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The Marlins relievers are (LITERALLY) a bunch of fairies
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Per Marlins rookie hazing orders, Chris Leroux and two of his 1st year bullpen pals had to walk from the dugout to the ‘pen before the start of last night’s game wearing fairy wings, halos, and pink backpacks. Luckily for us, the CSN cameras were there to catch it.

Check out the full video after the jump, and watch as the Phillies relief corps stands by the bullpen doors anxiously awaiting their arrival so they can point and mock. POINT AND MOCK!

This is also the reason I had zero doubt that the Phillies would eventually win the game last night off these losers. Get some self respect, will ya!

(Shout out to @waverider15 for the audio/video assist)

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  • Joe D

    If I was one of those guys I’d ask Volstad what he was laughing at because he got punked by that thug Nyjer Morgan.

  • Bobby Cox

    Oddly enough, that’s how Chipper and I dress during off-days.

  • Adam Eaton

    That pink bag filled with snacks that Herndon carries really isn’t all that bad compared to that shit…

  • Amandah

    The worst hazing of all was when H-Ram took a plunger to their anuses and Josh Johnson made them glory hole his dick.



  • Matt

    That’s implying that Josh Johnson has a dick to get glory holed.

  • Amandah

    I stand corrected.



  • Kruk vs. Johnson

    After seeing this, Cole immediately called his agent and told him to put the Marlins at the very top of the “potential teams” list for 2012.

  • YoMama

    Pardon my ignorance but is hazing normal in the MLB?

  • DP

    #7 – very funny, still it’s not right…not right to bash the ace of this staff this year.

  • Chris Wheeler

    I like fairies.

  • Natalie
  • JC Romero

    Hey! Who let the Marlins in my locker?!?!

  • Cole Hamels

    just watch me…

  • Phils Phan

    Wonderful to hear the beginnings of Chris Wheeler stumble over himself trying to describe the plot[s] of Angels in the Outfield.

  • 85

    @Chris Wheeler: But what if the fairies were on a cell phone?

  • Chris Wheeler

    @Phils Phan

    That movie is just *too funky* to even begin to describe.

  • Bobby D

    In hindsight, does anybody think that the Yomiuri Giants would consider resuming trade talks? Kobayashi Iwamura for Kyle Kendrick staright up. I don’t know much about Iwamura but we’re trying to get to the next level.

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