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The Funniest Charlie Manuel Quote of All-Time?
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I know this is the second Chase Utley/flashback-themed post in a row, and yes, I pulled both off them off the same “The Chase Rolls On” show that featured Utley’s first MLB hit, but believe me — it’s worth it.

This quote from Phillies skip Charlie Manuel was actually featured on this here website back in September of ’08 when Chase Utley barreled over Jesus Flores of the Nats trying to score from 3rd on a throw over to first and consequently knocked Flores out of the game, but I never had video footage of it. [On aside: I highly recommend going back and reading the whole post. It’s easily one of the funniest comment threads of all-time. Some Nats blogger named Steven accused me (us?) of cheering the injury (which I didn’t) and then started rambling on about how Cole Hamels was gonna get injured because he had so many IP and how Brad Lidge would never keep his save streak going, blah blah. It’s even funnier in retrospect because Hamels went on to win World Series MVP and Brad Lidge went 48-for-48. HAHA YOU SUCK STEVEN. Just read it.]

Anyway, after the game, Charlie Manuel was asked his thoughts on Chase’s aggressive play.

His response:

“That’s not old school, that’s good school. That’s the way you play the game unless you want to put some rouge and makeup and lipstick on.”

That’s great, right? Well, what if I told you the video of it was 100000X better?

Watch (In HD, if that’s your thing):

Look how angry that question made him! He had an underbite he was so mad! Awesome.

Seriously, when he goes into his imitation of a nancy-boy, like, “Ewwww I gotta run over this guy” I fell in love with Charlie all over again.

  • Muscles



  • World Forking Champions ’11

    LOL…unfortunately the last laugh was on us, because both Hamels and Lidge shat the bed in ’09

    err wait…we will have the last laugh if Hamels and Lidge are awesome again in ’10

    but that still wouldn’t be the last laugh because adjflkrlkl,.


  • World Forking Champions ’11

    LOL hey guys, the Mets began their collapse before the season has even begun!

  • Muscles

    I think the last part of that interview was charlies best Hamels impersonation

  • Morandini Turned Three

    Cholly is my BFF.

  • Tug Haines


  • Phylan

    To be fair (for some reason), Steven was saying that Lidge’s 4% HR/FB rate was unsustainable and would regress towards the mean, which he was correct about, it just happened a season later than he thought it would.

    Other than that though yeah fuck that guy.

  • Doc |

    I missed that the first time around, great stuff. So politically incorrect it’s beautiful.

  • Tartan69

    And *that* is why he was called Aka-Oni in Japan.

  • will.H

    my favorite was meech’s first response “execute a pussy hook slide.” I even clicked on the link and noticed there were zero responses to the Natsblog. Top 10 favorite comments of all time.

    I wonder why Steven disappeared?

  • will.H

    and while i stand on my soapbox.. this is why i loved charlie pre-wfc and always argued with people that claimed he “didn’t know baseball.”

    despite the stutters and made up words.. trying to fight Howard Eskin after he criticized charlie and the phils was my all time favorite charlie moment. “Well, Well Fuck You”

  • That Guy

    Steven is a pussy

  • Howard Eskin

    I eat cock.


    That’s great Howard, but I really don’t see how that’s relevant to this blog post.

  • will.H

    i think he’s talking about chicken

  • World Forking Champions ’11

    No, quite clearly he’s talking about HIS chicken.

    He eats his own chicken

  • Joe D

    I remember this quote vividly. The way he says rouge is so awesome. I wanted to chest bump him immediately after he said it.

  • Jdashdog

    Damn meech, you laid the smackdown on that Steven character.

  • Joe D

    Yeah meech will read your posts ANNNNNNNNDDDDDD virTUAlly PUNCH you OUT!

  • bigmyc

    I will completely agree with you. That, I believe, is the essence of what makes Cholly and his ball club great.

  • Phylan

    I’m pretty sure the immense amounts of talent is what makes the Phillies great

  • Bobby Abreu

    Ehhh ehh I gotta run over this guy? Ehh ehh I gotta hit that wall?

    Remember ME?!

  • Undocorkscrew

    Guys, this Bill Baer guy on Crashburn Alley is a riot.

    The guys uses Sabermetrics for absolutely everything, and is now trying to convince people that trading Howard this season and moving Utley to 1st is some sort of move that’s going to save the franchise……..based on WAR.

    He’s arguing that the Phillies should trade Howard for MLB-ready talent AND top prospects, re-sign Werth long-term, and move Utley to 1st and Polanco to 2nd.

