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The sexiest foul ball you’ll see all Spring long
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Yesterday, in the top of the 9th during the Phillies/Rays game at Bright House Field, Mike Schmidt was auditioning in the booth with Tom McCarthy and Sarge Matthews talking about J.R. Richard (seriously) when something sexy happened. Phils reliever Chad Durbin was pitching to the Rays Elliot Johnson (hang on, I swear it gets sexier) when that Elliot guy hit a ball foul down the first base line. After a couple seconds, the (male portion of the) crowd started to erupt, then the Comcast cameras picked up the reason for all the commotion.

Would you like to watch it? Of course you would.

If .gifs are more your thing, there’s one of those after the jump.

(Thanks to Dan McQuade for the .gif assist)

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  • Gaze_NJ

    I’m all in favor of a Mike Schmidt permanent gig in the booth. You gotta think the guy can get pretty much any job he wants with the Phillies at this point, right?

  • Jay Ballz

    I always say that baseball needs more wedgies. Good catch there by

  • WholeCamels

    Did anyone else get aroused when she picked her buttwedge? I know I did.

  • maxL

    Nice… tan.

  • Poster Nutbag

    is this the return of aman-DUH?

  • John Kruk’s Lonely Nut

    Is she dressed in a Hooters outfit?

  • Adam Eaton

    Oh. My. God.

    Bathroom break…

  • furiousball

    it moved

  • Sherry W

    As one of your straight female readers, I’d stick with Durbin. He’s not one of my first choices from the team, but eh, at least his uniform usually fits.

  • loctastic

    We were there in early March. It was too cold for shorts. I feel gipped.

  • James Fayleez

    Please God, have Schmidty gun for Wheels job. It would be poetic justice for Whitey.

  • James Fayleez

    And oh yeah, nice arse honey.

  • Joe D

    Very good find meech.

    Schmidt would be a nice addition to the booth. I’d take Sarge doing play-by-play over T-Mac and Schmidt with the color. Sarge pbp would be hilarious.

  • Joe D

    The kid who got the ball from her is an absolute failure. How do you not stare at her as she heads back to her post down the line?

  • Jdashdog

    Check it – Philebrity’s official endorsment:

  • World Forker Champion ’11

    I’d poke her in the bum with my baseball bat.

    Oh and, FIRE WHEELS!

  • Sak

    I just had to change my pants

  • Undocorkscrew

    Hopefully tomorrow we can see some videos of Happ absolutely being destroyed by Brian McCann. Or Hudsons 6 innings of shutout, 3-hit baseball. Either one, but preferably both…

    I kid, of course. Who’s this Herndon guy? Any chance he makes the team?

  • Jayson’s beard

    my god. did you see where the pitch was? right down the middle.

  • World Forker Champion ’11

    Yeah, Herndon looks to AT LEAST make the team going into the season…but if he ends up staying or not will depend on performance. He looks like a good pitcher though, and i’d like to see how he does in a real game.

  • Undocorkscrew

    What pitch?

  • Joe D

    Herndon – the new Clay Condrey?

  • Undocorkscrew

    Nevermind, my ‘flash’ was disabled and couldn’t see the video

  • Phylan

    @magelb Charlie on [Brett] Myers: “I miss him. I miss getting on him. I miss his mouth.”

  • Amandah

    WHAT IN THE….?

    I am totally going to run on the field on the home opener and shove a plunger up my asshole as the crowd roars with delight.

    How dare this skank try and one-up me!

  • AHoot

    Another reason why Philly is considered the trash can of America.

  • kenny junod

    i would love to smell her

  • Cola Classic

    Fightins baseball and blonde bombshells.. two of the best things ever created. Together, well that’s just not fair.

    This type of post is the reason I love Thanks Meech!

  • Cola Classic

    Oh and after this happened, I’d give that girl about 2 minutes until she gets big brown’d.

  • Jdashdog

    She’s just doing this to pay her way through school

  • JT

    Hahaha “big brown’d”

  • Wheels’ Twit Thumb

    Oh boy, I can tell ya that one’ll cost a bunch. Are you kiddin’ me?
    I wonder how many clams it’d cost me to watch her do a funky solo act through a peep hole?

  • TonyIsDynamic

    dat ass

  • World Forker Champion ’11

    Don’t you mean “How many clams would it cost to see HER clam” ?

  • World Forker Champion ’11

    Dat ass is a real game changer. Totally would have won us a Word Series, for realz

  • HummerX

    ho-lee shit

  • Pat Burrell

    I know that ass. Why did I leave Philly again?

  • bigmyc

    Well Mr. Burrell, you left Philly because they didn’t want to give you any more money. But here’s a bonus tidbit; you play baseball all year in the same area as that ass. Now, bust it up.

  • Buffalo Bob

    it puts tha lotion on it’s skin.

  • Wheels himself

    I think what my twit thumb is trying to say is; “how many smackers will it run me to see that blonde sugar beet diddle her hoo-hah through my requisite comfort zone of a normally anonymous creep hole?”

