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They say live TV is hard to do…
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When they guys came back from break last night after the 7th, the Phanatic was finishing up his dugout dance, where he and a boy “played” Dueling Banjos, complete with actual banjos. The TV viewer didn’t get to see it, but they were treated to Wheels and T-Mac’s discussion of the movie that popularized the song, Deliverance

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They did correct themselves later, after erroneously attributing “The” Deliverance to Clint Eastwood’s long list of great performances. Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, what’s the difference (T-Mac also thinks banjos are “GEE-tars”). But I’m not going to be the one to let the broadcast team get away with an innocent brain cramp. Nobody’s safe, not even Gregg Murphy:


  • Alexander Hamilton

    If our emblem isn’t on your car or truck, you probably did pay too much.

  • whodoesheplay4

    T-Mac is a fucking idiot and proves it more with each game.

  • john matrix


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