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The Fightins is CSN Philly’s Lunch Break Blog of the Week!
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The Fightins dot com is featured as the blog of the week in this afternoon’s edition of Lunch Break.

I implore you to check it out. (FF to the 12:00 mark he hear Dan Roche and Greggggg Murphy talk about us!)

  • bigmyc

    The irony here, I think, is that Meech and some of his collaborators (not to mention some posters) could do a better job than these two standardized talk show filler type personalities. Yet, it is they who throw out the bone to you(us).

    Irony, I tells yas.

  • Matt

    I wonder if they mentioned the term “cunt punch” and the fact that Josh Hamilton’s family should die of AIDS when promoting this blog.

  • bigmyc

    Please note that the verbage I employed was as follows, “..Meech and some of his collaborators..”

  • Kevin from Macho Row

    bigmyc – you are right. You almost wonder if naming The Fightins the blog of the week is a PR move to get people to talk about the Lunch Break. They’re no stupid. They know once they make it on The Fightins they’ve made it big time!

  • Ryan

    Youse guys are harsh.

  • bigmyc

    Lunch break? I mean, who’s lunch break? Ours? Theirs?
    Probably the latter. Those guys are most likely two grips who get to use the camera and a coupla reserve office neckties for 15 minutes while the on air personalities are destroying chicken wings or crab fries or something at lunch. When does this thing air? 2Am on Sunday morning?

    But cool that you got the pub, no less.

  • Mature guy

    We can’t have nice things.

  • Mark M.

    “Some S&M gear and Giants closer Brian Wilson”. How can people not come here after that?

  • Meech Sux

    Can you tell us what time he mentions the site, so I don’t have to listen to the whole 15 mins,,,ya fuck!

  • Howdy Spellin Retard

    He tells you, ya cock fruit! It’s at the 12:00 minute mark, douche nozzle drip cap.

  • L2Read

    @9…check out Meech’s original post, Clownshoe: “I implore you to check it out. (FF to the 12:00 mark he hear Dan Roche and Greggggg Murphy talk about us!)”

  • How do you spell retard?

    Damn, Reuben Frank is one ugly bastard.

  • PhillyBirdGuy

    Cause is the fucking BEST!

  • SAID guy

    @ 13, well we’re talkin about da FIGHTINS here! DA FIGHTINS!!!

  • PhillyBirdGuy


  • Mookey


  • Joe D

    How long until I stop laughing at the SAID comments? I have a feeling the shelf-life is neverending.

  • will.H

    i haven’t been implored in a while


    btw guys, I’m well aware of how the internet works.

  • PhillyBirdGuy

    Meech, can you post the video or link somewhere please? I won’t be able to see it as I live in Florida. Not only is there no CSNPhilly (obviously) but I’m lucky Florida Comcast has ESPN available down here because NOBODY cares about sports. But anyhow… I’d appreciate it.

  • Pasadena_Phan

    It sure looks like they spent a whole lot of $$ on sets for the show too.

  • PhillyBirdGuy

    Link wouldn’t play on my phone. Watched when I got home. Tiny plug but good for you meech!

  • Bobby D

    I was all like “zomg! I read The Fightinsz yous guyz!” when I saw this.

  • Morandini’s Triple Play

    Nice little site you’ve got here, Meech.

  • Nick Swisher

    No World Series for you!

  • Bobby D

    Says the little fella that roots for the 200 million dollar wildcard team that also didn’t make it to the series this year.

  • Maera

    They’ll come for the bondage gear and stay for the comments.

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