round Rock.
12/8/09 Signed RHP Gary Majewski to a Minor League contract with an invitation to Spring Training.
12/10/09 Signed 3B Pedro Feliz to a one-year contract.
12/14/09 Signed OF Jason Michaels to a one-year contract.
12/14/09 Signed LHP Gustavo Chacin to a Minor League contract with an invitation to Spring Training.

  • ShawnJames

    aww… he misses u

  • ShawnJames

    u as in us

    us as in the phillies

  • Watrick

    I think he may just plug Dougie Glanville in right one of these days.

  • Lynniemac

    Let me know when he signs Travis Lee.

  • JFein

    Am I loser for pointing out and knowing that the name of the Astros’ 2nd man in their 1-2 punch at starting pitcher is Wandy Rodriguez, not Wandy Gonzalez?

  • BigMiles

    +1 to meech for getting some new material up to accommodate the diehard birds fans that are making their way back to the fightins.

    -1 for saying that Costey was replaced for Paul Hoover though. Paul Bako brah. Although Hoov did have that momentum building walk off hit on the final day of the regular season……


    -10 to me, okay? Happy now? Fixed the last names.

  • SJ

    Also another notable is their AAA manager, Marc Bombard. Bombard was the Phils 1st base coach in 2005, fired along with Wade and replaced by Lopes.

    We have a manager.

  • will.H

    aw, victorino’s jacket.

  • Jdashdog

    lolz at Will.H

  • Scott Eyre

    He offered me 8.5 Million to close, I rejected the offer. Phillie or bust. Fuck Lehigh Valley(sorry) I’m a MLB LOOGY not a AAA LOOGster

  • MP

    Jenkins has been out of work since we cut him loose last Spring – maybe he could fill the void in right

  • dlhunter

    Ed’s still trying to find Jose Mesa’s nursing home.

  • Bridge to Lidge

    I used to date Mike Costanzo’s cousin.

  • World Fargin Ed Wade Champion ‘010

    You know, in an odd way…I almost miss Ed Wade, considering that he runs Baseball teams like a tragic comedy. The only good thing I can say about Wade was the amount of INCREDIBLE players that we drafted during his tenure, but that probably had more to do with our scouts and Arbuckle.

  • Bobby D

    Returned to his rightful owner. Haha! Ed Wade longs for the days when his club was winning 75 games every year so much so that he wants to get back to that place. Ahhh…the comforting embrace of perpetual mediocrity.

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    @JFein – meech must have been confused since the Phils signed Denys Baez Gonzalez

  • BigMiles

    That’s alright meech. Your posts generally have less errors than those that are posted by the actual beat writers so don’t beat yourself up. (patting you on the back)

  • JFein

    Haha. I’ve been reading for awhile and I know meech’s awesome track record.

  • World Fargin Ed Wade Champion ‘010

    I still say Ed Wade’s face looks like a scrotum.

  • RicoBrogna

    I think i’m calling ole buddy boy wade up and coming back to join the stros!

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    Don’t ever stop, Ed. Please just keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Phils Phan

    [Also another notable is their AAA manager, Marc Bombard. Bombard was the Phils 1st base coach in 2005, fired along with Wade and replaced by Lopes.

    We have a manager.]

    And one of the winningest, if not the winningest, managers in AAA history.

    Go Red Barons.

  • greenman!

    is it just me or is Baez a fat version of Antonio Banderas?

  • Nino Espinosa

    With all the grief the Astros gave us last year, and because Karma tends to bite philly in the rear, I worry about the Astros being there at the end next year…and beating us.

  • Watrick

    Karma? What’s wrong with getting rid of those guys? Which one did we send off in a bad way? If anything, Karma would mean Clifton Lee would be hurting us next year. Of course, because we were nice to the baseball gods and shared the extra money from winning in ’08 to Moyer, we now can’t afford Lee, if you want to talk about karma…

  • MP

    Um the Lee deal wasn’t about money, it was about prospects. If they could have gotten a handful of decent prospects back for Blanton it would have been him gone instead of Lee.

