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The NLCS is Coming to Philadelphia
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Props go to All Star Twitterer ItsStephGrace.

  • Muscles
  • The baseball Cole just tossed away

    Cole Hamels is left handed

  • Jdashdog

    Lincecum: My fight’s not with you, Halladay.
    Halladay: I beg to differ, sir. We started a game we never got to finish. “Play for Blood,” remember?
    Lincecum: Oh that. I was just foolin’ about.
    Halladay: I wasn’t.

  • bigmyc

    Wow. I didn’t know that Doc paired with the Earp brothers; Virgil, Wyatt and Pinhead.

  • bigmyc

    Roy needs to strike out Huff to end the game on Saturday and exclaim, “There, you’re not a daisy, are you?”

  • Ray

    This…is epic.

  • bigmyc

    Seriously, would someone mind resizing Bluto’s head so I can use this as wall paper.


    HAHAHA Legit the gayest thing I’ve ever seen

  • itsStephGrace


    Bluto’s head was proportionately scaled down to the correct size in order to match Paxton’s in the original. You’re probably just used to it being the size of a watermelon IRL.

    I had to shave about 12 lbs off of his neck and jowls.

  • Brandon

    This is amazing

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Gee, the same graphics person who trims the waists on the cover models & actresses must’ve trimmed down Mr. Blanton the gunslinger. I realize black is very slimming, still – nice job.

    Val Kilmer had all the great lines in that flick.

  • Tombstone

    Tim Lincecum: What is that now? 27 batters in a row? Halladay, son of a bitch, nobody’s that lucky.
    Roy Halladay: Why Tim, whatever do you mean? Maybe baseball’s just not your game Tim. I know! Let’s have a bong ripping contest!

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Lincecum as Johnny Ringo

    Doc Halladay as Doc Holiday

    Showdown at the CBP corral

    Yes Ringo He is your huckleberry.

  • chiggs

    Howard: Where’s Hollywood?

    Halladay: He’s down by the creek, walking on water.

  • Nick Swisher

    October is coming? Really? I thought October arrived 14 days ago.

    Please don’t tell me you’re calling fat Joe Blanton a “legend.” Please don’t tell me you’re calling Cole Hamels a “legend.” I’ll give you Halladay…dude is a legend. But Blanton and Hamels? Hamels may be semi-legendary in the 50 mile radius surrounding Philthy, but that’s about it. And Blanton? Please. Ask someone outside of Philly or south Jersey who Joe Blanton is, and you’ll get a funny look. “who?”

  • Defenestrate Wheels

    halladay looks like Rob Schneider, except not wet.

  • chen

    Holy shit Nick Swisher you are fighting a losing battle my friend.

  • Dykstra’s Hedge Fund

    Did anyone else have the “Phillies 5 Horses” poster circa ’93? It was Schilling, Terry Mulholland, Ben Rivera, Tommy Greene and someone else on the mound at the Vet. They were all wearing chaps and cowboy hats with baseballs in their holsters and broken bats on the ground in front of them. It was amazing. Mildly homoerotic, but amazing.

    These guys are, uh, better.

  • Rachel

    Hey, Nick – guess it’s never ok to just have fun, is it?

  • Tim Lincecum

    Man you dudes see that show about Swamp People? That stuff is weirrrd man. Looks kinda mellow on the swamp and then this giant lizard king is all “nahhhh brahhh I ain’t gettin on that boat.” But they get him man. Harsh blow to the dome man. You know what man? Sometimes when I’m stoned and I get real hungry I tell people I could eat Whole Camels. Like Cole Hamels. But backwards. His wife was on Survivor. I loved that show when it was on Thursdays. Is it still on Thursdays? I dunno man but I want some tacos and a Arizona Green Tea. What day is it?

  • Tim Lincecum

    Haha yo man Roy Oswalt kinda looks like Donald Sutherland in that picture haha he was in his underwear in Animal House. Toga parties are cool sometimes. Just don’t invite the Big Panda or when you try to go to bed there won’t be any sheets on it man. He was wearing that shit. Hahaha where am I?

  • chen

    haha keep it coming Tim!

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    @Swisher: I’m “outside of Philly or south Jersey”. I know exactly who Joe Blanton is. He’s that LEGEND on the far right of the re-done ‘Tombstone’ poster.

    Heh heh.

    And after living in nyc for the past 13 yrs, I have to say you really REALLY shouldn’t call any place else “philthy” (with the possible exception of some areas of perhaps India & southeast Asia maybe).

  • Jon

    This picture…too awesome for words.

  • Jdashdog

    @Swisher, Blanton has a homer in the World Series and therefore is legendary.