  • Tug “Peach Pie” Haines

    Damn, I wish I had been around to .gif that this morning!

  • will.H

    ahoot, you’re that insignificant.

  • Anthony

    Spring training must be pretty dull when that gets people excited. I guess most of the crowd was 15 years old on Sunday?

  • Bridge to Lidge

    Can she please replace the Philly Fanatic?

  • game5

    Yea I was there last Friday, cold as a witches tit in a brass bra. Went again Sunday, torrential down pour. But hey, the talent behind the bar @ Frenchy’s made it interesting.

    As for the ball girl, weren’t we all talkin about buns yesterday?

  • The King

    If that couldn’t get Eskin to stop eating cock then nothing will!

  • Howard Eskin


  • John K

    hahaha “something sexy happened”

    that killed me

  • ThinkRed

    Tilted Kilt talent. ahasikfjhewrigfuhg.

  • fuckthemets

    I just .gif’d

  • World Forker Champion ’11

    With an ass like dat, she’s probably called 1-800 F*CK Mix-A-Lot several times already.

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    That’s almost enough to get me off the K-rod. Almost.

  • Mariano Rivera

    Too bad the ballgirls in Philly don’t look like her. Once the regular season starts, it’s like the fucking Kentucky Derby along the foul lines. Bunch of horse-faced, cankle-legged, softball-playing lesbo Philly girls.

  • Crane Kick

    Too bad the Yankees ball girls look like Kate Hudson and her boy tits.


    @Mo Rivera: I hope you get electrocuted by your pool.

  • Mariano Rivera

    first of all, Kate Hudson is so 2009. It’s over bro, give it up.

    second, the pool thing happened years ago. Is that the best you have? the kate hudson comment was more relevant that that.

    On a side note, I will be taking bets on the Philadelphia Derby (aka, Philly ballgirls) starting April 1st. Odds will be posted next to their fugly mugs.


    Remember when two of your relatives died in that electrocuted pool? haha

  • will.H

    NY girls have such big cooters, they resemble a swollen catchers mit.

  • Lynniemac

    @Sherry W: It’s a few hours too late, but I applaud you.

  • Adam

    “The sexiest foul ball you’ll see all Spring long”

    i know i’m sprung long

  • CarlosBeltransexual

    The pool incident isn’t relevant? Aren’t they still dead? What, did they come back to roam the earth as Panamanian zombies? Otherwise, I’d say it’s pretty relevant.

  • Flash

    “Nevermind, my ‘flash’ was disabled and couldn’t see the video”


  • SJU BABY!!!

    SJU BABY!!!

  • Mariano Rivera

    no more relevant than Brad Lidge’s ’09 season, Rollins’ World Series Predictions last October, or any of Ryan Howard’s at-bats in the World Series.

    But to answer your question, yes, they are still dead. In fact, I think they’re hanging out with Harry K.

  • BigMiles

    There also no more relevant than the handfuls of World Series that were won back before World War II…you’d never know it talking to a New Yorker though.

    And I bet Harry the K’s home run calls for Thurmon Munson’s homers are pretty sweet.

  • Phylan

    Why do people hold J-Roll’s World Series predictions against him? Was he supposed to say “Oh, I don’t know, I think we’ll play them well but lose in 7 games?”

  • World Forker Champion ’11

    By the way Mo, I look forward to seeing you blow some saves this year.

    Only a matter of time before age starts to catch up with the “best” after all!

  • TonyIsDynamic

    so uh

    why is mariano rivera here talking to us

    anyone know cuz i don’t

  • dlhunter

    Mo, mo, mo, mo, mo.

    Go fuck yourself.

  • The Killer Zs

    That we are talking back to Mo is what is killing me.

  • Tug “Peach Pie” Haines

    Oh look, it’s this thread again.

  • Steve Jeltz

    Harry the K doesn’t give a shit about Thurmon Munson. Hes been hanging with Cory Lidle, believe it or not. Those two plus JFK Jr make the three worst pilots in American history. I heard Teddy Ball Game was the best pilot ever.

  • Adam Eaton

    I end the day at work on a good note.


    Meech did you leave this up for all us workin’ men?

  • Lynniemac

    Adam, I thought you didn’t have a job? Which is why you’ve been offering your services to any team that would take you.

  • Adam Eaton

    Listen here Lynniemac, what I do with my time…is my business! If it’s my business, then it’s my job! I’ve been paid too well to take crap like this from people like you. I told you not to mess with my players! One more time and your out of here! You hear me?

    /Just did my best Urban Meyer, Orlando Sentinel impression from yesterday…pretty good huh?

  • Lynniemac

    Um…don’t give up your day job? Which you don’t have. Or something. 😉

  • Jdashdog

    will.H that’s some disgusting imagery there!

