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Top 11 Moments of the 2008 Regular Season: Number 9
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“The hardest part of any journey is taking that first step.” -Unknown

As baseball fans, this time of the year is something special. Let’s face it, we are like kids walking into the world’s greatest toy store, with carte blanche to go wild with youthful enthusiasm and ardor, because baseball season is almost here.

And over the course of the marathon that is the 162 game season, every single game counts, especially the first one that gets registered in the W column. It’s like walking onto the cold, cement floor in the morning. That first step is rough, but it gets easier as it goes on. And in what has become a rather macabre tradition, the Phillies have had a nasty habit of tanking it in the early goings, completely avoiding that first step onto the cement floor that is victory.

2008 proved to be no different; a ninth-inning meltdown by the bullpen in game one, followed by a wasted start by Cole Hamels in a 1-0 shutout loss in game two put the Phillies in a rather precarious position to start the season against the Washington Nationals.

And before the Phillies even came to bat in game three, they were already down by five runs – the end result of sloppy play and a start by Jamie Moyer that would prove to be the antithesis of his 2008 campaign.

And it is here, during game three of The Perfect Season, that we have our ninth best moment of 2008.

As the game wore on, the Phillies slowly fought their way back into contention. A Chris Coste home run in the third put the Phillies on the board, but the team wouldn’t show their trademark grit and chutzpah until the sixth inning.

With one out, the Phils strung together seven straight base hits, putting a six-spot up on the board to take a one run lead; their first of the game.

The Phillies would be unable to hold it, though, as the Nats plated one in the 7th. And after a wasted bases loaded scoring opportunity in the 8th, the Phillies saw themselves heading for the first bonus baseball session of the season.

To start things off in the Phillies’ half of the 10th, Jimmy Rollins legged out an infield single, followed up by a sacrifice bunt by a great sacrifice bunt by Shane. How great was it? Well, Young James went from first to third with room to spare, as chants of “MVP” rained down from the stands.

After intentionally walking Chase and Ryan Howard to load the bases with one out, Nationals pitcher Jesus Colome walked Jayson Werth on four pitches, giving the Phillies their first win of the season, in the most anti-climatic, somewhat poetic fashion.

After the jump, we do what every other reasonable person does after a Walkoff Walk…

…Play video of a shrimp on a treadmill!

Author’s note: I had the fortune to be at this game to bear witness to the 9th best moment of the season. After Jimmy took third on the sacrifice bunt, the place went nuts. We knew we weren’t losing that game.

  • GTO-Josh

    I am starting to like this Treyhorn character and his ramblings. Rounds out the ‘TheFightins’ roster nicely with well-written, nostalgic commentary.

  • Gaze

    Treyhorn is fine by me… I like this list because it rekindles some old memories rather than just listing the last 11 games of the season!

  • ill

    Mr Treyhorn treats objects like women, man.

  • MikeY

    I’ve been to 2 of the 3 games in the top 11 so far.

  • Matt P.

    Mr. Treyhorn draws a lot of water in this town, ill.


  • GTO–Josh

    I love that movie

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