  • Nick Swisher


    says the guy who calls himself a “phan”

    That’s so phunny how you put a “ph” in place of an “f” in the word “phan” {fan}.
    You have cleverness dripping out of your ears. Or should I say;
    “phyou phhave phcleverness phdripping phout phof phyour phears.”

  • Tim Lincecum

    I think tomorrow night I’ll watch the Wizard of Oz while playing the Dark Side of the Moon CD. You ever do that? It was pretty cool like when Dorothy woke up a bell rung man. And then some other part all these people were yelling and then a midget hung himself in the background. My buddy Taj said it was just a bird wing but I swear man that midget killed himself. Poor guy man that was a total buzz kill. Did you know all the midgets who played the Ewoks have their own island? I wanna go there man and just eat figs all day and maybe paddlesurf.

  • CC Sabathia

    Rumor has it that I pooped an entire turkey leg. Now THAT’S legendary!

  • Tim Lincecum

    Yo Swish man remember that time you died your douchechin that color pink for whatever reason I think it was Madonna’s birthday or something? Haha yo brah that shit made me hungry man it looked like Easter basket Peeps. When’s Easter man?

  • Nick Swisher

    @25 (Jdashdog)

    Guess what Blanton and Nick Swisher have in common? They both have 1 homer in the World Series, and by your standards, are therefore, both lengendary, you f’ing CLOWN!

  • Nick Swisher


    April 20th

  • maria

    Nick, Joe Blanton is also a pitcher.

  • Tim Lincecum

    Wow man Madonna’s birthday is on 4/20? Haha holy crap man I need to put Lucky Star on my ipod playlist wow man. Hehe.

  • chen

    @ 30

    Uhhhh Nick, Joe Blanton became the 13th pitcher in HISTORY to do that. It’s legendary.

  • Jdashdog

    @Nick Swisher, it’s ph’ing clown

  • Tim Lincecum

    You guys have soy cheesesteaks in Philly? Wow that would be so good right now. I think I see Jesus.

  • Tim Lincecum

    Haha nevermind man that was that dude Jason Werth. He looks like Jesus man. I like that guy. I like both of those guys actually man.

  • Nick Swisher

    @32 (maria)

    shit, really? Joe Blanton is a pitcher? Well, I guess you ruined my whole friggin theory then, huh? Oh well…

    No, Easter is on 4/20.

    Wait, Joe Blanton is a pitcher? Darn.

    You are correct, Sir. It’s ph’ing clown. I stand corrected.

  • Josh Hamilton


  • DP

    Doc Halliday: [to Tim Lincecum] You die first, get it? Your friends might get me in a rush, but not before I make your head into a canoe, you understand me?

  • Tim Lincecum

    Wait a minute Madonna’s birthday is on Easter and so is 4/20? I can’t even think right now. I gotta go shave my head and eat some peyote and forget my name and piss my pants for a few days.

  • Howahd Cosell


  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Swisher: “phyou phhave phcleverness phdripping phout phof phyour phears.”

    Right, guess I’m the only Phillies fan who uses ‘PH’ in my name. Ooo, that is one amazing come back. You’re quick, so quick.

    Yeah, that’s about the mentality level here – you must live in nyc.

  • Tim Lincecum

    Hamiltime… my man…you know your credit is good with me brah. I just set up a new gravity bong that hits straight from McCovey Cove.

  • chen

    hahahaha timmy i’m dying over here

  • Josh Hamilton


    Oh shit, did I just shit?

  • Nick Swisher

    @40 (DP)
    Who is “Doc Halliday?” The guy threw a no-hitter in the postseason…spell his phrickin name right, you silly phan. You must really love your team.

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?

    6: Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

    Other thoughts: Blanton looks like he has Down’s.

  • Nick Swisher

    I’m a big douche

  • Tim Lincecum

    Man you ever go looking for your sunglasses and look all over but they were on the top of your head? I hate that man. Lunchtime bake gets me all flustered lately. Must be the Winter solstice or something or might even be the El Nino or Elian Gonzalez man. Everything is coming up rosey. Pete Rose. Pete. Haha Pete Rose is not allowed in the Hall of Fame man. Harsh buzz. He has a hot chinese girlfriend tho man. What the hell am I talking about?

  • Wes Chamberlain

    Isn’t Cole too much of a faggot to be Wyatt Earp

  • Nick Swisher

    I like jacking off to pro wrestling

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?

    Err, comment 4 deserves “winner, winner, chicken dinner”. 6 is meh.

  • Bozo

    Well on the upside, after midnight we can finally say “the game is tommorrow”. Till then we can listen to CSN’s crap analysis and how the Phillies didn’t score a ton against the Reds even though they had a ton of legnthy and strong at bats and hit balls hard. In yesterdays Sportsnite montage they showed Ibanez turning around a Chapman fastball into a lineout to right field.


