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Wheels Wears His Sunglasses at Night
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During Tuesday night’s loss to Colorado, Wheeler started to break into a rendition on Corey Hart’s 1983 hit “Sunglasses at Night” when a fan wearing sunglasses at night caught a foul ball, marking the 9 millionth time some asshole starting singing that asshole song when some other asshole was wearing his asshole shades past sundown.

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t bust Wheels’s stones with a “remix” (I use this term loosely today) and an accompanying .gif. Enjoy.

Wheeler's Sunglasses at Night

Wheels Wears His Sunglasses at Night (rmx)

And if you want the full multimedia experience, click here.

Like the song, this post is a little bit past its shelf-life, but I had Uncular responsibilities this week as my sister (Fightins commenter: @crickwooder) had a little boy Tuesday afternoon, so congratulate her before you start flipping me shit.

Peace I’m out.

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  • D. Whitmore

    “Right, yeah, the thing about sunglasses is… the things are really dark! and OH BOY! do they protect your eyes. I see those girls these days wear those big sunglasses all the time and those things are HUGE! (like safeco)”

  • Motorboat

    No new haircut?

  • Gonzo

    Another winner from the Tugger.

  • Chris

    @D, that was perfect.

  • dyermaker81

    Nice work again Tug. Love the part on the bed!

  • Mr. Bryan

    We need a .gif of T-Mac immitating Sarge, that shit was hilarious!

  • Tug Haines

    Hahaha, yeah I’m already on it.

  • jose reyes’s vagina

    @Bryan, lmao, i wouldn’t mind laughing at that shit the whole day.

  • BigMiles

    It’s Muffin’s birthday! Isn’t that a celebrated national holiday here at the fightins?

  • Dutch Dalton’s Brain

    happy b-day to Wheels & his tooo-pay

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