  • Hammerhead Ballgirl

    @ Mariano Rivera…I take exception to your comments about Phillies ballgirls. How rude! My girls and I work hard to keep our bodies tight! It’s not my fault I was born with the head of a hammerhead shark! Take it back meany!

    – Sam from Mt. Ephraim

  • Adam Eaton

    Lynnie… you’re cool. Will you be my new blogging friend?

    I need friends.

  • Adam Eaton

    DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR ZOO WITH ROY AT THE PHIELD TODAY! He needs us to come through for him.

  • Wheels himself

    I bent my Wookie.

  • will.H

    mariano, you’re trying so hard.

  • Amandah

    Hammerhead Ballgirl – I love your asian eyes.

  • Lynniemac

    Sure, Adam. ((hugs))

  • Sherry W

    Lynnie: Thanks!
    I’m a purist. I don’t pay a ticket or take my little cousins to games to see some chicka from a titty bar picking hot shorts out of her ass on the field. I like baseball to be about the game. Or about the players. You know, let’s keep it about Chase’s fine, fine …um… batting average.

  • Lynniemac

    I hear ya. It should be about the game. And the players. I’m a chick and I dig the long…ball. And I’m also particularly fond of Jayson Werth’s…fielding prowess.

  • BD

    ladies please this is a family blog

  • The Killer Zs

    Lynniemac and Sherry W. I am a chick too. The game should be all about the players. I too admire Jayson’s … fielding prowess … as well as Chase’s … batting average … which is why I acutely mourn the loss of Clfif Lee and his … commmand and control…..

  • Amandah

    I’m a chick too. One big whore a chick, but a chick none-the-less.

  • World Forker Champion ’11

    Amandah has BEEN WITH the whole team, including some several times over…

    She knows Pat’s BAT SWING very well, or so I heard

  • Sherry W

    How can you go wrong? Howard, Rauuuul, Victorino, Werth…performing for us all year long. *Dreamy sigh* Your poor, poor men only get the occasional floosy picking at her stink.

  • The Killer Zs

    and it is Sherry W. FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lynniemac

    Seconded. Sherry W wins the thread!

  • Philthadelphia Farties

    Hey..I like that Derby on the foul lines. Only good looking girls in Killadelphia go back over the bridge at night. F yall!

  • Epiphany1

    The reason they pick fugly ball girls is becasue they don’t want any distractions for the players. I saw the mugshots of the new girls and was like , can they pick atleast pick one good looking girl?

  • Rich

    You pigs are amazing. Nothing like a bunch of Philly pig fans showing the country how they are. Philly’s home of the ugliest women on the planet so it’s no wonder this gets all crazy and stupid.

  • Watrick

    Showing the country?! This is a blog, dumbass. This ain’t no over hyped ESPN show, or boring, dumbed down FOX baseball broadcast, it’s a blog. You actually think insulting someone is going to make them agree with you? The greatest irony here is the fact that your name is rich, but your personal relation skills are so poor. (Or is the greatest irony me insulting him for trying to insult us?)

  • Steve Jeltz

    RICH – Us pigs are amazing? Your post # 96 on our thread at 7:01 am to talk shit? I am having a hard time thinking of something more pathetic. Your a homo and we are the best fans in the country – No Questions Asked!


    He’s right guys. I think I’m gonna completely change the way things are done around here because little pussy Rich got his feelings hurt when I showcased the beauty of a Hooters ballgirl in Florida.

    It’s all gonna change.


    Oh, and…


  • Steve Jeltz

    And how dare you say we have the ugliest women on the planet. We don’t even have the ugliest girls in the country. I went to about 40 Phils games last year and I saw a few really, really good looking women.

  • Joe D

    Hahahaha Rich. This guy has to be a Mets fan. Has to be. Go put your jean shorts on and beat off to your poster of John Franco.

  • will.H

    Rich that “i fight for women!” fake fucking shit only works on dumb girls in high school. Clearly you’ve lived up to your name, Dick.

    Thank your mom for naming you after a dong.

  • GregMikeS

    One of the things I like most about this blog is how all the regular commentators stick up for each other if some troll from outer space tries to be an asshole. Philly comraderie is not something we’re known for, but it DOES exist!

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Cutoff jeans on a Mets fan…would they be called Davey(wright)Dukes?

  • World Forker Champion ’11


    Of course we have camaraderie among Phillies fans…at least when we are dealing with Mets trolls, and not arguing amongst ourselves over who the biggest waste of salary space is.

  • Lynniemac

    Or whether 130 pitches is too many.

  • Lauren L

    I have to agree w/ Sherry’s post (91) on March 25th @5pm. Us phemale Phils’ phans are much luckier. Granted, this girl is absolutely beautiful (credit where credit is due!), there’s just one of her & we don’t see her often. We get to look at Werth, Utley, Victorino, Rollins, Howard… the list goes on & on! And let’s not forget the occassional shot of Mike Schmidt! *dreamy sigh echoed* Phemale Phillies phans are definitely the luckiest baseball fans out there!

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