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The Mets have swine flu, pass it on.
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*oink, cough, choke*Guess who’s two games back in the loss column to the Phillies? THE METS! Guess which team just lost their slugging first baseman for at least two months? THE METS! Guess which team’s new state-of-the-art stadium is now suspected of carrying the swine flu? THE METS!


As if Monday night’s mistake-filled 3-2 loss to the Dodgers wasn’t bad enough, officials in upstate Sullivan County said yesterday that the Mets may be linked to the swine flu outbreak.

A resident of Liberty became ill last Wednesday, three days after attending a Mets game at Citi Field on Mother’s Day, said Sullivan County manager David Fanslau. The unidentified victim became the county’s first confirmed victim of the H1N1 virus Monday afternoon, he said.

Because the woman’s trip to the game was her only known foray out of Sullivan County lately, Fanslau said, local officials suspect there may be a link. “Obviously, we don’t know for a fact, but it’s the first case we have in Sullivan County and we talked to her and the only travel she made was to New York City for the Mets game,” Fanslau said.

In all seriousness folks, swine flu is nothing to joke about. It is an extremely deadly strand of the flu and the ramifications of catching this awful virus can resu- – HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH The Mets have swine flu!

Upstate officials link Mets to swine flu case | Newsday

(Sanitary fist pound to commenter Docnuts for the tip)

  • Capt Mudock

    I usually am on board with you guys and your humor but the Swine Flu is one of the deadliest………..


  • GTO

    Another reason to hate the metrosexuals. Disease carrying asshats.

    Way to spread the pork-based man-love. Douches

  • Kevin

    Nothing is ever too soon for The Fightins. Perhaps the swine flu caused the Mets to blow another lead last night, and thus the game?

  • Here Come Da Judge

    stay the fuck outta philly mets fans we dont need that shit

  • will.H

    haha, the mets have the pig clap

  • Jocksniffer


  • julia

    The pig aside is lovely.

  • 85

    Symptoms now include choking.

  • Gaze

    They make it too easy… Homosexual poses with one another, fans getting their arms stuck in toilets, lame dugout dances, swine flu, choking a huge division lead, excessive errors, etc. Will the hilarity ever end with these guys?


    For the sake of my blog, Gaze, I sure hope not.

  • yowhatup

    wow, that’s really funny considering when i was at the met’s second game was on a saturday i forget the date… i was in left field and a “mets have swine flu…clap clap clapclapclap” chant started.. coincidence?

  • ill

    1-2-3, A-B-C Blackout.

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