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The Phillies Clubhouse Reacts To Mark Buehrle’s Perfect Game
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Courtesy of CSN Philly, here is some incredible footage of the fellas in the Phillies clubhouse (specifically Shane Victorino, Scott Eyre, Clay Condrey, and John Mayberry, Jr.) watching Dewayne Wise’s ridiculous catch in the ninth and the final pitch of Mark Buehrle’s perfecto prior to their game against the Padres. You know you’ve done something memorable when guys from another team carry on like this.

Congrats Mark, that was quite an achievement.

I love baseball.

  • Gonzo

    I love baseball.

    That about sums it up.

  • Amanda

    This is awesome! I loved their reaction. What a game by Buehrle! And a catch by Wise!

  • Boothe


  • John

    i was hoping meeche would be able to somehow associate Mark Buehrle’s perfecto to the Phillies

    nice job

  • Chris

    I love the Phillies.

  • Sox Fan

    That’s was freakin awesome.

  • Rob

    See, I want to find these guys in a sports bar. From an Oriaoles fan…repsect.

  • ron

    god, i love this team.
    baseball is the best!

  • Mark

    and this is why baseball is the best sport…ever.

  • BillyOK

    They’ve been running this clip all night here in Chicago and I still had to go online to see it again. Absolutely fantastic. I have no strong feelings either way about the Phillies, being an AL guy, but this makes me a small fan. Great display from a great team.

  • Mike P

    I have to agree with everyone who said that this is one of the many reasons I love baseball. I saw on that Buehrle was nearing a perfect game, so I flipped it on at the start of the 9th, just in time to see Wise’s catch. Needless to say, I had a very similar reaction. What a play!

  • CJ

    LOVE IT.. All Class Phillies! Go Buerhle and the White Sox!

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    Was definitely awesome to see a Perfect Game. And from a guy who’s really a good pitcher, and a decent guy. Congrats to Mark, and White Sox fans. I’m glad this happed to the Sox team I like. Growing up a hug Big Hurt, and Junior Griffey fan left me a soft spot for the White Sox and Mariners. That being said… I don’t think I’d mind seeing a Perfect Game perpetrated by someone in Red Pinstripes this year either. Happ, or Halladay maybe? Please?

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    Oh… and yeah, I Heart Baseball too.

  • Switch

    From a diehard Sox fan and born and raised South Sider…

    I have finally found my favorite NL team. Go Fightin’ Phils!!!

  • Brandon

    I like how Eyre gets up because he thinks its gone and comes running back all giddy when he makes the catch. Is that him giggling like a girl?

  • will.H

    dozens of rays fans are pissed. its nice to the see the fightins rootin for some good guys who we’ve never had a beef with. baseball certainly is that fraternity they speak of

    although im still pissed about freddy garcia, but good ol’ Tad made up for it.

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    @will.H: If you watch closely, you can see that the won screaming like a little girl is Little John Mayberry. LOL! He’s a kid, and he loves Baseball, so I cut him some slack.

    @Switch: Nice dude. Well… if the Chi-Sox find their way into the Fall-Classic, and the Phils aren’t there, I know who I’d be rooting for.

  • JonSOX

    It’s nice to see players care about more than just going out and making getting a paycheck. Much respect to all the fans who enjoyed this as much as us Sox fans did.

  • dUb-iLL

    Condrey’s body language makes me think what he saw just blew his mind.

  • T-Mac

    I will always cheer on the “Fightin Phills” after watching this highlight. Go White Sox!! Go Phills!! You guys are awesome!!

  • WhiteSox-Baseball

    True baseball right here.. White Sox baseball all the way. Mark Buehrle’s pitching was amazing and the support he’s getting is incredible. History..YES YES YES YES! Go Sox

  • mike krol

    That has to be one of the coolest things i have ever seen and being a white sox fan it was a special moment. I will now root for the phillies the rest of the way…Cheers Philadelphia!

  • Rick

    This clip is just 1 of the many reasons fans love this team. Congratulations to Buerhle and the White Sox on an amazing game.

  • Rick

    Here’s another example.

  • sox_fan

    Man, I’m just a bummed White Sox fan scrolling through perfect game memories since we got eliminated tonight, and this totally put a huge smile on my face. Major respect, Phillies; that was awesome.

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