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Trollin’ T-Mac with FanSince09
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In their attempt to distance themselves from me because they know I’m always right, the Phillies have constantly avoided including me in any twitter based activities. So when they do #AskTheBooth, they try their best to ignore my perfectly valid questions such as this:


Instead, they cherry pick the safest tweets that usually talk about how great everything is or asks a goofy inside question about Sarge.

But no carefully vetted selection of softball question tweets is going to stop me.

Last year, I posed an epic question to the booth: “Fuckin Magnets, how do they work?”

Which lead to this (click to view):

Do you remember when @fansince09 asked about magnets? on Twitpic

#AskTheBooth returned on Tuesday. Could lightning strike twice?



resulted in this:

"Should the US remain in the United Nations?" @FanS... on Twitpic

[Drops mic]

h/t @_magowan and @amiehartnett for the video.

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  • Jesse

    Haha drops mic. Fs09, an inspiration to us all…..

  • max

    this OWNS

  • Zoo With Roy

    You our a true inspiration to are nation

  • Muzz

    I’m 90% certain that they still allow Ask The Booth to continue because TMac gets enjoyment out of seeing all the absurd questions

  • James_Fayleez

    I should’ve vetted my question through you first…

  • CCG10

    and both on Frandsen at bats #illuminati

  • soundofphilly

    The Phillies have gone viral

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