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The Mets want Cole Hamels to choke on something
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Here’s a lame commercial that is currently running on the flagship station for all things Metro, PIX 11.  Apparently, the Mets are using that fact that they choked the past two seasons and were called out on it (on NY sports radio, no less) by the resilient Cole Hamels to promote their upcoming broadcast against the Phillies.

First, they play the brief clip where Cole is provoked into calling them “choke artists” by WFAN hosts, followed by an awesome CHOKE ON THIS! graphic and a montage (montage!) of Mets players making contact with a baseball and Jose Reyes pounding his chest.  Yup, it’s as pathetic as it sounds…

(shout out to JasonB over at Bleeding Green Nation for the clip)

  • crickwooder

    Dear Mets PR people: “Choke on this” might be your mom’s favorite phrase, but it makes for shitty local advertising.

  • ricky

    “And the Mets regain the lead!”

    After choking and giving up a lead already, prior to choking a second time and giving up the lead for good.

  • Gaze

    I’ll bet that took all of 3 minutes to splice together.

  • Chris Mottram

    Hamels was 0-2 vs. the Mets last season and Philly was 7-11 total. Of course, you guys did win a World Series or some shit, so that evens things out, I guess.

  • GM-Carson

    Just when I thought I couldn’t hate the Mets any more, then this comes along and I reach a new apex of loathing towards those cocksmokers.

  • Chris

    How pathetic. We’re gonna need a montage…MONTAGE!!!

  • Here Come Da Judge

    It’s sad when your team sucks SO much that their montages suck too

  • jr


  • Jdashdog

    That’s what she said

  • Get Me outta Cleveland and back to Philly


  • Matt

    Whatever helps them sleep (with men) at night.

  • Jordan

    i think this commercial is just preparing the mets fans for another choke. kind of like a public service annoucement.

  • will.H

    haha the gutless mets poking fun at the world champions. rip, mets dignity.

  • GenericFanGroup

    I heard about this commercial a while ago…turns out its part of a 3 part commercial series which will also include a video package called “Your Mom” and “Hey Phillies we have more friends then you”

  • kb

    i bet the person who thought of this commercial probably thought it was the greatest idea ever. like….hot pocketttttttttsss

  • Walklett
  • mas

    best part: they’ll act like this never existed when they lose the division.

  • werththewait

    The Mets are 0-10 when trailing after 7, the Phils have 9 come from behind wins…AND 11 WINS OVERALL. You do the math and then “Choke on this” David Wright said to the young Filipino boy he was about to scar.

  • Gonzo

    if you are a Mets fan, how can you get excited about being reminded that your team choked the past 2 years? Montage or not, it’s a turrible commercial.

  • Jayson Werth his weight in gold

    Reyes and Wright don’t see what all the fuss is about, afterall, they love to choke on it nightly.

  • PhiPhan5648

    This is just sad…. really, really, sad. I pity the METS, and METS fans for this one.

    …just so sad.

    Pathetic is the correct term.

  • Gonzo

    @ Werth: That pic reminds me of the gay thugs that rob Kramer of his armoire on Seinfeld.

  • Walklett

    @Jayson Werth…gold

    Holy shit, that pic is amazing. They look like part of a gay gang from Warriors.


    @Gonzo: “Joo wanna get hurt? I don’t think joo wanna get hurt, becoss if joo wanna get hurt, I could hurt joo.”

  • RomanWarHelmet

    The jokes on you guys…Met fans hate their ownership and PR department and pretty much anything associated with the two including the asshole who get paid by said ownership to “play” for them

    /except Johan…he’s glorious
    /I hope Cole Hamels can recover from spiking himself fielding a bunt
    /Philly is cesspool

  • Thriller


    Whew. I am out of breath.

  • Gonzo

    @ Meech: Who doesnt wanna wear a ribbon??? (I dont know how to type in a Rican accent)

    @ Roman: you’ve just outted yourself on a Phillies blog. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • RomanWarHelmet

    Gonzo, Outed?

  • Gonzo

    Your man crush on Johan. it’s teh ghey.

  • RomanWarHelmet

    My man crush on Johan is normal and beautiful

  • jd

    Roman: yeah, NYC is a bastion of cleanliness.

    manhatten looks like a polished turd. which is a good segue into the above video…..