    He actually thinks that teams are going to shell out MLB talent, top prospects, and take on a $20 million salary for a guy who can’t hit lefties or play a decent 1st base, K’s a lot, while his walk rate steadily keeps declining. Also, the fact that the 2011 FA class for 1st baseman is stacked, the return can’t be what he’s hoping for. CAN they trade him? Sure, but there’s no way in hell even the Mets or Sox are going to shell out MLB players, top prospects, and take on 100% of his salary.

  • BD

    why anyone would think the phillies franchise is in perrill in the first place is beyond me.

  • Tug Haines

    Tread carefully, Undo: Bill Baer is a saint.

  • Phylan

    “Save the franchise” wasn’t really terminology that was used. It’s a question of keeping Werth or Howard, and a legit one I would say. Your point about what teams would be willing to give up is well taken, but he’ll still have significant trade value. Then again you appear to run a sabermetrics-friendly blog so I’m still pretty sure you’re just fucking with us.

  • Phylan


  • will.H

    undocorkscrew, i think insulting peoples intelligence is lame during a serious baseball discussion.. but that’s stupid if you dont think MLB teams wouldn’t bust a nut to have Ryan Howard. If the team agrees to extend Howard, some owners might even trade their wives. I’m not overvaluing him because he’s a phillie, im pointing out that his run production is leveling off at a historic level. Think about teams like the Giants… bust-a-nut.

  • Phylan

    Also there are a lot of dumb as shit GMs out there

  • Phylan

    hi Dayton Moore

  • BD

    i officially declare shenanigans on undo


  • MaxL

    Seriously Undo, you fuck with Baer, you fuck with Philly. I don’t think you want that.


    @JDash: Thanks, pal. Before the Phillies won I was a much angrier (and arguably much better) blogger. I just hope I never become Bill Simmons-soft.

  • Tug Haines

    Tread carefully, is a saint.

  • will.H

    simmons is clay aiken soft

  • Bill Baer

    It’s true that I use Sabermetrics for everything. FAP FAP FAP

    wink wink say no more say no more

  • Suz

    Actually, I think his quote last week — “He takes shagging to a whole new level” — was Charlie’s best quote ever.

  • Tug Haines

    Hey Bill, get out of your mom’s basement!

  • Bill Baer

    no it’s rent free bro

  • bigmyc

    That’s right, Phylan. You are correct. You are always correct. You and your bigger picture will never be confused anything resembling, “missing the boat.” You must be a riot at family gatherings…when you manage to get invited to them, that is. That’s right, Phylan the party Chairman of all things Good Timey. You must be a heckuva hot time on a Friday Night, yessir.

    There’s talent everywhere, in greater concentrations on some teams than others. Like any sport, what separates very good from great most often is the prime directive to go the “extra mile.” The concerted collective efforts of talented players can far out weigh the simple sum of talent of other teams. The “X” factor, as it were, is alive and well on this Phillies club. Along with their talent level, they bring a compliment of hard work, thoughtfulness, determination, innate drive, and considerable baseball IQ to the table. Who could argue that “hustle” doesn’t augment great talent? Maybe that guy’s name is Phylan??

    Anyhow, lemme offer some advice to you; shhhhhhhh.

  • Pete D

    Undocorkscrew, isn’t there some braves rookie you should be fellating?

  • gm-carson

    Charlie is awesome. I was so hard on him the first couple seasons, but I really should have just let Charlie be Charlie, because he sure is entertaining.

  • echz

    … Still get choked up when I hear HK :(

  • Phylan

    . . . no really, it’s the immense talent. That’s how they scored all those runs, which is how you win the game of baseball.

  • Phylan

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty evident that Chase busts his ass on every play, and that’s always great to see, but that’s not why he is simply an incredible hitter, and it’s not why the Phillies have been making pennant runs like it’s no big thing lately.

  • Joe D

    There has to be some kind of sabermetric stat that that calculate hustle and VORP together….right? God I need my sabermetric fix!

  • Phylan

    It’s called GRIT and it measures the hustle/talent ratio in units of Ecksteins

  • Bobby Abreu

    It’s hard to find a rent-controlled apartment in this city.

  • Watrick

    Phylan, that is the best thing I’ve read from you on this website, I think-Ecksteins.

  • says who

    Thanks for wasting my time encouraging me to read that stupid thread. Stephen was right about your thug players, and you were a complete jerk to him anyway. Does nothing except add proof to the theory that you are not capable of a real debate.

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