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Video: Adam Eaton Gets Booed at the Ring Ceremony
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Here’s that footage of Adam Eaton collecting his prize for not doing a damn thing for the Phillies in 2008 that got people who probably shouldn’t have internet access all worked up yesterday. I, personally, probably wouldn’t have booed the guy if I were in attendance yesterday. But not because I thought he was a useful part of the Phillies or anything — he’s just insignificant in my world. Not worthy of any display of emotion.

In other words, to paraphrase the great Chris Rock, “I ain’t sayin they shoulda booed him. But I understand.

  • J-D

    how about some footage of the BAT?

  • GTO–Josh

    yea who cares about that.

    water under the bridge.

    I would like to see footage of Pat’s entrance and acceptance of the ring with good sound quality so I can feel the standing ovation in my loins

  • Reverend Paul Revere

    I didn’t boo him yesterday, but honestly, it wasn’t that bad. And look at Eaton, he was enjoying himself. He was all right with it, so people like ‘Duk should be too.


  • George in Ducktown,Tn.

    The crowd reaction was mixed between,boos and polite applause.For a Philly crowd it was a good reaction,given his onfield performance durind two stints with the team.All that given,showing up in a suit was his best appearance on that diamond ever.

  • Matt

    Adam Eaton has more rings than A-Rod

  • GM-Carson

    Adam Eaton is going to be a guy who is referenced for years to come with very negative connotation.

  • Mr. Bryan

    Dead silence would have been best for Eaton.

  • maria

    I don’t believe there is any other way to reference Eaton.

    Mr. Bryan, I would have loved to have seen that. Adam Eaton doesn’t deserve any effort, including boos. Sportswriters and columnists, I think would still have gotten on Philly fans.

  • beelove

    eaton’s first start for the o’s is on sunday against big game james:

    if he had anything to bounce back to, i’d say he could channel easter for a resurrection, but he’s always been dead.

  • Danny

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    RIP Nick Adenhart btw….I had always told my friends the Phillies should ship Howard to the Angels for a package that included him. He was really good….sucks for the Angels.

  • keith

    what a prick…he knows he did nothing for this team and hes basically saying fuck you to all the fans with that stupid wave with both arms up like that…i wish pat the midnight mayor would have ran on the field and just clotheslined his ass for being so arrogant

  • Chris

    Great post by HDYSR about Eaton. He is a clown and didn’t help us one bit. Also a NO QUESTIONS ASKED by some not named Shane Victorino!

  • GenericFanGroup

    I have found that silence is the worst thing that you can do to a guy. I have been to comedy shows and seen guys that suck get booed and use it to bash the audience. When you give them nothing then they have no fuel to use against the audience. I think Phils fans should now respond with indifference instead of boos to a guy that sucks.

  • Jay

    He barely even got booed…

  • Mr. A-Hole

    I don’t understand what the big deal. This mother fucker deserved all the boos and then some. Fuck Adam Eaton where he poohs.

  • Chamomiles Davis

    We don’t hate you, Adam, nor do we love you. We nothing you.

    Now take your unearned wealth and championship ring and go away. Run along, now. Scoot!

  • Amanda

    I was there.. We were booing because we want him back!!

    Kidding aside, I didn’t boo, but I laughted at his gesture and the boos.

  • Jim

    Utley is sitting there laughing at Eaton getting booed.

  • Dave Philly

    Apparantly quite a few idiots have other issues and took them out on this blog Eaton thing…Go back to your psychologist for more meds.

    Read your comments over and see the hate…probably not at Eaton, just your life as it is playing out….hey, pizza delivery can be fun, stay with it!!!

    There are some really weird troubled dudes out there….and Eaton has nothing to do with it!

    Hope I never have to sit next to you at a game……You should have accepted the the scholorship to Harvard!!

  • Beebs

    @ Dave Philly:

    Wow, a bit harsh with the words over a blog post that, depending on opinion, could accurately put into words some fans’ feelings. I personally don’t hate Eaton that much because it’s not my $24 million he stole, and the Phils still won the WFC, but Jesus, calm down. A few notes:

    – Psychologists can’t dispense meds; You meant psychiatrist.

    – Harvard doesn’t give out “scholorships”, and if you asked for a “scholorship”, they might revoke your acceptance and tell you to learn how to fucking spell.

  • will.H

    Dave, hating a hater is ironic and funny. i think theres another word as well. I hope we can sit next to eachother at a game, ill bring a pizza.

  • Phils Phan

    In fairness, Eaton won three games in 2008 (though he lost eight).

    The Phillies won the division by three games.

    At the least, he, though blowing more than a $20 Vegas Strip whore, contributed to the Division, and ultimately, in a way that defies logic, to the Phillies being WFCs.

    He still was an overpaid bum, but I’ll give credit where due.

  • Argive

    I was at that game against the Braves where Hamels melted down and gave up 9 runs in the 4th. Eaton pitched a scoreless 5th and the Phils then scored 7 runs in the bottom of that inning and eventually won, 10-9. Eaton got the win, therefore solidifying in my mind why a pitcher’s W-L record is more or less bullshit. Anyone could have “won” that game, it’s just that ol’ Adam was lucky enough to be pitching in the comeback inning.

  • Manny

    They should’ve melted his ring and distribute the wealth among us.

  • RicoBrogna

    Adam Eaton did nothing for the Phils both times he played with them. He did nothing to earn the ring he got. To not boo him would be ridiculous. Fuck all you wannabe philly fans who say not to boo. Like we say in Philly “TO ERR IS HUMAN TO BOO IS OUR FUCKIN’ RIGHT!” Fuck Eaton and anybody who supports his lame non winning tenure with the Fightins!

  • Tony

    Look at the half-assed hug Eaton gets. It’s like dude just wants to tell him to get the hell off the field.

  • paul s

    i can only imagine the boos if carl pavano was on the squad, i would boo him, talk about doing nothing for a club

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