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There is nothing worse than getting mocked by the Nationals
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I kinda feel bad for this lonely Phillies fan. Not only did he have to witness a boring game in D.C., on top of that he gets mocked by the “Kiss Cam” director. According to the generous Flickr member that uploaded it,

A Phillies fan alone in his entire section becomes the butt of a Kiss Cam joke as Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself” plays over the stadium speakers. He didn’t notice that he was on the jumbotron until the security guards prodded him to look up after a long 30 seconds!


  • fuquamanuel

    Yes there is something worse than getting mocked by the Nats…losing to the Nats. Someone tell me because I missed it. Did we lose a game to the Nats this series?


    Fear not, young fuqua, we swept that shitty team.

  • fuquamanuel

    That’s what I thought.

  • Chamomiles Davis

    At a Marlins home game, that’s considered a “half-capacity” crowd.

    Meech: Great solo work on the “Morning Juice” today (loved the Mike Hampton remark).
    Meechette: Happy Birthday!

  • joe m

    I was there and this was hilarious, and everyone was laughing, but I couldn’t help feel that it felt a little staged…not to ruin anyone’s fun though. He got up and left after the camera was off him, and I don’t remember seeing him back. But still a funny gag regardless. I think the guy will be ok.

  • furiousball

    he should have pleasured himself on cam.

  • The Phunyun

    I didn’t realize the fat kid from South Park performed “All By Myself.”

    Oh … CARMEN … my bad.

  • mike

    i was in fact in attendance at nats park to watch our phils sweep, all of the games i was able to upgrade my seats to the club level for 2 dollars, pretty incredible how shitty that team is, but always nice to see some phils victories.

  • MikeY


    How exactly did you upgrade your tickets?…What tickets did you originally have? I’m going down for the series on Sept. 1-3 and would like to know.

  • Jeffrey

    I was at the game, too, and joe m is right: that was so obviously staged. I couldn’t believe how many people sitting around me couldn’t tell. the kid’s ‘acting’ was terrible. Also, the section he was in, for some reason, is always completely empty.

  • Chamomiles Davis

    Actually, there is something worse than getting mocked by the Nationals: Getting swept by the Nationals (see Mariners, Seattle).

  • philliephreak

    What, no Don Carman jokes?

  • mike

    to mikey-

    I had lower level tickets down the third base line, originally 54 dollar tickets…You goto the ticket services window there which is around the corner from the actual ticket window, and you can upgrade, quite simple.

  • eman

    I was on the “kiss cam” the other night. I know that’s not broadcast outside the stadium, but would like to get a copy of it. Is that even possible??

    Any advice is appreciated.

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