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Top 11 Moments of the 2008 Regular Season: Number 1
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Just watch…

  • bitlrc

    did you guys forget the 9th inning comeback against the mets? down 5-2 in the 9th? sending 6 runners across the plate against an arch rival to take the lead in the nl east? maybe im a bit partial because i was there to see it, but i thought it was one of the most exciting phillies moments i’ve seen

  • will.H

    i sprayed beer on myself and over the ledge 10 seconds after the double play. everyone enjoyed it except the stuck up girls to my left. screw it, we just won the division. its a personal top 5, including the 2006 nationals game at RFK that went 16 innings. jimbo won it with an RBI triple, soriono gave us the finger, twice.

    I like the style of no explanation for the number one regular season moment.

  • FightinSince1983

    I love how the Bat is the first on out of the dugout on this play. Just goes to show that no matter what uniform he wears, he’ll always be a member of this team.

  • Doug

    I was there. I almost knocked my fiancee over while jumping up and down. Then I almost passed out from screaming. Being there was totally worth losing a few brain cells and driving home with a pissed off chick.

  • Lynniemac

    I watched this entire inning at home on my feet – backing up from the tv with every pitch. By the time Jimmy started that DP, I was standing in my closet.

  • Matt F

    I can’t believe I was at 4 of these games, wow. I bought the tickets to the clinching game before the season started. I figured it came down to the wire in ’07, why not try in ’08. Wow did it pay off!

    Surprised to see no Brewers on this list though. Can’t fit them all though, so many great moments.

  • Big Phils Phan in Beijing

    Of course – doesn’t get any better than actually clinching it! But the heavy lifting had been done earlier, so I wasn’t thinking that this would be No. 1.

    I agree with Matt F that the 4 game sweep of the Brewers needed to figure in somehow on this list – that was the series that turned the season around. After 2 plus months of playing .500 ball, we were tied with Houston, 4 back of the Brewers in the Wild Card race, and still down 4 games in the loss column to the Mets in the Division.

    That Sunday was the best – Phillies scoring 4 in the 8th to win game one and Myers coming up HUGE with a 95 pitch complete game domination in game two. All while the Mets bullpen imploded at Shea coughing up a Johan Santana gem by allowing Los Bravos to score 5 in the 9th.

  • GM-Carson

    I’m damn glad this was #1, as it’s my #1 sports moment of my life thus far.

    Dash- when you getting your name added to the header?

  • MRT

    I think it’s pretty safe to say this was the top MOMENT of 2008… No questions asked. All those comeback games against the Mets, the sweep of the Brewers, etc. They were all unbelievable, but they all led up to this moment – the first step to World Fucking Champions. This had to be #1.

    I loved this Top 11 series… looking forward to the next one.

  • Jennifer

    I loved this series, also, and agree that this was the best moment. Such a great play. I still get goosebumps.

  • Mike

    All of these are great choices and there are even more listed here in the comments. Too many worthy moments to list them all.

  • Jason

    I was there too. It was god damn electric. My friend had his home made sign counting down the magic number since the beginning of the season and it was so satisfying seeing that number hit the big ZERO.

  • Gaze

    #1 Moment? No questions asked.

  • Tony

    As many awesome moments as there were this season, I have to say this was my number one. For one, the fact that this was only the fifth double play that Lidge worked was amazing. Two, that was an awesome play by J-Roll. And of course, the fact that it won us the division doesn’t hurt either.

  • Amanda

    This whole list perfect timing. It’s getting me more and more excited for 2009.

    Watching that play again gave me goosebumps. AMAZING play by J-Roll. Notice how Utley goes to give Lidge nothing but a high five, but ends up getting mobbed. And who is that little kid who always seems to get in the middle of the pile for celebrations. He was there in 07 when the Phillies clinched the division.

    Keep up the good work. GO PHILS!

  • John

    this was the only game i went to all year, and i had FREE suite tickets, what a way to watch one of the best games of the season

  • Lynniemac

    I love the moments where LA forgets he’s an announcer and just becomes a fan. Sorry, phan.

  • Extremely Taguchi

    I was just thinking the opposite because in the video clip he kind of drowns out the crowd. I’ll take the hometown call any time – but for internet replay value, the solo McCarver call is better. (Not believing I am saying this. It’s just fun to hear the crowd!)

  • Extremely Taguchi
  • Lynniemac

    That’s a fair enough point. Though having been at the 2007 clincher, I can honestly say that no amount of crowd noise on tv ever does justice to what it REALLY sounds like; and I’ll take a little homerism in the booth any day over things like Joe Buck’s mumbled non-call of the Phillies becoming WFCs – “andthephillieshavewontheworldseries”.

  • PhiPhan5648

    Was definitely the highlight, I flipped the fuck out when that Double Play Went down, and we secured the NL East. Then the next day I gloated to all of the Mets fans that I knew. It was the start of a very, very, very good postseason.

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