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Who the eff is Hamles?
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This is why you should always proofread your jersey before purchasing:

Photo: Flickr/NickSixers

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  • will.H

    haha, bootleg doesnt equal smart. id pay 50 bucks for an old school howerd jersey

  • Lynniemac

    I totally need a Jason Worth jersey.

  • mike

    I’ll bust out my 63 Madsen.

  • Dunny

    It is misspelled, but not the way you think. There should be an extra S on the end. Because no one wants to be without their ham.

  • Mr. Bryan

    I saw an Abraeu jersey on ebay

  • GM-Carson

    That jersey is retarded. I wonder if the twat-waffle even knows it’s spelled wrong.

  • Jay Ballz

    Haha…yeah, I’ve seen loads of misspelled Abreu jerseys over the years. It’s usually Abrue, though.

    And Carson, of course he knows. His sports-dumb woman surely bought it for him…and what’s he going to do, not wear it when he goes to the game with her? Twat-waffles do NOT cross their ladies.

  • Your Boy

    How do you guys know that’s not his real last name? Just a personalized jersey?

  • Dash Treyhorn

    @Your Boy – There are rules that govern ballpark behavior among men. Chief among them are that you don’t bring a glove to a game if you’re old enough to drive, and you NEVER wear a jersey with your own name on it. Unless of course, you happen to be Mike Schmidt. Then you can wear whatever you want.

  • Eminencegirl


  • Chamomiles Davis

    “Hamles,” if I recall correctly, was a play written by William Shakespeard.

  • Here Come Da Judge

    Since Your Boy is defending that guy in the picture it must be him in the picture

  • Kieran Kelly

    The #1 rule about buying a jersey is to never ever get your own name put on the back.

    That’s just wrong.


  • CarlosBeltransexual

    This is still slightly better than the dude who wore a Duckworth jersey to games for a good three or four years.

  • Tartan69

    Wow, my Red Sox friend told me to get ready for the influx of uneducated newbie fans and pink hats…

  • ill

    screw the jersey, I want to know where I can buy me one of those hats with the brim on the back!

  • MP

    Saw a guy the other night in a Phils Wagner Jersey with white masking tape over Wagner’s name, and he wrote Wagner who? on the tape.

  • mike

    The best is still seeing grown men in Abreu, Thome, Wagner, Hell even Lieberthal shirts. Its been years, your team just won the world series, get a new damn shirt! it doesn’t need to be an authentic 200 dollar jersey, just a tshirt. Its like a dude wearing an Irving Fryer jersey.

  • hitnrun

    The only reason a man older than 11 should have his own named jersey is if his brother is on the roster.

  • jerseyfoul

    Jeez, enough with the yak-yak about own-name jerseys. Watch the game and shut the hell up about fashion faux pas. If you care that much about what people are wearing, read the fashion magazines, not SI.


    SCATHING commentary from jerseyfoul.

  • hitnrun

    lol @ reading SI

  • Gaze

    I’m thinking jerseyfoul has a closet full of self named jerseys.

  • will.H

    jerseyfoul, what game is on?

  • joe wade

    what about a jersey with a nickname? now i’d never get one (just ’cause it seems like a stupid idea) but i’ve seen Hollywood (hamels) and on the off-color side on things, a wife beater with myers written on the back.

  • Dash Treyhorn

    How about “Top” on the back of a David Wright jersey, and “Bottom” on the back of a Jose Reyes jersey.

  • Shaggy

    CarlosBeltransexual: I give props to the guy wearing the Duckworth jersey. That shows that a) he isn’t a twat-waffle; b) He isn’t a new, uneducated fan wearing a pink hat; and c) He was suffering with the rest of us during the Joe Roa/Robert Person/Brandon Duckworth Phillies of ’02.

  • Walklett

    The girl in the front row was like “fuck it, i’m not wearing a shirt to the game.”

  • Sundar

    My all-time favorite was an authentic lindros jersey with a new stitch pad over his name plate that read “CryBaby”

  • bigmyc

    I think it’s clear that Jersey foul has, at minimum, three different jerseys, all with his name on the back….and possibly one with his full name.

  • gbizzle

    I half expected it to say “Hamel” b/c all those bandwagon ans cant seem to figure out that its Hamels.

    And I would pay a cool hundo for a #20 “Schidt” Jersey!

  • Amanda


  • Steve

    I’m kinda dyslexic, so for a minute I didn’t see the problem.. lol. But I gotta agree with Amanda, FAIL!

  • Dave Brown

    This is a classic case when good commenters make a funny blog post even funnier. Good job, people. Youze make me laugh. “Schidt.”

  • Gigi

    Tartan69, I don’t want to ever come on this blog again and read some bullshit about the Red Sox. Go to

    PS. Sweet outfield assist by Ibanez tonight…

  • John

    I once got a lapdance from a girl who had the word “posion” tattooed across her tit. Poor thing. I’m sure she still hasn’t caught on.

  • will.H

    john i knew a guy who tatooed his name TOM on his arm in the mirror.


  • Jay Man

    It’s not obvious to you people that photograph was doctored? There just happened to be nobody sitting in the two rows behind the guy for the camera to get a good shot. Then you can see by the size of the lettering that the E was and L and the L was an E.

  • will.H

    Jay Man, maybe a bit to CSI for me. If its photoshop, its a great job. Its probably not as obvious as you think. as for no one sitting in the rows.. it just so happens fans show up at different times. it looks like the game hasnt started yet–see the gentlemen in the first row chattin it up. The M could also be a W, so in reality the tricky photoshopper probably ran across a Hawels jersey.

  • Tartan69

    @Gigi – I don’t think you understood my post. Please re-read.

  • kangarooguy

    Wow, I think Jay Man is right. It does look doctored…
    As for wearing old jerseys, I have a Jerry Stackhouse, Rod Brind’Amour and Ricky Watters to choose from on any given day. Not to mention my Scott Rolen t-shirt.
    I’m heading over to get my Matt Stares shirt right now…

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