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The Endless Debate: Cole Hamels
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Coal Hamel, or Cole Hamles, or Cole Hammels, is a girl. Wait, he’s just unlucky. The Endless Debate rages on…

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  • Sara

    ZOMG FIRRSSTIESZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Pat

    this is my new favorite show

  • Poster Nutbag

    i have a serious question: why do so many batters foul balls off against hamels. what does it mean? why is it happening?

    i am being 100% serious about this. i have never seen a pitcher throw to so many foul balls. on the one hand, its good because batters aren’t putting balls into play and they are racking up strikes. on the other hand, its bad because it racks up his pitch count.

    i was at the game yesterday, and while he threw a lot of pitches, he never looked labored or was really in trouble, except for that inning where he got out of that bases loaded jam.

    can some SABR dork, or someone with more baseball knowledge than myself please answer this?


  • Yohan Flande
  • Yohan Flande

    How did that lonesome get to the bigs before me?

  • kurt

    i love these.


    This is easily the best youtube video EVER! I can’t stop fucking laughin right now!


    The fucking voices ARE AMAZIZING. Well done, although I don’t fully agree.

  • Adam Eaton


    Can we get a cartoon Eric too?

  • Brad Lidge’s Slider

    These videos are hilarious. Definitely keep them coming.

  • SchmidtUltra

    “I think I’ll stick to beer and hot dogs instead of calculators and virginity”. Purely brilliant.

  • Mike P

    Once again, it’s hilarious, yet somehow descriptive of the debate. Well done.

  • thomass


  • Sarge’s Ballboy

    @Poster Nutbag…. He gets so many foul balls because of his lack of a “trick” or “out” pitch. He’s a changeup/fastball pitcher and is always around the strick zone. That means that most people can make contact unlike swinging at a pitcher who throws an effective slider outside of the strick zone. If your only throwing fastballs the majority of the time, the percentage of pitches that made contact with is going to go way up. That’s why they had him working on a curveball in the offseason.

  • Greenman!

    Put Cartoon DM1H in next!!!

  • Swift

    I don’t understand how people can possibly debate about Cole this year, he’s been very good. He’s making 2009 a distant memory, and I was a huge critic of his last year. Also, you don’t need to be a SABR genius to tell that he’s been pitching better.

    …and yes, he does have the voice of a fairy.

  • Nikita

    Mike Tyson is the one with the incongruous voice for a professional athlete. Cole sounds like Hulk Hogan in comparison.

  • Greenman!

    Poor single J.A. Happ :(
    I wonder if he will play Call of Duty with me…

  • Capt Murdock

    @ Swift: I think people debate Cole because of his last few starts. Before yesterday the Phils record since May 27th in games he started was 1-7. Of those 8 games he gave up three or more runs in 6. I’m not taking a stance either way but I think it is reasonable to debate his effectiveness.

  • don

    Capt. Murdock, a lot of that has been the sorry excuse for an offense. Look at those games:

    7/6: 7.0 IP 3 ER (L)
    7/1: 7.0 IP 3 ER (L)
    6/26: 4.0 IP 5 ER (L)
    6/19: 7.0 IP 3 ER (L) (bullpen gave up 5 runs in the 9th)
    6/13: 7.0 IP 1 ER (W)
    6/7: 8.0 IP 2 ER (L)
    6/1: 0.2 IP 3 ER (L)
    5/27: 6.1 IP 2 ER (L)

    Only two of those are legitimately bad starts. If you get a 7 IP 3 ER line from a starter, you’ve got to win at least half of those games. It’s not exactly Roy Halladay territory, but it’s above average.

  • Cole Handsome

    Guys, can’t we all just get along. Just call me an unlucky girl.

  • will.H

    i dont know, i love cole. He’s not the “pussy” some broskies say he is. He hussles, plays his position well.. never shows signs of being shy on the field. I understand the doggie back-pack (thats funny), i understand the higher register-voice (no choice really). I understand the complaining about day games (indefensible).

