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WFC 106: Wheels v Halladay
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The highlight of the Phils’ first Spring Training game today, other than Doc Halladay completely pwning Yankee ass, would be this graphic shown during the ridiculously boring middle innings today.

From the looks of this wonderful comparison of two aces in action, it looks like baseball is going to be fucking awesome on CSN (or Xfinity SportsNet at some point during the regular season) once again. I actually really enjoyed the Doc, Forehead, and Kendrick interviews from the booth boys today. The radio boys seem to be in mid-season form as well.

(pic via our very own Chris; UPDATED pic in crispy 1080px width via @dhm)

  • Jayson’s beard

    1st beachesss

  • John

    I enjoyed the game. I know it was a bit boring, but it’s great to have baseball back. I know it is spring training, but Kendrick looked real good. Hopefully he can keep it rolling.

  • Jon

    I am going on record as saying the official Doc Halladay fanclub should be called “THE INFIRMARY”, referencing the rock-hard erections we all get from seeing Roy pitch.

    The fanclub does not exclude girls of course.

  • thekdotcom

    Oh good. I’m still rockin’ a pretty mean chick boner from this afternoon.

  • will.H

    that’s like a stockcar vs. a prius

  • Phylan

    Good game, the big take away was that Doc is Doc, Kendrick’s stuff is actually moving around nicely this early in the season, and Contreras will probably be a solid bullpen contributor

  • The 400 Level Blog

    wtf that guy took that pic from me AND the pic he has of Halladay from today

  • maria
  • Shawn

    It looks like tmac dropped some poundage.

  • World Forking Champions ’11

    Why the fuck is MLB Network showing last years World Series Game 1, and not the Spring Training game?

    Bullshit I say!

  • Howard Eskin

    I eat cock.

  • Watrick

    Because contractually, they can’t broadcast the same game that is being broadcast in the local network.

  • D. Whitmore


    “already on the site bro.”


  • will.H

    hard to imagine Roy won a Cy Young 7 years ago.

  • Droppin Fuckin Gloads

    Brett Myers – 2 IP, 2 ER today.

  • Flash

    So what is it gonna be excess-n?

  • Ash

    It was soooo good to hear LA & Franske again on the radio. They are most definitely already in “mid season form”. Did anyone catch LA absolutely bury Bret Myers? They were talking about how it’s been a quiet Spring so far for the Phils. After initially dancing around it in the early innings, LA came out and said basically it was quiet and mellow because Brett Myers was gone!

  • dlhunter

    Fact: Chris Wheeler is older than upwards of 85 countries…

  • James Fayleez

    @Droppin Fucking Gloads – look for me at the Saturday Twins game in July as I will be sporting a shirt with your screen name.

    I just got HARRY THE K and I am excited to read about what a scumbag Wheels was.

  • alex

    ill be watchin my boy halladay opening day in DC, so unbelievably siked

  • Zaposlitev

    qpdbuxysmvgucyamqutr, zaposlitev, LedOnkh.

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