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The Phillie Phanatic Dresses Up Like Batman, Taunts Jack Nicholson
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If there was any doubt whatsoever as to who is the most entertaining mascot in baseball, the Phillie Phanatic’s latest stunt may have just solidified his #1 spot.  With Jack Nicholson in attendance at The Bank seated comfortably to the left of home plate for the Phillies drubbing of the Cubs, the Phanatic dug deep into his closet and pulled out his vintage Batman costume so he could provoke the former Joker in-between innings.

Nicholson, who wore a Yankees cap because he’s Jack Nicholson and he can pretty much do whatever he damn well pleases, took it all in stride as the Phanatic attempted to embarrass the Academy Award winning actor to the delight of 46,000+ fans. Unfortunately, I think Jack is impervious to embarrassment.

See for yourself, after the jump.

  • Dave

    Unlike the other Joker, Jack is still alive, and thus allowed to be taunted by the best mascot in sports.

  • elliott

    why was jack at the game? why is he in philly?

  • Lynniemac


    Besides the fact that he’s Jack Nicholson and he can pretty much do whatever he damn well pleases? He’s filming a movie here.


    He’s in town to shoot a James L. Brooks movie.

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    @Dave, ooh. Careful dude, try not to get us bad karma by making un-colorful jokes about Ledger.

    But this was hilarious, I was laughing my ass off when the Phanatic did this.

  • Bob

    There’s a bunch of worse hats he could be wearing.

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    @Bob, indeed sir. I don’t really hate the Yankees anymore. I’ve found mutual ground with their fans in one way, we both hate the Mets. That’s okay by me.


    Jack is such a great actor. We really love his work in Something’s Gotta Give.

  • PhillyCubano

    @ Swift

    Ive liked the Yankees for at least 5-6 years now for the same reason. Except we both hate the Red Sox. Red Sox Nation is the biggest joke. I also hate the Cubs for similar reasons, but thankfully they havent won still.

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    @PhillyCubano: I can’t say I like the Yankees, I nothing the Yankees. But yeah, Red Sux Nation is annoying as all fuck.

  • Watrick

    At the Saturday game of the first series in CBP against the Mets, two Yankee fans were in front of me. Without seeing their jersey, but seeing them trying to take a picture of themselves at the game, I offered to take a picture with the field behind them. They turned around with Yankee hoodies on, to get booed and taunted by everyone around us, Phil fans and Mets fans. But, they just smiled, unzipped the hoodies to show they Phillies shirts saying, “Oh, yeah, we’re Yankee’s fans, but we’re also Phillies fans because we just can’t stand the Mets. We hate them!” The weirdest part of this whole ordeal? They were matching. Why do adults think that’s a good idea? If my girlfriend ever suggest such a thing, we’re done.

  • yellowbird

    plan d gets all the celebs……JLH, VP and now the ambassador of LA.

  • Watrick

    As for the Phanatic? He’s awesome because of one simple thing. His head moves like a real person’s head. No other mascots really do that. Not the way the Phanatic does it. Plus, him at the ASG on the set of MLB Network during the batting practice the day of the Home Run Derby, with Ryan Zimmerman and David Wright, and him having that awesome fake WS ring, and showing it to Wright? That’s where he cemented his status. Although, this is nice, it’s not a WS ring in David Wright’s face. And watch, no other mascot can minic head turning reactions like the Phanatic. It’s what gives him his human like quality.

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    @Watrick, one of the Phanatic’s greatest bits is the streaking onto the field. Truly the absolute most hilarious moment of any mascot, ever.

  • Jon in Temecula

    Suck it Boston

  • Gabrielle

    lmao @ “don’t move til you’re numb”

  • Griswold

    Buck Foston

  • jd

    the best thing that ever happenned to yankees fans was losing to the sox. brought them down a peg.

    of course, the other side of the coin is that sox fans turned into obnoxious pricks overnight.

  • Harry

    Phanatic used to be badass, now he is just meh. He always comes up with these cheesy bits around the 7th inning which really arent that funny. Back in the day god help you if you fucked with the Phanatic. Unfortunately, as time wore on, his act got a lot more tame and a lot les badasas.

  • vitamin D


  • James Fayleez

    I wonder if Nicholson was an Edmonton Oilers fan and a 49ers fan in the late 80’s.

    What a frontrunner.

  • Estebomb

    Yeah! Remember when the Phanatic used to shoot guys just to watch them die? I’m not really sure what the Phanatic used to do that was badass that’s so different than what he does now.

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    @Harry, you’re just an unhappy person, aren’t you.

  • bigmyc

    If that’s the sad, unfortunate case with Harry…just leave him to his pain.

  • mplant

    I don’t think Tom Burgoyne is quite as good a Phanatic as Dave Raymond was, but those were pretty big shoes to fill. I still don’t think there’s a better mascot

    Like many of you, I still hate the Yankees, but the emergence of Red Sox Nation made them much more tolerable

  • Kara

    That game was awesome! We were in the crowd, and people didn’t know whether to cheer because it’s Jack Nicholson, or boo because of that damn Yankees cap. Nonetheless, it was a great game!! Plus, we won!!! :)

  • Watrick

    Best thing I ever saw the Phanatic do? Remember how he used to smash the other team’s helmets in front of the other team’s dugout. Well once, I saw him do that to two or three Dodgers helmets, before he pulled out a large can of slim fast from his ATV and smashed the heck out of it, right in front of Tommy Lasorda.

  • Swift aka PhiPhan5648

    Tom Burgoyne might be the second Phanatic, but he’s still better than anyother Mascot in Baseball. Has he lost his mean edge, yeah. But this is a more kid-friendly era of baseball now. That being said, I still think he’s pretty freakign hilarious. Best bit has to be the streaking onto the field.

  • J A Happy

    R U tellin me their is a person in there?and he is not real!wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  • little johnny

    @Mr, Happy,you are a dumb ass,i am 8 1/2 yrs old and know that shits not real!

  • frank

    whos the milf he’s with?

  • Waltsense

    I had once in a lifetime seats last night to the Phillies game…they were corporate “gold” seats and we were the second behind home plate….right in front of Jack. You can actually the douche with the gold chain next to him. I have to give him props…he wears lakers socks…velcro nike shoes….and dressed like a old man should be….but he had that stunning red head next to him who was all over him. At one point he actually feed her his sausage sandwhich…to which a few heckles came up but he is ironclad to all heckles. They literally had him in a section where no seats are – they made a section for him. In a game where it was a blow out and I had all the free beer or food, it made for some great entertainment. IF that lady every becomes famous – I have some nice shots of her ass crack.

  • Ibeatyourmom

    Why does it matter why jack was in Philly is your state world fuckin champions?! Didn’t think so dumb ass

  • Nick

    Jack has been a yankee fan since the 50’s. He was born at St. Vincents hospital in Manhattan. Dont question his loyalty, the man is insane when it comes to the Yankees.

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