    But last year i saw this guy break up a double play late in the 7th inning,. astros maybe? How many pitchers do that? How many pitchers just run down the line and peal off. Cole slid, and he slid hard. He doesn’t get credit for that.. yet some of you guys would buy 3 kegs of natty and hold a party in his honor if Chase did something along those lines. Cole really wants to win and it shows. I have no stats to back up what im saying. just an opinion

  • 85

    Hey… where has DM1H been anyway? Or have I just been missing him? He didn’t abandon ship when things got rough, did he? Because that’s not the DM1H I know. In fact, I feel like he’d have a story of similar trials and tribulations with people he knows that would put the whole thing in perspective for us.

  • Capt Murdock

    Don I agree with you. With this line up you should expect to win most games when your starter gives up 3 over 7 but you know how people are. They don’t like Cole’s personality or his perceived “softness” so its easy to say that he the team lost 7 of his last 8 starts.

    The other poster said there should be no debate. All I’m saying is his numbers do warrant a lil’ back and forth.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    I guessing DM1H vacations in the Hamptons during July.

    He seems the type to need a long recharge with that lifestyle he lives.

  • YankeesSuckArod

    Cole has definitely been having a very solid year, and definitely a lot better than how his 2009 was. When you consider that the vast majority of his starts this year have been quality and some were even quite excellent, it’s really sad that he hasn’t been able to get better run support and more wins.

    While he hasn’t exactly been Roy Halladay, he’s been a very good #2 pitcher and that’s really all that you need him to be.

    Would it be better if we had Cliff Lee too? Obviously, but Cole’s having a very good year and it’s definitely quite possible his second half will be even better.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    “Can we at least agree Cole’s voice is extremely fruity?”
    – LOOONG pause –
    (snotty English accent) “Yes.”

    Great line.

  • Lynniemac

    For all those in the “he’s unlucky” camp: could it not be that he was “lucky” in 2008? This is a serious question. I’d really like to understand how one gets to the conclusion that he’s unlucky.

    Also, will.H: what about the “can’t wait for the season to be over” from last year?

  • don

    Cap’n: I see your point. Also after 2008 expectations were sky-high, and I think he’s a victim of that somewhat too.

  • will.H

    i think that falls under indefensible as well. he never struck me as the most intelligent when it came to the media, kind of like Donovan. I think the birth of his child weighed on his mind/emotions a bit too much last season.

  • Pat


    Yes, he was very lucky in both 2007 and 2008. Naturally, fans expected him to keep improving until he was a 2.50-3.00 ERA guy. However, in 2009 he was very unlucky and this year has been close to average in terms of luck. His ERA right now is basically where it should be. This explanation was in Crashburn Alley recently and put in terms way better than I just did.

    But yes, he was lucky in 2008. We draw the “luck” conclusion based on his batting average on balls in play (should be .300, higher=unlucky, lower=lucky) and his HR/fb rate…. that’s a general view on how you can determine a player’s “luck”

  • PhillyPhanInChi

    In response to the Lucky vs. Unlucky debate….You guys ever just think that maybe hitters figured him out? That possibly his changeup and fastball were so good that it really was all he needed and that Cole went out and thought it would work forever for him? Last year was the best thing that could happen to him because it’s forced him to work on the curve and develop a 4th pitch, the cutter. I hear people complain that he doesn’t have a slider, but the reason for that could have more to do with him being physically uncomfortable throwing it and worried it could lead to injury.

    I think Cole is, and will always be a very good lefty that will have moments of greatness. He is not, however the second coming of 32 like so many thought or would like to have believed. I wouldn’t be surprised if his career consisted of a lot of 12-15 wins with a 3.50-4 era. Bottom line is that dude can pitch and that the better he gets with that cutter, the more he’ll have batters thinking about something else which will help him not get into jams as much.

    For the record, I don’t believe in luck. Luck is a product of preparation, and being unlucky is just an excuse for not preparing hard enough.

  • Lynniemac

    Pat, thank you for answering and not making me feel like a moron. I think you put it quite well, actually.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Lynnie, Pat answered that query beautifully. Never be afraid of asking any question here, you are amongst Phillies Phriends. Why as my Pappy always told me “Lil Duber”, Pappy always called me Lil Duber. He said “Lil Duber there ain’t no such thing as a stupid question, there’s only stupid people that ask’em.” I sure miss my Pappy.

