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When Tom McCarthy and Chris Wheeler Met The President
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After Sarge was done talking his boy Barack Obama yesterday at Nationals Park, the venerable broadcasting duo of Chris Wheeler and Tom McCarthy got a chance to meet with the 44th President while the MyPhl17 cameras captured the moment on film.


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  • Watrick

    Hmm, he’s high and to the left of T-Mac…. I think that is perfect.

  • Bridge to Lidge

    This just makes me hate T-Mac even more.

  • Joe Pa

    Hey Mr. President, DO THE WHEELIO!

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    Thankfully, President Obama’s handlers were quick to inform him that it was, in fact, Mr. McCarthy’s head, and not CC Sabathia’s third tit.

  • joe wade

    oh no don’t stand up. the leader of the free world will come to you… jackass.

  • Freddie the K

    Nice fuckin’ face, Wheels. The man is the motherfuckin’ president of the USA. Show some fuckin’ respect and stand up you two jagoffs.
    /my father’d

  • Freddie the K

    @joe wade – sorry to step on your shit, dude. I swear I didn’t see your post.

  • BD

    damn i wish i met barry he seems pretty cool people were so hype with there booing of him im not a huge fan but to boo the man while hes throwing out the first pitch is pretty psuedo patriotic

  • The First John

    epic pic

  • Geoff Jenkins

    T-Mac looks like someone is tickling his bunghole.

  • spacecoyote

    I wonder if That Guy has ever met the president?

  • dlhunter

    Wheels just seems to be laughing at the novelty of a black president…

    “heh, heh, heh, what next? an asian? heh, heh, heh, george wallace.”

  • maria

    I’d rather see how his conversation with Sarge went.

  • Mike

    Can anyone photoshop TheFightins onto their computer screens?

  • BigMiles

    I wonder if Sarge tried to bribe the Pres to wear one of his bizarre hats while throwing out the first pitch.

    Also, I wanted to take a second to state that if anyone so much as hints at the whole “Don’t you think the Pres should be spending some more time on the war or health care or blah blah blah instead of watching a baseball game” cliche…I’m going to bitchslap them over the Internets.

  • joe wade

    @ Freddie: no problem, bro. nice touch with the “father’d” at the end.

  • The First John

    hmm only like buttons?


    Really pissed that they didn’t change the broadcasters around this year.

    Tom ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzz McCarthy

    RIP Harry, RIP.

  • Fletch

    Didn’t they meet him a year ago, when the team visited the White House as the world champs? I don’t know if the whole broadcast team was there, but I definitely remember Sarge telling stories of the trip.

  • Griswold

    The embodiment of socialism, free handouts, and encouragement of irresponsibility in the broadcast booth, wonderful.

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    That’s not Barack Obama, sillies. That’s Tyler Walker!

    You’d think it being Nationals Park and all, this one would have been pretty clear-cut.

  • Nationals#1

    hahaha i saw this on tv yesterday and knew it would make it on here

  • BD

    @griswold dont make fun of wheels of course he had to give his books away for free nobody was buyin that shit and so what tmac drinks and drives sumtimes so what i thought this was america

  • Dickie Thon

    Did the Secret Service check under Wheeler’s hair piece for weapons?

  • That Guy

    i met Barack last year outside a pub on 4th of July, he is so fuckin jacked, kinda scared me lol, but he’s really cool, my fuckin friend made us sound like retards tho, cuz he thought Obama was W.

    i thought that woulda made Barack mad but it didnt so we survived haha

  • Joe D

    I’m going to have to save this pic because I’m pretty sure it’s the only time T-Mac’s mouth has been shut.

  • ScottRuffcorn

    Wheels looks embarrassed because Obama walked in on him saying “you better teach that black bastard some control before he kills somebody.” This also would explain why he didn’t stand up because after saying that he proceeded to shat himself at the sight of the ‘Bamanator. I guess those guys are OK, but I still miss Harry. Just be happy we don’t have the team that the Yankees do, especially on the radio. Unfortunately I work in the NY area and have to listen to those fucks, I’ll take T-Mac over them anyday.

  • James Fayleez

    I hope Obama told Wheeler to STFU and enjoy the game.

  • Mike

    That photographer in the background was my teacher two years ago. he’s now the official white house photographer

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