  • BJ

    Rumor is Omar Daal is on the first plane down to Houston…along with his 700 level rowdies, “The Daal House”

  • Phylan

    I don’t really by that, though. If the trade was about prospects it was just an awfully engineered trade by Amaro. Zduriencik said that Amaro actually approached him and said “Look, if I’m able to do Halladay, would you be able to do Cliff Lee?” That immediately reduces the return you will get. If Amaro had just floated that Lee was on the block, teams would’ve been knocking down his door with better offers than Seattle for an ace under contract for $8 mil. In a vacuum, Aumont, Gillies, and Ramirez is a weak return for Lee. And they do not “restock the farm,” at least in the sense that none of them are as highly ranked as Drabek, Taylor, and D’Arnaud were.

    It had to be a salary dump. And if it had to be done to make room for 4 or 5 years of Halladay, that’s fantastic, I’m fine with it. I just don’t buy that it was about prospects.

  • photographer N

    I sure hope this guy makes the team – “Tuffy Gosewisch”. I don’t care if he’s good, if he can hit, if anything! I just want the Phillies to be the team with Tuffy Gosewisch. I want to hear a fifteen minute conversation in the booth with Wheels and Baby Head talking about his name.

    And that name again…. Tuffy Gosewisch!

  • Jdashdog

    Yeah Phylan, it was most certainly a salary dump. This deal(s) went down rather swiftly with just the 3 teams (probably little secret whisper sessions at the winter meetings). If too many other teams caught wind there would be all sorts of offers put on the table that would convolute it and probably cause all of this to fall through. Ruben wasn’t out there shopping Lee to get the best prospects he could – he was looking for a taker for Lee so he could land his White Whale.

  • Phils

    …plus he has good reason to protect the ownership by telling the media that it wasn’t a salary dump.

  • Eric

    I still don’t believe that clearing 9 mil is a salary dump. Logistically, that just doesn’t make sense. You have to convince me that we can’t afford even 9 mil more. Further, that EXACT number? It isn’t 6 mil? It isn’t 3 mil? Ok, fine, keep pushing the notion that it is exactly 9 mil. You’re telling me there aren’t 20 ways to find 9 mil other than trading Lee? I would honestly 100% trade Howard before fucking Cliff Lee to save that money. If you tell me we go into this season with Halladay – Lee- Hamels – Blanton – Happ and no Howard, I tell you we are even money to win the WS, and Amaro knows it and so do all of you.

    If it’s 9 mil this WHOLE thing hinges on, I dare you to not come up with some cost saving moves that don’t make this work. You trade Blanton, and offer to eat some salary. You don’t sign Polanco and you put a trashcan down there at 3B. You trade Rollins. You trade Werth. You do ANYTHING except trade Lee if it’s REALLY about 9 mil.

  • maxL

    The deal is done. There’s nothing left to talk about. Quit your bellyaching all of you and GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

  • World Fargin Ed Wade Champion ‘010

    Eric: but Lee only had 1 year left on his contract, while Howard has multiple. Management may have looked at it as letting go somebody that they were likely to lose within a year anyway, but I dunno either to be honest.

  • Phils

    Do you think it was about the prospects then? I mean those other players your throwing out there could have been traded for prospects, no?

  • Amaury Telemauco

    When am I gonna get the call?

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    Listen guys. Just think. Ed Wade could still be making the deals for the Phillies, not just dealing for their mostly useless players.

  • Morandini Turned Three

    Thanks Heathcliff. That really puts things into perspective. I feel much better now.

  • Phylan

    @Eric There are definitely better ways they could’ve gone about it. Up until December 12th they could’ve non-tendered Blanton, but it’s possible that Amaro didn’t even know the deal was possible at that point. Joe is probably not tradeable though, given the money he is due. Howard, given his contract, is also probably difficult to deal, and while Lee provides more production, it’s much harder to replace Howard. There aren’t any worthwhile 1Bs in the farm right now. Werth is making $7 mil, but at a position that the Phillies can’t really replace given that Taylor was being moved for Halladay and Brown is still far off.

