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The Phillies draw inspiration from rubber duckies
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When the Phillies popped in to their clubhouse yesterday at The Trop, they were greeted by their very own individually selected rubber ducks resting atop each player’s locker.

Now I know what you’re thinking — “Why on earth would the Phillies have rubber duckies in their locker, and what — if anything — is the significance?” Well allow me to shed some light…

Supposedly, during a playoff game vs. the Brewers, the Phillies seemed to be playing a little too close to the vest. So Chase Utley passed by manager Charlie Manuel in the dugout and the all-star second baseman told Cholly to “Get the rubber duck out of your ass.” It obviously worked, as they sent the Brew Crew packing in four games and then proceeded to beat down the Dodgers in five.

Well, Cholly agreed with Chase’s assertion and wanted to make sure the team kept that same “stay loose” mentality and told the VP of communications, Bonnie Clark, to order every member of the team their very own rubber duck as a reminder.

Corny? Perhaps. But hey — it’s better than neon blue faux-hawks.

Here’s a screenshot of Victorino’s locker with his cheetah-print duck. (Because he’s fast!):

After doing a wee-bit of research (which was pretty much me clicking on my favorite rubber ducky store which I have bookmarked on Firefox), I found out where these things came from. They are manufactured by a company called Bud [no Anheuser] and feature a myriad of designs specifically tailored to suit your individual rubber ducky needs. You can browse through their extensive catalog over at Rubber Duck World; and feel free to guess which duck would best match up with each Phillies player. For example, Brett Myers had this one.

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  • Chamomiles Davis

    Ernie from Sesame Street approves.

  • Generic Fan Group

    They have been using the Rubber Ducky for years that was the reason Rheal Cormier was put on the DL during spring training a couple of years back…

  • ill

    thank Jeebus they steered away from the Victorino stereotype

    but I am guessing this one was Howards

  • Mark

    Speaking of corny things, is it bad that I watched an episode of the TLC show Jon and Kate plus 8 last night? They were at a phillies game, which I believe may of been the friday night game before we won the division this year on saturday. Just a hunch though. They met victorino at the end and at one point the guy, who I’m assuming is Jon, in his side interview said something like “he hit a grand slam last night.”

    I need a life…I’m open to suggestions here.


    Mark, you just ruined the surprise for my post this afternoon!

    For real though, I watch it too. Don’t be ashamed.

  • MP

    I watched too! I also speculated that it was the Friday before the division win. The episode was great and at least it was something Phillies to watch to fill the void of no baseball till Wednesday! I too, like Jon, did not realize how tall Charlie really is!!

    But seriously, anyone not around in 1980, if you haven’t already, go pick up the 1980 World Series 25th Anniversary DVD – it’s only 25 bucks and its really fun to watch to get you in the mood for the Big Show!

  • Mark

    Damn, sorry meech. I’m glad im not the only one though. I just wish Shane said no questions asked at some point in the episode.

  • Clare

    Wait, who told whom to get the rubber duck out of his ass? Cholly? Or Chutley?

    I’m thinking too hard about this.

  • Chamomiles Davis


    The rubber ducky said, “I don’t care whose ass this is. Just get me the FUCK out!”

  • ill

    did you guys ever post the video of the Phanatic acting out each player when they were readig the starting lineups? I think it was during the Brewers series, but I’m not sure.


    ill, of course I did. BOOM!

  • ill

    knew I could count on you, meech.

  • Mark

    meech is the video god.

  • MP

    I’m sure it’s not long before Modell’s starts selling ducks with the Phillies P on it.

  • Chamomiles Davis


    Hey, I love the Phillies too, but I’m not buying anything they’ve peed on.

  • PhillyCuban

    My girlfriend watches that show a lot, so I see it sometimes too, its not bad. Ill definitely keep an eye out for that episode now, but it did keep the corny theme going

  • JMS

    Clare, I’m confused, too. Did Chollie tell ChUtley to get the duck out of his ass (aka loosen up)? Or did …and why would Chollie just laugh it off if he was told by a player to do the same? I’m confused and weary from too many day of not-baseball.


    Sorry for the confusion, I’ve re-worded the paragraph to make it clearerer.

  • JMS

    Oooh, “Rollins’ duck sported what appeared to be a fake diamond.” (

    I’m guessing it was this one

    And I hope they gave this one to Lidge.

    King Cole, meet King Duck

    I’m having too much fun.

  • yellowbird

    no wifebeater rubber duckie?


  • ill

    Lidge definitely gets this one. Lights Out, baby!

  • Tartan69

    Did you notice that the “cheetah print” duck that Vic got was named the “Lush Duck”? I’m not sayin I *haven’t* seen him out at the bars quite a bit, but perhaps Cholly’s intent with that particular duck was not so much it’s print but it’s name…

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