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There Are Some Really Ugly New Era Phillies Caps Out There
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Thanks once again to tipster all-timer @ChickPhilA, who is in Ocean City this weekend and saw these ugly-ass caps on the boardwalk.

image (1)

I might be able to get away with this one if I was Jimmy Buffett and going on stage somewhere in the area but I don’t even think Shane Victorino would wear this monstrosity. Okay, maybe it’s kind of cool but I think if I’m going to wear it once for a laugh someone else is going to have to buy it.

image (2)

This looks like Jeff Loria designed it. If I had Jeff Loria money I wouldn’t buy this.

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  • Murph’s Gut

    Guarantee the “Hawaiian Shirt” Phillies cap is worth good money when some hipster finds it in 30 years.

    Calling it right here.

  • Beck


  • Tom Cote

    You need to be 70 to wear the floral hat

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