  • Mike P

    @ PhillyPhaninChi

    The sabermetrics people would tell you that almost all pitchers, regardless of skill, average around a .300 in batting average on balls in play. There are a few freak-of-nature exceptions who stay below that throughout their careers, but they are very, very rare.

    Hamels had a .325 BABIP in 2009. That is very, very unlucky. He was at .270 in 2008 and .289 in 2007, which is lucky. This year, he’s at .303, so right around where it should be.

  • will.H

    yeah i think it comes down to a simple conclusion.. Cole is unlucky when he struggles if you feel he’s predisposed to be good. If you think he’s predisposed to be average or bad, he’s lucky if he does well. Depends on your perception.. like most things i suppose.

  • Greenman!

    Maybe some day DM1H will grace us with his return

  • PhillyPhanInChi

    @ Mike P

    I like BAIP as a stat, but I think that using the work “luck” is a bit of a cop out. Last year Cole had a tremendously hard time hitting his spots (I wish there was a stat for that). This year he’s doing really well with hitting them, the Phil’s just aren’t putting runs on the board for him. I’m under the impression that your using the word luck loosely.

    It cracks me up when people say a batter is “Unlucky” because he keeps hitting the ball hard but right at someone. Teams game plan for this stuff, which is why someone happens to be in the right spot at the right time.

    I’m not trying to start anything, I’m just throwing my 2 cents in on how people associate luck with this good cole vs bad cole thing.

  • Mr. Juan Samuel Adams

    Proof that these cartoons are either great or I’m highly impressionable: when I read the comments, I hear them spoken in the voices of the cartoon characters.

    I’ll go with the cartoons being great.

  • Mike P

    @ will.H

    I think there’s a 3rd conclusion, which is that he’s good right now, but he’s still 26. We’re only going to understand his full potential in the next 2 to 3 years. He might not develop beyond what he can accomplish now–a guy who could win 15-18 games (when he gets more than 1 run from his offense per game!) with an ERA in the 3.50-4.00 ballpark–or he might grow some more, develop the curve and the cutter, and really take off.

  • will.H

    mike P, i agree with the 3rd conclusion.. but he did things a little backwards. He did so well in his 2nd (really 3rd) year then digressed in 2009. Maybe the league figured out the book on him. Maybe he was battling injuries we didnt know about. Maybe it was 99 conditions combined.

    I wish he’d develop the cutter a bit more. It’s a pitch im sure lots of guys can throw.. just not effectively. Take Madson, he started throwing a cutter that usually found its way over the middle of the plate before its way over the fence.

  • Griswold

    Whole Camels

  • YankeesSuckArod

    While it’s quite possible that Cole will never again be a true #1 “Ace” that isn’t completely his fault that he ended up hyped the way that he was coming up from the minors and then adding to it with his great 2007-2008 seasons and especially the 2008 playoffs when he pitched out of his mind.

    As long as we have Roy here pitching in his usual amazing form, Cole doesn’t need to be an Ace, he just needs to be a good and consistent #2 pitcher which most of us can probably agree that he has been so far this year.

    While it’d be great to have a true homegrown Ace pitcher, that ship may have already sailed when we traded away guys like Kyle Drabek and even Gavin Floyd(who may eventually put it all together still…Cliff Lee took a long time to mature as well).

  • don

    @PhillyPhaninChi – It’s not set in stone, but even if you look at guys who were famous for bad contact, Smoltz and Glavine had babips in the .280s. So they were better at preventing hits on balls in play, but not by a whole lot. Randy Johnson probably got as ugly swings at unhittable pitches as anyone, but his BABIP against is .295. I don’t think I need to tell anyone that Adam Eaton is a bad pitcher. His was .301.

  • ScottGraham

    I think the reason for the foul balls is that over the last few seasons, Cole has gone from a high strikeout guy to a “pitch for contact” guy. I think the more he’s been around Jamie Moyer, the more he’s tried to become a Jamie Moyer type nibbler pitcher, even though he has a good fastball. Last year he had terrible command and there wasn’t enough difference in the speed of his fastball and changeup. He’d also unravel really fast, go 6 or 7 innings of shutout baseball and then suddenly let one little bloop hit snowball into 8 runs.

