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The Pride of Mayfair
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Here’s another one of those shoot-the-television-with-your-iPhone videos, but, once again, it’s amazing. Here’s an awesome Mayfair resident having a little fun behind NBC 10 reporter Claudia Rivero. (via)

  • Crane Kick

    Peed myself. So did Tim Lake.

  • Dutch Daulton’s Brain

    hahhahahahahahahaah i sh*t myself. hahahahahah thank you phils for another WS run..

  • Jon

    Hahaha, wow. Awesome.

  • Lidge’s mole


  • Cross

    Just looking at the preview image i had a feeling some dude would be air humping behind her. The tonguing behind her though was a classy touch.

  • Jennjersnap

    I never know which is funnier—the posts here or the comments that follow! Can’t say it enough…best. site. ever.

  • Andrea

    Hahahaha class act.

  • Brandon

    That kid knew what he was doing. Get it done then get out of there

  • Eddie Welch from Out of Whack Jacks

    classy dude

  • Jdashdog

    These videos make hangovers go away

  • Kenny Powers

    Ya’ll get that tanning bed i sent ya’ll last year?

  • D. Whitmore

    love it

  • phatty

    Shit. Fuck. Shit.

    Thank you for registering for a chance to purchase tickets for
    the Phillies postseason. Unfortunately, your entry was not
    selected for our online World Series sale.

  • PhillyCuban


    just got that too and had the same reaction. Im 0-6 the last 2 years

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    No WS tix for me either, friends. But I’d gladly take a nice serving of Claudia as consolation.

  • John

    why doesnt the camera guy try to take him out of the shot? its like he wanted him in the picture lol

  • River

    That is f’n classic. If only he yelled “coooooooch train” before she signed off…

  • NG






  • dUb-iLL

    @NG Settle down, sonny… The Fightins got you covered:

  • Wawa


    perhaps if you, oh i dunno, went to the second page of the site you would find it.

  • Jdashdog

    By the way – anybody know where I can score that sweater that Dallas Green had on last night? That shit was fresh

  • astcter

    It’s nice to see him mixing it up when he pleases a classy lady such as Claudia Rivero. Well done, fellow Mayfairian.

  • Dallas Green’s Easter Sweater

    You can get that sweater at JC Penny

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    Cooch train is leaving the station

  • Fightins Newbie

    @jdash…that sweater was horrific. It was very difficult to look at. His grandkids must have gotten it for him or something and he was forced to wear it (making excuses for him because I like Dallas Green).

  • gm-carson

    Wow, Claudio is H-O-T!!!

  • Gonzo

    By the way – anybody know where I can score that sweater that Dallas Green had on last night? That shit was fresh

    Bill Cosby’s closet.

  • Jdashdog
  • maria

    Gonzo, get out of my head! I told my sister last night that, that sweater was straight from the Bill Cosby collection.

  • Joe D

    All of these videos are epic. There are so many idiots in the Philadelphia area.

  • BD

    im pretty sure i know that kid and hes not even from mayfair hes from morrell park

  • D. Whitmore

    390 for that sweater? you can head down to the salvo and get that shit for 5 dollars

  • will.H

    whitmore id pay you 5 dollars to wear it.. you dont have to buy it

  • Phil ‘er up

    It wasn’t nearly as good as this, but Action News was filming the crowd in Manayunk, which was clearly scream “Fuck the Yankees!!”, and Jim Gardner came back saying “Ah, yes…the excited crowd in Manayunk is chanting something along the lines of ‘ Beat the Yankees'”. I love live TV.

  • Marky from Morrell Tavern

    That kid is classic

  • Harry Kalas Murder Conspiracy Theory

    Ah, I miss Welfair. I used to live like 5 blocks from Frankford & Cottman. I heard if you don’t get to Reale’s before like 5pm you ain’t gettin in..

  • b-burg


    Anyone else catch this, I wasn’t sure if it was real clear on TV, but when Manny got up to bat, some guy held up two signs, and you could see them up on the phanavision.

    Manny is a Kenzo.
    This guy stinks.

  • Harry Kalas Murder Conspiracy Theory

    yeah I was cracking up at the “This Guy Stinks” sign when Blake was up. But the dude was also holding it up when Cairo was batting…. not cool

  • Joe D

    The Manny is a Kenzo sign was genius.

  • dmac

    BD: Oh, a Far Northeast dude? Sweet, representing my old ‘hood! This is getting better and better.

  • Tug Haines

    Fightins reader.

  • Phylan

    Cairo does stink though

  • YuckTheFankees

    This guy Cheated This Guy stinks

  • repeaaaaat!

    i know him ahahahahahahaha

  • dlhunter

    It’s always sunny in philadelphia has a special world series episode tonight. hopefully it doesnt suck.

  • shipsass

    Can anyone who was at games 4 or 5 say whether the red train beat the blue train in the SEPTA race to the bullpen? Red beat blue on Sunday night, and I had a hunch there was no way Blue was going to win a single damn race all series long.

  • lovemesomewerth

    Is anyone watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Greenman vs. the Phanatic.
    Also love how they are wearing short sleeves to tailgate at last year’s Game 5. I was there an no way was anyone wearing short sleeves. But this show is not “correct” in anything they do. haha

  • wag

    i was at game 4 but they had the bus race that night and red won

  • OutlawPete

    Well…beat NYY

  • maria

    What happened to the Angels?

  • BigMiles

    @dlhunter… the episode isn’t that good, except for Mac’s obsession with Chase Utley

  • dlhunter

    yea, i saw it and was again disappointed. its always sunny is philadephia was always hit or miss, but they seem to be missing more lately.

  • MoyerIsMyHero

    I thought it was decent. Kinda weird to see them try to pull it off without the rights to actually use Phillies stuff, so everything was just red and said “Philly.” But using ‘Whoomp There It Is” was a nice nod to those of us who remember 1993!!!

  • Adam

    best episode of ‘sunny’ ever. i don’t see how a “phillys” fan couldn’t like it. so funny hahaha

  • Ryan

    what’s a kenzo

  • John

    why no new shit today?

  • dlhunter


    You’re joking, right?

    He’s joking, right?

  • Watrick

    Want new shit? How about this-this day in 1993, Joe Carter ruined my childhood. (I even made a drawing about it, because, I make drawings, and even teach drawing, for a living: ) That bastard. But, know what makes it sting less-the idea that maybe Ryan Howard could hit a walk off home run to win the teams second Series in a row. Just saying, you know.

  • Here Come Da Judge

    i thought the episode was good last night

  • Wawa


    Red beat blue at game 4. my gf actually picked blue to win and i said “no way the let blue win.”

  • Darkwing Duck

    I was at game five, didn’t pay super close attention, but I’d give a 75% certainty that Red won that race also


    Well kids, TIMMAY here…And I’m here to take credit for the signs my boy and I held up behind the LA dugout Wednesday night. MANNY IS A KENZO…THIS GUY STINKS…CUT UR HAIR YOU HIPPY…HE CHEATED…TAKE OFF YOUR BRA PADILLA…All our doing.

    But before you get in line to fist bump me, I’ll have to be honest. I’m probably the biggest Mets fan in Philadelphia. Sorry guys. Just take solace in the fact that I’m just as hilariously obnoxious as you guys are.

    I’ll be taking donations to sit in the same seats for the Sunday night Yankee-Phils game…Trust me, we’ve got some good stuff in the works. Joba’s mom will be proud…Heh heh heh!

  • Chris

    Shes hot

  • Susan

    that kid in the backround should have been edited OUT

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