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Will the Phillies invite Lenny Dykstra to the Macho Row reunion this August?
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They haven’t yet, according to Kevin Cooney:


I’m hoping that he will be asked to join his ’93 teammates and soon, and that the only reason he hasn’t been invited is that he was supposed to be in prison this August.

Dykstra got out of prison this week, well before his 3 years were served – so perhaps he’ll continue to be on his best behavior and the team will call. If not, I’m sure I won’t be the only disappointed fan in attendance.

Lenny was at the reunion in 2003, so if there was any bad blood then, they were able to put it aside. And I don’t think his criminal record should be held against him for this event, particularly when there’s a guy on the active roster that was charged with a hate crime.

Pick up the phone and call the man, The Phillies. He’s earned our respect as a player, regardless of the bullshit he’s done lately. I want to see the crazy bastard.

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  • USFSucks

    Get both HK and Musser in that clip, miss both of those dudes.

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