    This year I think he’s addressed his major issues, adding another pitch and not collapsing at the first sign of trouble. He doesn’t have a true “shutdown mode” like Halladay or other true aces do, but he’s been able to get out of jams all season. The offense has maybe robbed him of 3-4 wins, but still, he needs to start getting into a groove earlier into games, though. 57 pitches in the 4th inning isn’t good, no matter if you’re shutting them down or not. I think last season, and early this season, got him a little scared of giving up homeruns, so he’s trying to keep nibbling instead of just throwing the gas when he needs to.

    I think he will be one of the dominant pitchers in the league within the next few years, but I don’t think he’ll ever really be embraced in Philadelphia.

  • she

    I read #16 in a robot voice

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    I thought I remembered hearing at some point that there have been a few other pitchers that started out really strong like Cole, had a poor year and then came back as strong as they had been? Did I make this up, is this true?

    And whoever (I didn’t find it again when I looked) mentioned they thought maybe hitters had figured Cole out last year, I think that’s probably part of it. I also think that’s part of what’s going on with our offense this year. I’ve thought this from the beginning. I think pitching staffs had discussions about our “fearsome line-up” and made attempts to figure out how to mess with them. Whatever they’ve done it’s obviously worked.

  • YankeesSuckArod

    I think too many people want Cole to be Steve Carlton,Randy Johnson, or even another young guy like Tim Lincecum who already has 2 Cy Young’s to his name.

    Cole was absolutely crucial to our 2008 World Series win, and if he never does any other things on that same level again… people SHOULD be eternally thankful that he was here then to do what he did for us.

    And even if he goes the rest of his career as a good if not great pitcher, I like him being here in Philly and I feel he deserves a lot more respect and support than he sometimes gets.

  • Greenman!

    I don’t even think I’m going to bother reading these comments, I mean Phylan hasn’t even chimed in yet

  • PhillyPhanInChi

    @ Phan Stuck in NYC

    It’s called the Verducci effect and it says that no young pitcher should exceed 30 innings from the previous season. This in effect then says that it takes 3-4 years for a pitcher to develop into a “full-Time” starter.


    Completely agree. I’ll forever be thankful to Cole for what he did in 2008.

  • Lance Parrish

    Cole is a god among men. Is anyone headed to Wrigley at the end of the week?

  • ScottGraham

    You also have to take into account that he was basically a kid when he won the world series. It was the longest season of baseball he ever pitched, and the most innings. THEN, he had banquets, parties, etc he had to attend. Look at Ryan Howard’s year after winning MVP. Especially when you’re a young player, its a lot of added responsibility you aren’t used to, and you haven’t been around the game long enough to really know how to manage your time. So he came to spring training already tired, his arm really never rebounded. I know you can say “blah blah professional athlete he should know better” but the guy was what, 24? I could see it being an unacceptable situation if it was a 30 year old vet who’d been in the league 8 years, but it’s a 24 year old kid who had his first taste of real fame. I think so far, though, he’s done everything the right way and deserves the benefit of the doubt that last year was a one time thing.

  • Pat


    or maybe his ERA directly reflects what are considered the “luck” indicators because they are accurate stats?

    And you can really attribute those numbers to “chance” rather than luck, if you dont believe in “luck”

  • Pat

    but I also agree with mike p

  • Mike P

    I’m not a saber expert by any stretch of the imagination, so somebody please tell me if I’m totally fucking up these stats. If I did, many apologies in advance.

    I’m looking at Cole’s pitch summaries, and, in particular, his foul ball strikes percentage. In other words, the number of pitches fouled off over the total strikes thrown:

    2006: 27%
    2007: 29%
    2008: 28%
    2009: 27%
    2010: 27%
    Career: 26%
    MLB Average: 27%

    So, in other words, Cole hasn’t given up any more foul balls than he did in previous years. In fact, he’s given up fewer this year than he did in 2007 or 2008. He’s always been just about average in this field.

    I agree that it’s frustrating to watch hitters foul off pitch after pitch after Hamels puts up 2 strikes on them. I just wonder to what extent this is any different than the Hamels we worshiped in 2007 and 2008.

