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The Fightins dot com and TiqIQ present: The Fightins Tickets
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Good afternoon, The Fightins readers. here.

After months of planning, we are pleased to announce that The Fightins has teamed up with the coolest damn ticket re-seller in the known universe, TiqIQ, to create The Fightins Tickets.

What is The Fightins Tickets, you ask? Allow me to explain…

The Fightins Tickets is basically Kayak for Phillies tickets. Instead of heading straight to StubHub, or whatever you usual ticket-buying outlet is, you can now skip them and come straight to The Fightins where you will find the finest, cheapest Phillies tickets available aggregated using all the various secondary ticket markets.

We’re still not *technically* ready for launch (that should happen sometime early next week), but I figured I’d give you guys the heads up now so you’re not completely in the dark when it does. Also, after the jump you can find out how to grab tickets for this weekend’s series if you’re so inclined. Did I mention that myself and Zoo With Roy will be there tomorrow partying it up in the parking lot prior to the game? Cause we are.

I also wanted to say that over the course of the two years that The Fightins has been the ultimate cot damn Phillies blog on the internet, we’ve received countless offers from various business (both credible and bullshit) to “join forces” or advertise on this site. And believe it or not, I actually care a lot about this site and wasn’t eager to jump at the first chance there was to make a quick buck and ugly up the site with ads. Our partnership with TiqIQ, however, is completely different. They have a vision to turn the secondary ticket buying market on it’s fucking head, and we wanted to be on board with that.

But for now, we’re just trying to get up and running and spread the word. If you don’t mind, we’d really appreciate your help in doing so.

Here’s what it’ll look like when you go to buy your ticket:

* Aggregated Listings: TiqIQ track tickets from major sellers including Stubhub, TicketsNow, eBay and TicketNetwork.

* TiqZone Categorization: TiqIQ breaks each stadium up into TiqZones, which are groupings of sections that we’ve determined are comparable in value.

* TiqIQ Statistics: TiqIQ provides ticket-level buying intelligence through the IQ rating and TiqIQ Statistics.

* Event Details: TiqIQ gives you time and location information on the event.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions (ENCOURAGED), feel free to leave them in the comments or send an e-mail to Again, we’re really excited about this and hope you, the reader, are as well.

After the jump is a test-post of sorts that will be put on the site by the TiqIQ team a couple times a week. It’ll be where they take advantage of the killer ticket graphing software that they have available to them, telling you where the good buys are, what the average ticket price is, etc. At the very bottom, you’ll be able to go and check out our ticket-buying page. Please enjoy.


The G20 is one of those global-conspiracy organizations that we’ve never fully understood. Other than the fact that they like to shoot rubber bullets and water-cannons at their protesters, we’re basically in the dark.

Given our general curiosity, and the G-20s generosity in moving this weekend’s Phils/Jays series from Toronto to Philly, we decided to do a little investigative journalism to better understand who exactly we have to thank, and also use the opportunity to introduce Fightins Tickets. Here’s what we found:

G-20 is the premier forum for international economic development that promotes open and constructive discussion between industrial and emerging-market countries on key issues related to global economic stability.”
We also found a picture of an early protester who was apparently angry at being denied his 4 hot dogs and 5 beers at the game. In Philly, we’d just tase this guy and be done with it. As you ponder about how much fun that would be to witness live, here are some other things to consider about this weekends’ series:


Q: Do these games count toward the Phillies 74-game home sell-out streak?

A: No. These are full-on Blue Jay home games: Phils in road gray, Jays bat last and a DH used by both teams (Paging Mr. Stairs, Mr. Matt Stairs).
Q: Will there be a southward migration of refugee Blue Jays fans who, having just emerged from their winter hibernation, go to the ballpark, find out the game has been moved, and proceed to drive 530 miles to Philly?

A: Tough one to call, and we’re predicting only a slightly-higher than average number of Jays hats for the series, which, in case you’re wondering is .00229%, or 1/43,367. Despite the circumstances, its a rare sighting, so if you see one, or anything else interesting for that matter, send pictures.
Q: What’s the impact of this international incident on ticket prices for the series?

A: Prices for the series are below the season average for each game, and there are some good deals to be had each night.
Even though Fightins Tickets doesn’t officially launch until next week, we’re such big fans of Meech and Co, that we wanted to give you a sneak peek. Just promise to be gentle and please send any comments, questions, or feedback on TiqIQ to We really appreciate it!
We’ve also noted below a few tickets below that aren’t showing up correctly. Other than those, buy away!

Game 1, Tonight, 7:05:
Tickets to see Roy v. Jays, All TiqZones
(Ignore the $1 or $2 tickets in section 107 and the $5 ticket in 310.) 1

A bunch of tickets under $50 in TiqZone Baseline.

Game 2, Saturday, 4:05:
Tickets for all TiqZones

(Ignore the $1 eBay ticket in section 107 and the $23 eBay ticket in section 421)

Still a few under $35 in TiqZone Terrace

Game 3, Sunday, 1:35:
Tickets for all TiqZones

(Ignore the $1 eBay ticket in section 107)

Good Selection Under $35 in TiqZone Outfield/Pavillion

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  • Doug Glanville

    The Reds vs. Phillies at Nationals Park? That just blew my mind.

  • eyebleaf


  • Just.Awesome. Happ

    Sorry meech, I only use products and services specifically endorsed by Cole Hamels.

  • Uncle Charlie’s hands

    Those ticket prices just gave me an orgasm. Fuck, Stubhub, and Coast to Coast tix, next time i’m buying tix, it’s here.

  • Dumb Question

    Will there be any service fee added on to tickets purchased through TiqIQ? And if so, being that the listing page provides the original selling marketplace (eBay, StubHub, etc), what would be the motivation to purchase through TiqIQ instead of going to the original vendor?

