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“The Yankees don’t have shit on us,” proclaims drunk Phils fan
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  • JoeG

    Feels good man

  • ryan302

    i wonder what my mom thinks when she hears me giggling in my room at 7:47am…

  • Watrick

    Damn, you finally have a video I can watch at work, and for some reason the sound isn’t working. Well, it’s a step in the right direction.

    Live TV, it’s beautiful, ain’t it?

  • Leon Black

    3 more to paradise

  • Peacock


  • Drunk Phils fan

    I didn’t mean to bring up the Rays, I just drank one too many Bud Light’s.

  • jamdfscksyanks

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. My mom said last night: Say goodbye to your balls New York.

  • Woody

    I need a “the yankees don’t have shit on us” t-shirt.

  • gm-carson

    I would buy that shirt.

  • ryan302

    @gm-carson second that.

  • Joe D

    I love this blog but I really want to see an animated .gif of Shane coming in to try to kill Posada last night and his crazy eyes. Krazee-Eyez Killa 2.0.

    I also want video of Milt’s woooo after Chase’s 2nd bomb.

  • Gaze

    Barkann was mocking some drunk Phillies fans on the post game show last night.

  • JoeG

    i would also purchase this shirt and i believe it should include a picture of dudes intoxicated face like the uncle cholly shirt

  • DPW

    @Joe D- I was thinking the exact same thing about a clip of Victorino’s Krazy Eyez Killa attack on Posada. An animated .gif of that would be sweet. It was hilarious.

  • Joe D

    May I also request the video of McCarver calling Derek Jeter “Jerrick Liter”?

  • Leon Black
  • Dav-o

    It doesn’t say “The Yankees don’t have shit on us,” but if you’re down by the Bank this weekend and keep your eyes peeled, there will be a dude (not myself) selling shirts with the slogan “Phuck NY” in the Phillie typeface, above which is a very artfully rendered motif of a middle finger that also happens to be brandishing the 08 Championship ring. It’s forward, yet elegant.

    And yeah, Shane looked like the Hawaiian equivalent of a Maori warrior going in for the kill. Good stuff.

  • will.H

    im all about drinkin, getting a little nuts about the phils.. but this dude is a goof. still, the yankees dont have shit on us.

  • jd

    my favorite part about the second homer? sabathia blowing off the first two signs by posada, and opting to go back inside after chase just ripped the last one inside foul.

    but go ahead. pitch inside to chase and see what happens.

  • James Fayleez

    Aah – to not have to go to work on Thursday…..

  • Bridge to Lidge

    Meech: there was a dunk phillies fan on CSN Post Game last night who was slurring his words like crazy. I can’t find the video, if you can you should post it.

  • philsfan24
  • Ozzie Virgil’s Beard

    Bridge to Lidge: Saw that guy. He was absolutely wasted. And Barkann was making an ass out of him when they cut back. Ricky Bo couldn’t stop laughing and proclaimed, “That’s just wrong.” Shockingly, Dutch seemed unphased and understood the drunkard word for word.

  • jd

    know what would be awesome? a live episode of “it’s always sunny” taking place in paddy’s bar during this world series.

  • jd

    oops, i meant live postgame at the bar after a victory

  • the drunk phils fans cousin

    im the dumb dudes cousin steve u r a retard

  • Nick Man 2k

    I was the kid behind him…… Steve you are the man!

  • bob o

    haha steve you were the man last night, greatest video ever….

  • Fan of Drunk Phils Fan

    Oh, was he drunk? I thought he had tourettes syndrome. I’ll take a shirt.

  • Ree Ree

    Steve Proud of you CUZ YANKEES are shit

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