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Top 11 Moments of the 2008 Regular Season: Number 4
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When the Los Angeles Dodgers came to town in late August, the Phillies could only hope to avoid being swept again at the hands of the resurgent club who was thriving in the wake of acquiring Manny Ramirez from the Red Sox.

After the four-game sweep in LA, the Phils would have just over a week before they had to face them again, this time on their home turf at Citizen’s Bank Park.

And while the Phillies had their way with the Dodgers in the first two games of the series (thanks to strong starts from Kyle Kendrick and Cole Hamels) they faced their biggest challenge during game three, when Joe Blanton faced Hiroki Kuroda .

Both starters would pitch six solid innings, leaving the fate of the game in the hands of both evenly-matched bullpens. The Dodgers would strike first in the seventh inning, when a big two-out single by the perennially prickly Jeff Kent gave the Doders a 2-1 lead. They took that lead into the ninth when Pete Happy, fresh from the disabled list, had a two-out RBI single of his own plating Shane Victorino to tie the game.

Little did we know, that would end up ranking as his second biggest hit of the game.

And his biggest moment of the night? Well, that happened a couple innings later, and is our 4th biggest moment of the regular season.

In the top of the 10th, the Dodgers would threaten to take the lead after loading the bases with no outs, but the Phillies would steer out of the rocky waters after Pedro Feliz turned a sharp grounder into two outs, with the Dodgers eventually getting turned away.

It would be in the 11th, however, when Pedro had finally seen enough: With two on and two out, Feliz sent the first pitch he saw from Jason Johnson into seats in deep left-center, giving the Phillies the win, and setting the stage for the four-game sweep the next night.

After the jump, take a look at Pedro’s walk-off…

  • Doug

    there’s no -ly on the end of prick, dash.

  • PhiPhan5648

    I was watching this game too… I remember being a little less enthused than the night we beat the Mets in moment 5, but I was still pretty pumped. It’s like always with the Phils, I love seeing them live up to their name.

  • Kevin

    The only thing that takes away form this key moment in 2009 is Jon Miller.

  • jd

    billy zane says:

    “it’s a walkoff”

  • Lynniemac

    I love Chooch rocking the rally cap.

  • Clare

    I get chills watching that shot. Awesome.

    @jd: Zoolander references get an automatic +1.

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