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Welcome to Buena Vista, VA
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I’ve been patiently waiting a little over two months for someone to come up with the photographic evidence of the Charlie Manuel-dedicated sign that welcomes passing motorists to his home town of Buena Vista, VA (pronounced Bee-yuna, not Bway-na).

Well, thanks to a message boarder over at Baseball Fever, that wait is over:

  • GM-Carson

    This site is making me a Manuel fan. I’ve just recently converted from disliking him to actually accepting him this past season, but your love of him is contagious…like gonorrhea.

  • GTO–Josh

    best sign ever erected.

    haha erected

  • Matt P.

    that’d look perfect on my back porch.

  • michael

    it’s already on my back porch

  • will.H

    why dont we have one in philadelphia? a billboard of just his face with 2008 on his forehead. i love charlie.

  • Joe

    damnit. it says World Series Champion. Adding an “F’ing” to that just doesn’t sound right.

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