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The Phillies Win The Pennant!
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The Philadelphia Phillies are your 2008 National League Champions.

Behind a performance about as good as you could possibly hope for by the Phillies official ace, Cole Hamels, the Phillies have just defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1, and will now face the winner of the ALCS next week in the World Series.

Go ahead, read that run-on sentence a couple more times and let it sink in.  The Phillies are going to the World Series.

It was quite the anti-climatic game for a clincher, but it’ll most certainly do.  Jimmy Rollins — just as he did in the final game vs. the Brewers — led off the top of the first with a homerun that quieted the visiting crowd and gave the Phils the early lead.  Cole Hamels pitched seven brilliant innings allowing 5 hits and just 1 run via the long ball from super-human, Manny Ramirez.  In the end, we didn’t need any of the runs caused by Rafael Furcal’s errors, and for the 20th time in the last 25 games (an .800 clip btw), the Fightins’ emerge victorious.

Lookit the scene right down the street from The Fightins’ headquarters on Frankford & Cottman:


  • How do you spell retard?

    Let’s get loaded, Ladies and Gents!!!!!

  • Chamomiles Davis


  • Gonzo


  • Bill


  • Gonzo

    I was at Nicks Roast beef for most of the game. Glad I got home to avoid all the drunk drivers.

  • Sarge

    WE WIN!! WE WIN!! WE WIN!!

  • Chamomiles Davis

    True story… ten minutes ago, my wife decides it’s safe to venture down to the basement, where I’ve been crying like a little girl. We have the following exchange:

    Mrs. Davis: “Honey, I love you, but I’ve decided that I’m leaving you for Shane Victorino.”
    Me: “Screw that! I’M leaving YOU for Shane Victorino!”

    The scary part is, I think we were both serious.

  • FuquaManuel

    I love the world. I love my life. I love my baseball team. I love this city.

  • Bill from horsham

    all I gotta say is break out the POTS AND PANS!!!

  • ryan g

    Post game interview……..

    Victorino “We are ready to play the MARLINS, bring on the MARLINS”

    Announcer No Shane, dont ya mean Tampa Bay?

    Victorino “Oh yeah, no questions asked”

    Announcer I think that champagne is getting you already, Shane. Thanks

  • tmoni

    victorino just said no questions asked again in an interview with leslie.

  • Lou Marson


    “oh no questions asked.” no questions asked, were in the world series. god i love philadelphia

  • Mark

    Leslie: Can you win the World Series?

    Shane: Oh yea, No Questions asked

  • slowski

    shane droppin “no questions aked” twice in postgame interview with leslie gudel

    i love that little guy so much.

    national league champs, the pennant is ours!

  • Mark

    meech, you have lots of clips to choose from tonight.

  • yellowbird

    goin to the series




  • maria

    Everyone beat me to it…no questions asked. I love Shane and Cole and Lidge and Utley and Jimmy and Greg Dobbs and Matt Stairs and Ryan Madson and Pat Burrell and Jason Werth and “Cooch” and Cholly.

    What are we supposed to do for a week?

  • Lazarus

    Lol for the next week we can defend ourselves from all of the talking heads on ESPN that will be explaining why the Rays will crush us. Then we can enjoy watching our guys make them all look stupid.. again. :) Go Phillies!!

  • slowski

    leslie: is there only one victober?
    victorino: no questions asked.
    leslie: its a simple question, shane.
    vic: yea, no questions aked, it is.
    leslie: so, is there only one victober?
    vic: no questions asked.
    leslie: please vic, answer me.
    vic: no questions asked.

  • Gigi

    drunk, in bed, looking over phillies highlights one lst time before sleep….happiness ensues…

  • GenericFanGroup

    THis is the best thing to happen in years…..NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

  • JMS

    Ahhh Harry the K said “no questions asked” on the radio.

    Early morning Phillies hangover <3

  • phloridaphilsphan

    WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! I was not even a twinkle in my papa’s eye the last time they won the series, and just a wee lass in ’93, so I’ve been waiting for this my whole life!! GO PHILS!

  • Mr. Bryan

    I smell a t-shirt idea, no questions asked.

  • The Sports Hernia

    I will celebrate this moment by wearing my Bob Thorton improbable victory jersey.

  • JMS

    I’m wearing my Phillies #54 t-shirt with “Lights Out” where the name belongs, but am 100% open to a “No Questions Asked” shirt idea. I proudly wear my “Boo? Phuck You” with #26 on the back whenever possible.

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