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Unruly Philly Fans Really Want New Luggage
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Here is the disturbing video of the absolute worst act committed during the Phillies celebration last night.

The popular Broad St. luggage joint, Robinson’s, became the unlikely target of a pack of riotous hoodlums last night after the Phillies World Series victory. The delinquents converged on the baggage company’s store, kicked in the glass doors, and had free reign in the shop — tossing everything they could get their hands on out the door and into the awaiting arms those standing outside. Most of the stolen goods wound up either being destroyed or set on fire in the middle of Broad St.

Definitely a pathetic scene. Check out the cringe-worthy evidence:

And remember, if you see “Burn this city down!” guy in public, punch him in the face for me. Thanks.

  • Gman

    I wonder how many of those looters watched more than just the last few games of the world series this year. Or could name 15 guys out of the 25 man roster. Damn it.

  • Ryan

    heres that clip from the Jim Rome show, I took it at a dif angle, crazy…

  • WCPhan

    Scumbags. People who use the winning of a World Series as an excuse to be a thief are as low as you can go.

  • MSM

    I hope they catch these dbags and put them in cells at Rikers in NYC with Mets fans. That would be apropos punishment.

  • Canned Hate

    It really takes away from the celebrations when dick holes decide, “Oh, there are thousands of happy people out on the streets drinking and having fun. Let’s go break shit and hurt the very town we are celebrating.” Fucking animals. It’s disrespectful to the players, staff, fans, and most importantly Philadelphia.

  • Squirrel Jr.

    Horrible, sure, but this says nothing about Philly. Young men plus alcohol plus crowds equals idiots behaving like idiots. This is the same the world over. HOPEFULLY no one will try to extrapolate this to Philly, but sadly you know they will.

  • bc

    I lived a couple of blocks from that store – on Spruce and 16th.

    Philadelphia is a fucking SEWER of a town. Thank God I am out of there.

  • philly is a joke

    Philly is such a joke of a town. God Bless that guy who said “Burn this city down!”

    Whoever runs this terrible site should get a fuckin clue and stop hating on people who live in the shithole city that philly is.

  • Chet

    Hooting and hollaring… What a bunch of chimpanzees.. Oops, did I say chimpanzees??

  • meg

    Nice clear video for the police. I forwarded. Let’s see how tough they are when meeting their cellmates. Enjoy, boys!

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