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When Manny’s Gotta Go, He’s Gotta Go
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Oh, that Manny Ramirez! What a character!

Prior to the top of the ninth inning last night, the game between the Phillies and Dodgers was temporarily delayed becasue… wait for it… MANNY RAMIREZ WAS IN THE BATHROOM!


With Greg Dobbs at the plate ready to bat, umpires were frantically searching for the reason why the Dodgers were about to start off the final frame with no left fielder. Then, outta nowhere sprints the dreadlocked wonder from the depths of the dugout with his shirt partially unbuttoned while tugging at his belt. Apparently, Manny thought Joe Torre pulled him out of the game for a defensive replacement; but more often than not, when your Manager takes you out of the game, he has the common courtesy to inform said player.

This guy is incredible:

Out of left field: Manny goes missing, Dodgers win | Yahoo! [via Big League Stew]

  • Chamomiles Davis

    Does “Manny being Manny” include not wiping?

  • JMS

    I can’t wait ’til Torre makes him cut his hair.

  • Greg

    And he does this when he’s happy. Have fun with the jerk once he gets upset.

  • elcpa24

    You are all a bunch of retards…and probably collect garbage for a living. aholes!

  • gatl

    garbage men make a pretty decent salary. as a matter of fact, they probably make more than a jizz mopper like you.

  • Ken in Baltimore

    I love it! Besides hearing the term “jizz mopper” for the first time in my life, once again we get to see baseball’s greatest clown prince since Dizzy Deam perform. So Manny was in the john when the inning started, big deal. It’s things like that that make the game wonderful. If one of some hyper active football coach’s players was in the john when their platoon took the field, his head would explode. This was hilarious1 Go, Manny, can’t wait to see you in Wrigley next year.

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