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Who wants to see someone fall flat on their face?
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Here’s an amateur video account of a fan EATING CONCRETE today during the Phillies/Twins game. Please keep your eye on the gentleman in blue in the upper left hand portion of the screen as he and his beer attempt to go from row 3 to row 2. It ain’t as easy as it sounds, people.

For your viewing pleasure:

It’s not really a surprise that somebody got their face broke during a Roy Halladay start, but this isn’t how you’d expect it to happen.

(Thanks to The Fightins reader Dennis Kessler for the tip. Some of us were lounging on the beach in Ocean City during the game and missed it.)

  • fuck the mets

    Don’t call him Italian!

  • Phils Phan

    It’s the chain blocking the stairs’ fault.

  • Tug Haines

    Alert the national media!

  • Jessica

    hahahaha, i saw this while watching the game. drunk old man at his best.

  • MJM

    Thanks man. See what you miss at the beach. Was watching on the TV without my DVR. I couldn’t stop laughing and the person with me missed it.

    I love this fucking website!

  • FlyerGuy18

    Jeff Carter?

  • TheOtherJim

    That’s what you get for wearing teal.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    They put those chains up for just that reason. To keep the drunken riff-raff out. They should of tased him as he laid there. It’s all fun and games at CBP until someone gets hurt. Then it’s fucking hilarious.

  • fdoyle11


  • Watrick

    This is why I love this site. Posts like this. I want more things like this, and less recaps and previews. Well, not so much less of those, but more of these. A lot more of these.

  • Uncle Charlie’s hands

    It’s in Philly. It happens during the game. Alert the news media.

  • Chloe

    I hope that guy was definitely drunk haha

  • dmac

    Ocean City, Meech? You become a teetotaler while we weren’t looking?

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    dmac lighten up on the Meech it was daddy’s day. Where was he supposed to be Club Risque slurppin down some purple hooters or a slippery nipple or two?

  • Greenman!

    how was little meechton?

  • MJM

    Is the chain up for idiots don’t distract the pitchers by walking to their seat in the middle of an at bat?

  • Lynniemac

    Actually, the chain is there so that the people in the first four rows, whose tickets come with a whole lot of amenities including unlimited food and drink, feel even more exclusive by being chained off. Or, you know, as Dubee Dubee Du said: to keep the drunken riff raff out.

  • ZWR

    yes, please.

  • Watrick

    “Yeah, you guys suck, that’s why I came to this site to hang out here…”

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Anyone else love how every troll here has to have a username with some kind of phallus in it?

  • WerthBeard

    @PhilsSuckDick: What kind of fucking loser go’s to a website for phillies fan’s to rip on them. Loser. Go play in traffic asshole.

  • I’ll puke on you if you tase me!

    PhilsSuckDick is the drunkard who fell on his face in that video. Ignore him. He’s the afterbirth that slithered out of his mother’s filth. His father? Who knows?

  • I’ll puke on you if you tase me!

    He’s just a bastard in a basket! Oooooooooorrrrrrpphhaaaannnnn!!!!!

  • SherryW

    That HAD to hurt, that poor drunk. You guys don’t have to go and yank his chain.


  • World Forker Champion ’11

    At least we aren’t quite at this level of suckitude yet:,249782

    Pittsburgh Pirates fired one of the racing pierogi’s for saying the team sucks and seems to want to continue sucking

  • Yankees rule

    Great to see Doc lose today, from the Phillies were motivaded to beat the Yankees only.

  • Greenman!

    Does pop pop Moyer need to fuck you guys in the ass again to get you off this blog?

  • Jupiter’s Rings

    omgomgomgzomg i saw this today on the television and i super hoped this clip would be on my favorite site evaaaar. lol!!!!11!binaryjoke

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    So two binarys walk into a bar. Oh fuck it. I’ll never top that last one.

  • Adam Eaton

    @Yankees rule If you are going to come on the board and attempt an insult, work on your grammer. It’ll be ten times more effective. Only DaMustang1Holla gets a free pass…

  • GTO

    @ Adam

    and Shep and Gil of course

  • Adam Eaton

    @GTO My apologies. Shep and Gil as well…

  • wheels’ hairpiece

    …so we did sign Pat Burrell

  • Jupiter’s Rings

    Eaton- not to be a dick, but it’s grammAr.

  • GTO


  • Adam Eaton

    @Jupiter’s Rings Good call. Add me to the list as well…

  • Watrick

    @Adam, I believe by calling you out, you don’t get a free pass… I don’t care, either way, though, but it’s not my board.

  • Adam Eaton

    Suck my balls Watrick…. suck my balls.

  • Curt Schilling

    Trying to walk over that chain is the stupidest thing that guy ever did.

  • Amanda

    hahahahahhha! i did not see that! that is great!

  • Sweet Dee

    I was sitting a few rows behind that. Dude was hammer drunk and refused to leave. His arm was mangled, haha.

  • What’s Happening?

    This is actually a pretty apt metaphor for the Phillies season so far. Jimmy, J.A., and Ryan can’t get back soon enough…

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Right. At first I thought the title was about the team. God, what a season so far.



  • Lynniemac

    Isn’t the correct spelling “p-h-i-l-t-h-i-e”?

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Now Lynnie. We all know Mets fans can’t speak English, let alone spell.

  • Watrick

    @Adam, I was just trying to point out something, and it was not intended to include your balls.

  • Fat Joe Blanton

    I didn’t even think Mets fans had internet. Maybe he’s at a library or something.

  • Fat Joe Blanton

    I hear when the Mets play anywhere outside of the east coast, none of the Mets fans show up because they can’t read maps.

  • Wes Chamberlain

    Hopefully he fell on his neck and paralyzed himself for life

  • bbwrumpbuster

    @ Wes Chamberlain –

    Why would you hope for that? Seems like your bottling up a significant load of hatred. Or another type of load from not getting laid. Maybe that’s what your striving for; a community of paralyzed individuals for you to prey on? Then again, maybe your schtick just needs a little work….

    Your sad.

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