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What The Hell, Nature?
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So this is what awaits the faithful tonight? It’s October 27, all over again: We’re playing the Rays at home, it’s cold and it’s raining like a bastard. My greatest fear is that Bud Selig postpones the Opening Day game against the Braves so that these last few exhibition games can reach their meaningless conclusion.

To all those attending tonight: God bless you dedicated souls. Enjoy your 2 and two-thirds innings of baseball.

  • Tartan69

    My bet is the game doesn’t even start. It’s raining THAT hard in Center City right now.

  • Mr. Bryan

    That one dude has the right idea, keepin his hoagie dry.

  • Joey Wade

    i’m going tonight. this shit BETTER STOP BY SIX.

  • tmoni

    also goin tonight. hopefully it does stop by six.

    i need a chance to cheer for pat

  • Megh

    it’s bright and sunny here in Media all of a sudden..maybe it’s because we just ordered from Pat’s Pizza?

  • Vicky

    I’ll be there tonight too. Wish it would stop raining already…

  • How do you spell retard?

    Pat will clear all that flooding like that Moses guy. Parting the seas to find a supple young ass that turned 18 while he was in Tampa.

  • Chase Mutley

    I have tickets for tonight too. What exactly happens if a pre-season home exhibition game gets called because of rain?

  • MP

    They’re planning on getting the game in. Would not miss the tribute to Pat, or the chance to boo some Rays for anything.

  • will.H

    i think they’ll get the game in, but if its less than average conditions they wouldnt risk it for a pre-season ondeck series game. I think they would voucher your money back so you can spend it right back to the phils. lets hope we dont find out.

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