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The Phanatic’s Trike, Does Morandini Still Love Knots Landing?
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From the Vault:

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Today’s item is a copy of Phillies Today from 1991. I’m a program junkie. Here’s something to do: collect a program from every sporting event you attend, and don’t bother reading them. You’re here right now, so you know about the internet, and you probably know most of the stuff contained within your average program. Don’t bother reading those programs, but put them someplace safe, dry and out of extreme temperatures.

Wait 20 years. I’ll wait with you.

Okay, now read your programs.

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Remember when not only did they still manufacture three-wheeled ATVs, but even the Phanatic rode one of these death traps? Those things were hard enough to ride as a young nimble kid (I rolled one over on my leg), let alone dressed up as a goddamned sports mascot. This picture is from the other side of the Terry Mulholland poster found within the very same program from 1991. By the way, do you know the worst thing about three wheelers? There’s three of them.

Every baseball program worth its salt provides the reader with at least one fluffy player profile, where you can learn all about who they look up to and what they want to do with their career [spoiler alert: win a(nother) World Series] but it’s only as interesting as it’s supposed to be 20 years later, when you find out that Mickey Morandini’s favorite actor was(is?) Neil Patrick Harris, he loved(loves?) Knots Landing, and couldn’t (can’t?) get enough of T.G.I. Friday’s. Suddenly, I’m hanging on every word. And realizing that the person who put this together misspelled “disappointment.”

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  • Alexander Hamilton

    A good bank lends; a community blossoms.

  • Mark

    Neil Patrick Harris, Roast Beef, and Dance Music…now that’s something I can get into.

  • Morandiiiniii

    Mick is an NPH fan? I think that means he was to embarrassed to say he watches Doogie Howser.

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