  • GTO

    From a distance, Halladay looks like Rob Schneider in this picture. Blanton looks like he is about to giggle, Oswalt should definitely grow a real mustache like that, and Cole looks, well, authentic?

  • don

    Hey Nick,

    Hamels does have an LCS and WS MVP in the same postseason. Don’t know how many pitchers have done that but it can’t be a whole lot. He’s only 26 and having his best season yet. He’s no Halladay but he’s one of the better young pitchers in baseball.

  • don

    Also Cole’s head must be a funny shape to fit in the hat there. Maybe that’s why he needs a backpack to keep from misplacing his dog.

  • Tim F.

    Dykstra’s Hedge Fund:

    Come on man, the fifth horse was none other than…… Danny Jackson! I had that poster right in between the ’93 Phils modeling the “Phillies Uniforms Through the Years” and my “Dr. Dirt and Mr. Clean” poster with Lenny Dykstra and Dale Murphy. Or was that last one a card? Not sure.

  • chen

    @ 58

    I remember that poster of Lenny and Dale! Turns out Dykstra was “Dr. Dirt” after all…

  • FanSince09

    Cliff Lee and JA Happ would have looked so cool in this picture! Thanks alot, Ruben!

  • Nick Swisher

    I blew my load to that pic 3x already…..damn little Roy looks so damn cute

  • Nick Swisher


    ok. and?

  • Tim F.

    Is it me or does Roy Oswalt with that mustache look exactly like Sam Elliot? They have the same sad eyes and swooping 12 to 6 curveball.

    They also both enjoy Sioux City Sarsaparilla.

  • Domonation
  • chen

    LOL @ 60

  • Nick Swisher’s taint

    Let’s all go troll!

  • What Would Mike Sweeney Do?


    In reality that piece is terribly written and factually inept. The Braves fan sounds like nothing more than someone who tuned into the Braves’ 2010 season sometime in September. The ZOMG WE’RE DYING!!!!! Talking Chop hacks could have done a better job. Shit, Matthew “Undocorkscrew” Wilson could have done a better job.

  • Brett Favre

    @ Nick Swisher,

    Answer my fucking text message already: yes or no, will it fit in you along with Alex Rodriguez’s?

  • Nick Swisher

    “Cole Hamels looks like an older Justin Bieber”

    quote of the week right there, clowns.

  • Nick Swisher

    Do you wanna try that again? In English?

    dumb clown.

  • Brett Favre

    Not my problem that you cannot read English. Fucking clown.

  • Nick Swisher

    I spit because there are too many calories in semen

  • Oliver

    Dude, Cole needs to get himself a mustache like that.

    Assuming he can grow one…

  • Captain Spaulding

    Hey kid!
    Don’t you like clowns?!

  • MoyerIsMyHero

    Man, there are so many gems in that Braves Fan interview from that Giants blog!

    The Phillies only have money to spend because the fans are sheep and flock to the stadium. So the reason the Turner Field was practically empty in the last series of the season is that Braves fans are such independent free-thinkers? “Hey, wanna go see the Braves play?” “No, that’s just want the man would want me to do!”

    But the absolute best has to be:

    “I’m not doing anything special to root for the Giants, though one of the ***Braves silly bandz I wear every day*** is orange. So that’s something, I guess. I don’t have a beard, though I do have a ***pretty vicious soul patch*** that makes me look like Tony Almeida from 24.”

    This confuses me. How can somebody young enough to wear silly bandz be old enough to grow facial hair?

  • TonyIsDynamic


    Dash wears em.

  • 2nd schtreet phan in SD

    I just read that Howard is doing the Top Ten on Letterman tonight. They were taping it today at CBP.

  • Captain Awesome

    They should all grow facial hair like that. That pic is badass.

  • Wes Chamberlain

    Top 10 Reasons White Chicks Want to Suck Ryan Howard’s

  • Wes Chamberlain

    #1 It’s GIGANTIC

  • J



    dude holy shit FUCK YOU CURT SCHILLING

  • RandomYankeesFanwhoisnotNickSwisher

    Thought this was funny, figured I’d share.

  • Ali

    Cole’s mustache is an actually an improvement. Now if only he would stop talking.

    Swisher, you might benefit from some of Blanton’s photoshop. Just sayin’.

  • ScienceLost

    Blanton is lookin’ slim. Must be from all the mustache rides Cole has been giving out.

  • Nikita

    I can’t believe it, Cole looks hot with a mustache. Maybe it’s the long coat. Maybe his great grandfather looked just like that…

    did Tim Lincecum just invade my brain?

  • Clare

    Cole looks WAY COOLER with that ‘stache.

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