    This goes back to another point I think is key in understanding why some people are so disappointed with Hamels: how much have unfair increased expectations shaded our view of Hamels? I see people complaining about his 7 IP 3 ER performances the past few weeks, and I think to myself, aren’t these the same performances that we universally applauded down the stretch in 2007 and 2008?

    Anyway, I hope I didn’t fuck up those stats. I’m sure they probably tell us 10 other things that I’m missing out on, but that’s all I’ve got.

  • will.H


    i never brought up the word luck to begin. i was commenting on the perception of “luck.” I feel there’s an ebb and flow in baseball that equals out eventually. For every line drive out there’s a bloop double down the line.

  • Greenman!

    Cole Hamles is teh best!

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    Fans always have childhood memories of favorite players that they want new players to be, favorite once-in-a-lifetime plays they want re-played, HRs that should’ve been hit, catches that could’ve been “easily” made, etc. There isn’t a player alive who can live up to what goes on in a fan’s head, and their isn’t a player alive who doesn’t want to be the hero when the fan wants them to be. Bottomline, if they could’ve made the catch, hit the homer, made that same great play again – then they would’ve done it. But baseball isn’t that easy. If it was then everyone would play.

    Unfortunately I think pitchers are in an odd position. Their job is done literally 100x or more during any given game alone, so fans and opposing teams can obsess over how they do this job. The positive or negative outcome depends so much on how capable they are at their job and/or how capable they are at hiding the doing of their job – more so than any other position.

    As far as how Cole’s perceived, I’m normally an advocate of ‘hey just be yourself’. Generally if people don’t like you as you are, then – shrug – they’re never going to like you. But I’m not sure that’s worked for Cole particularly in Phila. IF he’s uncomfortable (I don’t know if is or not) and wants to be more “accepted” maybe he could consider different management or even a PR co. They can teach him how to talk to writers so he doesn’t say more deeply stupid shit like he ‘can’t wait for the season to be over.’

    Get someone to screen commercials before he does them.

    And a vocal coach.


  • Obi Wan Kendrick

    Where I’m from, there’s no such thing as luck…

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    PhillyPhaninChi – Thanks. God Tom Verducci . . . okay.

  • Stickaforkin’em

    @Mike P: Agreed. We loved 7 IP 3 ER performances back then, but hate them. Why? Because our offense has been inconsistent…and we’re afraid who’s going to come out of the pen. We loved the Bridge to Lidge. Now it’s more like PA turnpike after a long winter…full of potholes!

  • Pat

    i think i misinterpreted what you said. Anyways, I agree that it all does balance out in the end. Sometimes (and a lot of times) one season isn’t enough to balance it all out, and that’s where the chance/variance comes into play.

  • PhillyCuban

    BTW, anyone see the Daily News front page today? “Cliff WHO?” lol

  • Nick

    His xFIP, which uses a bunch of different fancy things like LD%, BABIP, K/9, BB/9, K/BB, etc this year is 3.85. His ERA is 3.78, suggesting he is basically neutral this year. Now with the strong Phillies defense behind him, maybe it should be a bit lower into the 3.50 range, but this is the Cole Hamels we should all get used to, and we should be HAPPY about getting used to it.

  • Eric

    Eaton do we really need a cartoon me?

  • Morandini’s Triple Play

    @ Mike P and Stickafork….I think you are both onto something. But also add on to that – every 5 days we get to see Roy work his magic. He’s at 90-some pitches in the 8 and 9th inning. Cole reaches that number in the 6th. We start comparing what we saw yesterday and think Cole is coming up short. In reality, its Cole being Cole, but our point of reference has changed.

    Call it whatever you want, but Cole is having a solid year for a #2 pitcher, which is probably what he ought to be.
    And yes…he needs someone to help him make non-baseball decisions cuz’ his way makes him look/sound like a fairy.

  • Greenman!

    @Eric we need someone to argue with Phylan.

  • Mike P

    Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I’m sure I totally fucked up using that stat, since it tells you what percentage of his strikes come from foul balls. Oh well. I can’t figure out where to find exactly how many of his pitches went foul, so I’m going to abandon that venture to somebody who uses baseball reference, pitch f/x data, etc. more than me.

