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The Harry Kalas SuperPretzel Commercial
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Shortly before he passed away, Harry Kalas filmed a commercial for SuperPretzel brand soft pretzels. Supposedly, this was only going to be aired during this weekend’s games vs. the Mets, but today’s game was rained out so it’s unclear whether or not it will ever air again; although I can’t imagine why they would ever stop showing it on television. Man, I miss this guy.


  • D.Whitmore

    no questions asked, that is the best commercial i have ever seen

  • Ray Cornwall

    Agreed. Nice commercial. They can show that again anytime.

  • Amanda

    I saw this commerical the other day. I hope they show it more. Great commercial. RIP, Harry, we miss ya.

  • Hummer

    I was in Philly this weekend for the game today (which got rained out, Fuck you for always doing this to me, Higher Power), and I saw this commercial yesterday, and was a tad bit creeped out by it and thought that its, like, been running. Now that I know and see it again, I’m not as creeped out by it.
    And I dont mean creeped out in like an awkward way, I mean it in like a…i dont know how to explain it. fuck. i dont know

  • Tug Haines

    sniff, sniff

  • Matt P.

    Their press release says it will only run on TV for this weekend’s series against the Mets, so it’s a good thing we’re in the youtube era.

  • kb

    might be one of the most beautiful commercials ever…..nice warm pretzels, plus harry kalas. damn…

  • Phils Phan

    I like it. And I miss HtK.

  • vote for cooch

    RIP Harry

  • heycholly

    miss you harry – the game is just not the same…

  • will.H

    warm, just like harry’s heart

  • Back 2 Front Special

    anyone know what the dad is from?? movies??

  • werththewait

    Classy ad.

    @Back 2 Front, I know he was on “Rescue Me” for a little bit.

  • AJ

    great commercial. rest in peace hk

    @back 2 front that guy was in an episode of flight of the conchords

  • James Fayleez

    I love Harry the K, but this is not a good commercial. I hope they paid him well.

  • 85

    That’s the best damn soft pretzel commercial I’ve ever seen in my life. That voice…

    Boy, we miss ya Harry.

  • Beth

    It’s a little bit heartbreaking to see that commercial.

    The dad was on The Sopranos, one of Christopher’s friends.

  • Gonzo

    Long time listener, the last commenter, Beth, stole my thunder.

    The guy on the couch played Christopher’s drug sponsor on the Sopranos.

  • Jennifer

    That is a great commercial! And effective – I really want a pretzel.
    I really miss Harry. Does anyone else think they should keep playing “High Hopes” during 7th inning stretch? (In addition to “Take Me Out…”)

  • JerryRebes

    I saw this during the game on Saturday (a game I muted several times when Joe Buck’s New York smugness was ruining my eardrums) and was suddenly urged to get a bunch of pretzels. I waited for Harry to say “…OUTTA HERE!” but I guess that’s all for our memories and hearts.

    And Jennifer, I agree. “High Hopes” should definitely make it in at some point during the game.

  • KaylaWoot

    miss you harry more than ever. baseball just isn’t the same without you. rip*

  • http://TheFightins Brian Medinnus

    Harry was one of the best that ever lived!!! He will be missed by all Baseball fans !!! God Bless you Harry Kalas!! Rest in Peace!

  • John

    He looks like he had a few brewskis with that pretzel……….

  • bigmyc

    I’m sure Harry the K like to pair his SuperPretzels with a tall, cool ginny T.

  • BigTom

    Can we get some petition going that we do High Hopes instead of Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the stretch?

  • Matt N

    gotta love the love here. you can feel it. rip HtK.

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