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What are the World F*cking Champions?
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All you Alex Trebek-lovin’ trivia nuts out there got a pleasant surprise last night while watching Final Jeopardy!  The category is *ding* Sports Team Names:

Believe it or not, some dummy named Jorge Rivero from Florida managed to get it wrong — WHAT AN IDIOT!

If you’re as dumb as Jorge, you’re gonna have to head after the jump for the answer question.

(Answers provided by the comprehensively creepy J! Archive.)

  • Kevin

    I heard about this after the fact too. I would love to see the video.

  • Clare

    My family watches Jeopardy every night during dinner. If I had seen that clue, I’d be hard pressed not to answer “Who are the World F*cking Champion Philadelphia Phillies?”

  • Albert

    “Who are the World F*cking Champions”…your wager…”Suck it Beltran”

  • GM-Carson

    Wonder what Alex’s response would be to that question Clare.

  • GTO–Josh

    I watched it last night. It made me laugh really loud when they asked that question. The guy that one had a really snarky look on his face because you could tell he was a sports fan.

    @Albert. Haha

  • Christina

    I actually did see it live and did yell out “What are the WFC Philadelphia Phillies”. Then proceeded to call the guy who didn’t know a moron.

  • Zach

    I saw it happen. If it were me, I would have had to put WFC somewhere in my answer.

  • Gaze

    I immediately got 5 text messages telling me about this Jeopardy question.

  • Max

    What the hell could Jorge have said?!?!?! The Florida Floridians?!?! Did he put anything? To properly mock him, I need to know the answer to this question!

  • Zach

    he left it blank

  • Mr. Bryan

    Does Hulu have game shows? ^^ Blocked at work^^

  • Pete D

    People stll watch Jeopardy?

  • tofoomeister

    I use two monitors at work; I think I just found my new desktop wallpapers. If only “Jeopardy blue” wasn’t so jarring to look at.

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