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The Time to Put Up or Shut Up Is Approaching
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Not for the Phillies. For you.

Yes you – if you’re one of the people that so helpfully offers advice to Jimmy on his strategy at the plate, or one of the people harping on Michael Young for his defense, or Delmon Young for his Delmon Youngness, you have a chance to prove you know what the hell you’re talking about.


Starting the last week in June in Lakewood and then every day during the MLB All-Star Break, the Philadelphia Phillies will be holding open tryouts at every one of their farm clubs’ ballparks.

It’s not complete bullshit, either. A local boy, Bill Rice, came to a tryout at Lakewood’s FirstEnergy Park in 2010 and made the team. He’s been in pro baseball since then, bouncing between the Phillies, the White Sox, and the Riversharks in between his time in affiliated ball.

Seriously, though, if you think you can play ball, and you’d like to make the same shit pay you’re making at your current shit job, but get a hotter girlfriend, then it would behoove you do dust off your glove and pick up that phone.

(h/t to @ChickPhilA for bringing this to my attention)

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  • Gothapotamus

    Time to go down to the Dominican Republic and come back as an 18 year old.

    • hans

      seriously. i mean i’m 35 with back, shoulder and knee problems. I should be perfect for the Phillies.

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