  • ScottGraham

    I’d also like to see where Cole ranks through his career in run support. I always remember him losing a lot of 1-0 games in 07 and 08. For some reason they’ve historically not hit for him. I guess that could be because of facing the other teams ace?

  • Chris

    Guys, all that matters is his D.S.U.H.A. which is currently at +3.5

  • Jdashdog

    Know how I know Cole Hamels is gay? He listens to Coldplay.

  • YankeesSuckArod

    You would think Cole should have a better record this year then, since now he’s only expected to match other teams #2 starters instead of their aces.

    And to Cole’s credit, he has pitched very well against some great #1-#2 pitchers this year like that great duel against Adam Wainwright for instance.

    He truly deserves more wins, and more respect as well.

  • kurt

    Ironically, does anyone else think the hot dogs and beer guy actually sounds a little like Hamels?

  • Greenman!

    Hamels only pitched well at Fenway because he has a boner for it.

  • epiphany1

    This is to funny. I love it.

  • Yohan Flande

    i love how it’s 3.5 and not 3 or 4.

  • Greenman!

    @Philyphaninchi I’ll be at Wrigley for the Saturday game to see Mr. Hamels, hopefully Sunday too for Halladay. You going?

  • ScottGraham

    Lemme know if anyone is coming out to LA for the Dodgers-Phillies series. I wanna know where the phillies fans are sitting, because there’s strength in numbers and the place is a warzone. Sick of being the only person in my section having to figure out which spanish expletive means what.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    @Phan Stuck in nyc- I don’t want him to change anything that got him to where he is. Especially since whatever problems we fans may suppose he has are really our problems not his. For him to try and change our perception of him is time spent that I would rather see him use bettering himself physically or stregthening his knowledge of the hitters and his approach to pitching. He isn’t a Disney actor or a politician who must meet the expectations of their fans. He is an athelete who has to pitch and playball at his very best and nothing more. As long as he isn’t an asshole who needs to change his immature behavior his style of dress, speech and private life isn’t our concern. We just need to judge him by what he does on the field and not let any petty little nuances that he may have sway us in those judgements.

  • PhillyPhanInChi

    @ Greenman- Got my Tix for Sunday night. Stoked about seeing Doc pitch. I was blown away with tickets this year. I got insane Upper Box row 1 for 15 under face. I can’t remember the last time I paid face for a Cubs game that I planned on going to before the 3rd inning.

  • PhillyPhanInChi

    I once got Pat Burrells Tickets after running into some randoms outside the stadium back in 03. I then ended up talking to everyone in my section and having a good ole time until I made fun of Hundley who was catching. I called him a bum. His grandma was sitting in front of me and got upset….

  • Greenman!

    Awesome, I may get mine in that general area. Tickets are a lot cheaper on Sunday so I think I might hit up both of those games. Saturday’s prices are retarded, I’m glad I got mine early. People spend way too much money at that park.

  • ScottGraham

    But players who have success in a city usually do so because they understand how to carry themselves in front of those fans. He should have known his fanbase well enough that he wouldn’t have said something as dumb as “I can’t wait for the season to be over” in the middle of the World Series. He’s a guy that would be beloved in the midwest or somewhere like San Diego or Anaheim (he’d be “El Maricon” to Dodger fans, though) He’s not a Philly guy at all, and he could go on to win 4 Cy Youngs and will still get dogged in this city. He’s like Donovan with a ring.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    D3 – I agree, I said as much. Hey, anything anyone doesn’t like about you truthfully can come down to being their problem, not yours. But with Cole it seems like the fan acceptance issue might extend into his head on the mound. Some personalities can block it out. A sports psych could help him “not care” I guess. I think I said IF HE’S uncomfortable w/Phila fans perceptions and he wants more acceptance, there are ways to deal w/the media. He doesn’t have to change himself and be slick. But he also doesn’t have to learn in front of the public by saying the wrong things. As for his voice, I mentioned it b/c he’s doing commercials. He can leave himself alone as far as I’m concerned. More to pick on, heh heh.

  • Milt Thompson

    Can’t wait till the derby. So many Solo Homeruns that it should be called the Milt Thompson Invitational.