  • dUb-iLL

    Anyone have any extras for Conan at the Tower?

  • TonyIsDynamic


  • Creighton Rabs

    @Dumb Question: I think the point of this site is to provide *all* vendors that are selling tickets for a particular game.

  • TiqIQ

    Dumb Question, First, there are no dumb questions on TiqIQ. Feel free to post them here or email us at Second, there are no additional fees on top of what SH, eBay, etc charge. So, its the same price if you go directly to one of those sites. Hope that answers your question.

  • pozzo

    What happens when I attempt to buy tickets and end up getting ejaculated on by Johan Santana while Jeff Francoeur complains about how unfair that is? Would that make Jim Tracy cry, or just me.

  • alan

    Dumb Question, check out the graph element and stats when you point your mouse over the little IQ symbol next to ticket prices.
    It lets you know how that tkt compares with the zone average price trend, so you buy not only from the right vendor, but at the right moment, and at the best price. smart answers on this thing…

  • Dumb Question

    @TiqIQ – Thanks for the quick answer. Sounds like a great site.

  • Reverend Paul Revere

    How can I become a preferred customer? Because you know I deserve it.

  • Evil John Blanton

    We’re offering special discounts! All my starts are now half price.

  • Muscles

    how much for Amandah to give me a protected mouthski?

  • TiqIQ

    @Evil John….You’d actually be surprised on how much of an impact who the starting pitcher is, or isn’t, can have on prices. Keep your eyes peeled for a ‘Blanton Discount’ article later this season…seriously.

  • http://Fightins... Q Dawg

    I was very excited to see you guys team up with Tiq IQ. The graph and helping to get thed cheapest prices is awesome. It might help to change the colors on the graph to see the differences more clearly. I have purchased T-shirts on your site before and have had nothing but great experiences. Keep ripping the Mets and lets start getting in the Braves a little bit. I absolutely loved the David Wright big helmet pics. I was laughing for weeks.

  • spacecoyote

    Okay, this does sound awesome. Anything that makes ticket prices less obscene.

  • Greenman!

    Can I get seats in the same place as meech and ZWR? is there a no donkey section?

  • Capt Murdock

    Since its a Blue Jays home game I’m guessing there will be donkeys galore!

  • kurt

    I cringe at the though of the Liberty Bell ringing for a product of Mexico North.

  • DP

    speaking of donkeys, where’s Amandah for a good ‘ol donkey punch?

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Meech, rockin idea. This looks great. And for what it’s worth, thanks for maintaining the site the way you envisioned it, and keeping away the ad assholes as long as possible.

    And oh yeah, can somebody tase that Canadian and roll ‘im outta there?

  • Ron Noel

    that kid w no shirt on looks like Zagurski

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Kurt: Okay, no. We’re being bloody accomodating as is. For crying out loud we have dipolmats at the UN in nyc 24/7, 365 days a yr and nearly every day here is like Armageddon. Nothing happens, nobody cares. Get over it. Toronto can’t handle a few days of G20 diplomats and baseball at the same time. Jeeze. Do these people walk while they listen to their iPods?

    So being as they’re CANADIANS, the Liberty Bell is meaningless to them. I don’t know and I care even less what they do in their park to ackowledge when something positive happens for… that team. So a) here’s hoping nothing positive happens for them; and b) if something positive does happen then I don’t care if all they hear is the chirp of a cricket. But that bell will not ring.

  • Steve Jeltz

    Meech – where are you tailgaiting tomorrow? I can hardly wait…

  • scrapple

    Tickets for sex

  • crazy4swayze

    meech has got to get paid, son.

    way to tighten up your hustle game, mang.

  • Greenman!

    bahahaha Carlos Zambrano is having a meltdown and yelling at Derek Lee currently

  • Amandah

    Meech, how much do you get paid for this ‘partnership’ and this ‘advertising’?

    Why not partner with the ‘fleshlight’? It’s something that looks like a flashlight, but you fuck the front of it like it’s a dirty skank that dances at The Pennsport Pub. Seriously. go to to see what I’m talkin’ about.

    My oh my, I’d love to see Mike Zagurski fucking a flashlight. It’s on my bucket list.



  • Amandah

    I screwed up the address! Damn! it’s

    Also, I’d love for Wheels to sell his toup on ebay and donate the proceeds to Harry’s statue. Anyone with me?



  • DP

    oh my *blushing*

  • Phils Phan

    Kudos to Amandah for knowing both fleshlight and fleshbot.

  • Tyler




    One Phillies blogger endorses random ticket company to bring in cash and bacon.

  • Howard Eskin


  • Pete D

    So they put asshole tax on the tickets for sale online, that already have asshole tax on them? The phillies are forcing secondary market tickets up my ass, and now you guys too? I dont know…

  • TiqIQ

    @Pete D. Everyone is forcing secondary tickets on you because the Phils have 74-game home sold-out streak going, which means there’s nothing but secondary market tickets out there. The ticket market is what it is and that’s not something Fightins Tickets, TiqIQ or anyone else is going to change. However, we do promise to do everything we can to make the buying experience easier for you and to give you the right tools to find the best deal out there.

    We’d also love any feedback you have on the product!

  • ZWR

    Yo- any of those people Meech turned down, listen up: you can advertise on ZWR. I need the money, no lie. Call me.

  • TiqIQ

    Thanks for all the feedback today. We’re really excited to be part of the Fightins and look forward to helping Meech fans around the world, and in Philly, buy tickets smarter. If you’re interested in learning more about TiqIQ, visit our Facebook page and give us a like:

  • Canada Joe

    ZWR I wanna lick you

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