  • will.H

    roman, i disagree, i think the joke was on the mets fans in 07 and 08.

    i liked your cesspool comment too. nothing is sweeter than a rhetorical insult because you’re not clever enough to think of something interesting.

    o’doyll rules

  • RomanWarHelmet

    will..I wasn’t looking for wit..I was simply claiming Scientific fact…I could have been witty and said Philly was gayer then a group of Eagle fans flapping their arms and spelling EAGLES together but I went for something more lowbrow considering the audience I am catering too

  • werththewait

    hey roman, if philly is a cesspool “CHOKE ON THIS”

  • RomanWarHelmet

    Wow…just..Werth…I would have gone “If Philly was a cesspool, come smell my ring” but that was way funnier…nice retort

  • Gaze

    Philadelphia was a cesspool… the morning of November 1st. Confetti everywhere, beer bottles tossed around, Budweiser Clydesdale poop in the middle of the street. Man, it was awful!!! I hope we never win another championship again!

  • Gonzo

    a New York fan with the best comeback against his own comment. very nice.

  • Hummer

    I like how a fan of a team that once played in a glorified homeless shelter/rat home can call Philly a cesspool

  • Walklett

    Just in case anyone was interested, the Mets have BLOWN YET ANOTHER LEAD in the 8th inning against the Marlins, they are currently down 3-2.

  • Walklett

    correction: Mets down 4-3

  • How do you spell retard?

    At least Philly isn’t bringning swine flu into the country.

    /topical reference

  • Jordan

    HAHA! putz blows lead in 8th, mets lose. choke on that!

  • PhiPhan5648

    @Tard, nice topical reference there.

  • jd

    c’mon, did you really expect more from a guy named “putz”?


  • Eminencegirl

    Throwing around the word CHOKE when you blow it in the 8th and then can’t get it done with the bases loaded is downright embarrassing. <<>>

  • GenericFanGroup

    JJ Putz one in the loss column

  • will.H

    roman, the mets play in flushing.. its only fitting when they consistantly poop the bed. as for the eagles chant.. i like your scientific research. spelling the word eagles is primitive and chanting lets go mets over and over is very, very sophisticated.

    step right and up beat the mets

  • Here Come Da Judge

    This just in from the president’s desk

    to stop the spread of swine flu shitty field has been quarantined

    just an attempt to build on your topical reference, tard

    fuck anyone affiliated with the mets

  • myers admirers

    notice that roman hasn’t commented since the mets choked yet again … typical

  • Jayson Werth his weight in gold

    @walklett: maybe you remember the classic line from that movie

    Reyes/Wright: “Warrrrriors…. come out and plaaaaaay…. with our ballllllls.”

  • Jordan

    its funny how a phillies player is the star of a mets commercial. i guess everyone wants a piece of the world series mvp.

  • Mike

    That’s a crappy commercial. That is all.

  • Shane

    I think its worth noting that the person who recorded this commercial was watching Maury. I hope it wasnt you meech.

  • bigmyc

    You could reasonably add, “ big, bad meanies.” to the end of the “choke on this.” and it wouldn’t be any more of a laugher.

  • 85

    To the Mets fan mocking Eagles fans for spelling the team name… well, for your sake I hope you’re not a J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets fan.

    And they should have started that commercial by pointing out that Hamels was on that show promoting the World Series DVD. Choke on that.

  • Chase Mutley

    That’s a pretty cool 1990’s-anti-drug-commercial brick wall background they’ve got there at the end. I was half expecting a roller-blading cartoon dinosaur with headphones to come out and spray paint “Don’t Do It!” on it.

  • Kat D.

    Is it possible for the Mets to choke on that 50 year old apple in center field? I would love to see that……

    @Werth-for some reason, I thought reyes and wright were going to a disco in the 70s…..or possibly beat me up outside the disco…….

  • Gonzo

    I think the Big Apple is very cool. THey shouldnt get rid of it.

  • Rex Banner

    Reyes and Wright….. street toughs

  • will.H

    mutley i laughed at your description.

  • Lynniemac

    Idea for a response commercial:

    To the New York Mets…

    [picture of Jimmy sporting his World Series ring]
    [picture of our spiffy red 2008 World Series banner]
    [picture of the World Series Champions patch on someone’s sleeve]
    [picture of Cole Hamels with his MVP trophy]
    [long shot of Broad Street on Parade Day]
    [picture of the World Series trophy]


  • Tug Haines


  • kb

    what exactly are we supposed to be choking on anyway? choke on “this”? what is “this”???? i will however take a shit on this commercial and then choke on the stench

  • Gaze

    The Phillies aired an almost equally lame commercial last night around the 5th inning for the “biggest game of the season” Sunday on myPHL17…

  • Mand

    Alls I know is that no part of that schnazzy montage occurred after the 6th inning.

  • Hummer


    my first game at the Bank is gonna be the biggest game of the season?


  • b-burg

    @Mutley I was laughing so loud in work reading your description! That’s good stuff!

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