    I agree that in terms of a salary dump it wasn’t the most effective thing on the planet either, but it makes way more sense through that lens then if the trade was about prospects.

  • Phylan

    And honestly, we were the fifth highest payroll in the league last year, and will probably be pushing third come opening day this year. $140ish million is nothing to sneeze at, so it’s not inconceivable that the owners game Amaro a hard threshold.

  • Eric

    Phylan – I hear ya. You are going to stick to your guns with this salary dump thing, but you’re never going to convince me. Likewise, I’m never going to convince you that you may be wrong. We needed some live bodies back if we were picking up Halladay. Lee was dirt cheap for a premiere pitcher. I think it was right to get prospects back, I always will. I just can’t fathom they couldn’t tack on the 9 mil if they really wanted to.

  • Phylan

    You may convince me that I’m wrong! Trust me it happens. I just think that if you’re right, and it was for prospects, that we didn’t adequately replace the prospects that went to TOR considering what we gave SEA.

    I don’t mean to be too down on them though. I’m quite excited about Aumont and Gillies, particularly the former. Especially now that it’s come out that they’ll develop Aumont as a starter instead of a reliever. And Gillies could be a cheap Victorino replacement, a productive everyday CF with better defense and great plate discipline, if he hits his peak projection. They just aren’t Drabek/Taylor/D’Arnaud is all.

  • BigMiles

    I hate to rehash this again but I guess since we are going down that path…


    I agree with you about the guys we got vs the guys we gave up. The point is we couldn’t have expected equal return because Halladay is valued over Lee, especially when you consider the cash we got from Toronto. If you look at the guys we got for Lee + the half year we had him I find that to be far more valuable then what we had to give up.

  • BigMiles

    Btw….side tangent regarding prospects involved in trade’s for high profile players:

    Maybe this was mentioned before but did anyone know that C.J. Henry, that worthless waste of shortstop talent we got from the Yanks in the Abreu deal, is playing on Kansas’ basketball team right now. His younger brother Xavier is an absolute stud and was recruited by Bill Self so he decided to go there too.

    Is it infuriating to anyone else that the supposed best prospect in that deal is now coming off the bench for a college basketball team? Dammitall.

  • The Lone Filafel

    The best prospect of the Abreu deal was a team that didnt contain Abreu. I always liked those sort of prospects.

  • Gonzo

    I believe the Lee deal HAD to be about money. Arent Werth and Victorino’s arbitration deals coming up at the end of this month? I’m sure they will be making more than $9 mil combined. Therefore they had to shed some money because, as someone said earlier, their $140Mil payroll is nothing to sneeze at, and they must have a limit of $140-$150 Mil. Boy, that’s a long ass sentence. I hope my structure was correct.

  • Lynniemac

    @Gonzo: There could have been a comma after “therefore”. 😉

  • joe

    @Gonzo, Werth is already signed, he isn’t eligible for arbitration (I don’t see how they keep him past this year, though.) Victorino, Blanton & Durbin are the ones eligible for arbitration. Hopefully they’ll be able to get a deal with Shane before having to deal with a hearing.

    ” just think that if you’re right, and it was for prospects, that we didn’t adequately replace the prospects that went to TOR considering what we gave SEA. ”

    @Phylan IMO, that’s how people are getting confused over this whole thing. It never was about replacing the guys they gave up for Halladay. It was about replacing they guys they gave up to get Lee. It was about restocking the farm system in some capacity.

    There are a million reasons I hope the Phils win the WS this year, but one is because if they don’t, the whole Lee trade is going to be beaten to death for the rest of our lives, and I’m already sick of it just a month later.

  • Gaze_NJ

    I had to empty my bank account to buy a house… but in the end, I own a house! I’m not going to go sell off my garage so I can have money in the bank again and still have a pretty decent house.

    Using major league talent to add warm bodies to the farm system seems kind of like backwards logic. I can’t think of any other team at it’s peak doing something like this UNLESS it was a money issue (ex. Marlins).

  • The Killer Zs

    Myers vows to “stick it” to the Phillies every time we meet. What a jackass.