  • epiphany1

    @L to the ance. what do you mean by sambos?

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    PhanStuckinhell- yeah you did say if he wanted to. I picked up what you meant. I’s jus sayin.
    I don’t think he really gives a rats ass what the fans think about his personal life. He probably does care when they boo when he’s fucking up, but that’s because he hates to fuck up. That’s what he needs to learn to control and he did seem to overcome some tough times yesterday. That strikezone was a bitch and to get out of that bases loaded no out jam showed great focus.
    I just don’t get why people think his voice, dog, satchel, or California ‘tude has anything to do with what he’s here to do.
    As long as he doesn’t do a W.B. Mason commercial I’m cool with him.

  • HowardEskin

    L to the ance, that’s not the proper way to be racist! What you need to do is find a black player who does everything right, but you threatened by, such as a Jimmy Rollins, and start stating how they are thugs who are only out for themselves. When someone asks you to explain, refuse. Also no matter what this player does always hate him, but forgive white players who are legitimately bad people and whenever a black athlete makes a mistake, whether directly or indirectly, call for them to be suspended.

    That way you’re making the point, but the 300lb black football players you see every day just think about ripping your head off instead of actually doing it.

  • will.H

    are there worse commericals in the history of television than WB Mason

  • ScottGraham

    will.h , google Sit N’ Sleep. Worst commercials ever.

  • Uncle Charlie’s hands

    I can’t wait to meet Joe Girardi’s right hand.

  • Hank Williams, Sr

    A lot of people are commenting on Cole Hamels’ “voice.” Of course this is just a euphemism; I guess these people are not comfortable saying that they think he’s effeminate or gay. What’s strange is that his personal life is very much out in the open. Cole Hamels would have to be a sociopath to construct this public image of himself as a family man just for the purpose of fooling you.
    If you don’t think all that is true, then you should really pity him.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    As bad as it sounded the “season over” quote in last year’s WS was totally taken the wrong way and blown out of proportion by people who make their living spinning a phrase and stirring the shitpot.

    He said something he meant one way and it came out the wrong way but he was never quitting on the team.

    In fact the only one on the team who thought otherwise was numbskull, wife beating, Brett Myers who’s dead from the neck up anyway.

    He is far from a Donavan who IMO tryed too hard but always came across smug and insincere, and I was an apologist for his on field play til his last year here.

    People who have a problem with anything about Cole other than his on field work speaks more of the individual than it does of Cole.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    We got a new kinda troll to ignore now.

  • epiphany1

    Finally somebody who can hit. Go National League. Btw. L to ance your an asshole.

  • Phils Phan

    Home Run Derby is so damn boring. Is there a WNBA game on I can watch?

  • ScottGraham

    I think that Donovan and Hamels are guys who have the same issue, they look like they don’t have a care in the world. McNabb would laugh when he overthrew or underthrew someone, never seemed to have a tremendous sense of urgency. Cole is out there seeming like he doesn’t care. They’re both good enough that we can’t physically see the 100% they’re giving, so it looks like they aren’t trying as hard as they could have.

  • Milt Thompson

    Look at all these solo homeruns. I’m literally drooling.

  • Saber Cole

    Know what the difference between BABIP of .300 and .350 is? It’s 25 hits. 25 hits in 500 at bats is 50 points, okay? There’s 6 months in a season, that’s about 25 weeks. That means if you give up just one extra flare a week – just one – a gorp… you give up a groundball, you give up a groundball with eyes… you give up a dying quail, just one more dying quail a week…

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    Berman and Morgan < TMac and Wheels

    Mike Schmidt was viewed the same way til he won a ring, and when he hit his 500th nobody in the stands would admit to having ever booed him.

    I think Cole shows he truly cares when he is doing poorly, sometimes to a fault.

    McNabb never showed he even thought he was doing anything wrong, the occasional my bad tap of the chest but nothing more than that.

  • MJM

    Not that it needs to be said again, but this shit is fucking brilliant. Great job and I didn’t have to pay 10 bucks to enjoy it.

  • Jason

    so i met cole hamels at the borgata last night. it was my birthday and i asked if i could get a picture with him. he said ‘no, im walking that way’ and just blew me off.

    hes a dick.

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