  • will.H

    killer z’s, whered he say that?

    should the phils shave their hair first?

  • BJ

    Whatever happened to Brett’s “you have truly won my heart” act he pulled at the CBP ceremony on parade day? Now he wants to “stick it to us”? One word: Dick

  • World Fargin Roy Halladay Beard Champion ‘010

    LOL Myers also said after he was told he wouldn’t be back, that he wanted Phillies fans to give him the hardest time possible, should he return to the Bank for a different team. Maybe he is just trying to ensure we won’t hold back on him?

  • Lynniemac

    I think that sticking it to the Phillies probably indicates issues with the organization and not the fans.

  • World Fargin Roy Halladay Beard Champion ‘010

    Honestly, I still have mixed feelings on us not bringing Myers back. My guess is that the front office didn’t want to give him the money he would have wanted, and thought that offering too little would be viewed as an insult.

  • Mike P

    I saw people on the boards trashing Myers, and I have to admit, I’m sort of perplexed. I would have been disappointed in Myers if he had said anything else. “Well, you know, if we face the Phils, I’m going to go easy on them…”

    Beyond that, he has every right to be a little peeved that the Phils didn’t show any interest in bringing him back. He was the best pitcher in the rotation for several years before Hamels’ emergence. In ’07, he learned how to close midseason and helped the Phils win their first NL East title since 1993. In ’08, he went back to the rotation, and when he struggled, he went down to minors, fixed his mechanics, and helped carry the team down the stretch. In ’09, he came into spring training in the best shape of his life and was a serviceable pitcher early in the year, when Hamels was hurt, and Blanton, Moyer, and Park were struggling. He did his best to come back from his injury quickly to help the team down the stretch from the ‘pen.

    Despite his personal problems, Myers earned the right to get at least some consideration from his former club. Instead, Amaro came out right after the season ended and said that they were cutting ties with Myers. He didn’t even say, “Well, we don’t think that we have the ability to sign Myers at his asking price,” or, “We’ll see if we can get something done.”

    At any rate, I think Myers is going to have a really good year for the ‘Stros. At that price tag, it might have been worth considering resigning him. The upside was that he could have been a solid #3 in the Phils’ rotation, or he could have helped in the ‘pen. The downside was that he could have been a #5 pitcher in the rotation. Either way, I think the Phils made a mistake in letting him get away.

  • Lynniemac

    Sadly, Myers’ off-field problems overshadow his on-field work and success and that’s what everyone remembers (and that may very well be the number one reason why the Phillies chose not to bring him back). I would like to have seen them at least try to negotiate with him, though.

  • T-Mac

    Pedro Feliz was a Gillick signing. He never played in Philly while Ed Wade was GM.

  • Eric

    @Gaze – You are forgetting a very, very important part of this whole thing. If we traded for Halladay we would never have even called Cleveland for Lee. What we then did was substitute one ace for another. So we sold off the ace for the players we originally sold. It’s a move that is never, ever done and we’ll never see this type of nonsense every again. With that said, it’s very logical to trade Lee for prospects since we never wanted him in the first place. I just don’t understand why it’s so hard for Phillies fans to buy the theory at all. I understand you guys like to be skeptical, but you’re truly trying to make a story out of something you just figure to be true. God forbid you guys admit to being wrong about this. You’re never going to get any verification for your theory, so maybe let it die. Or continue to be a skeptical Phillies fan and miserable. Whichever.


    T-Mac: Neither were Chacin or Majewski. I was referring to players who have played here since he took over as Phillie GM. They didn’t necessarily have to play under him.

  • Brian

    Abreu began his career with the astros if that counts for anything. Probably not though, lol.

  • World Fargin Roy Halladay Beard Champion ‘010

    Brian: Doesn’t really count, since it was loooooooooooooooooooooooooong before Ed Wade was the GM for Houston, although it was right around the time that Ed Wade became GM for the Phillies.

    Hmm…I wonder?

  • Don

    I didnt see anyone mention that Wade hired Brad Mills as the Astros new manager, who was the Phillies 1st base coach when Francona was the manager in the late ’90’s

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