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The Defending Champion Philadelphia Phillies Resume Play
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Although pitchers and catchers aren’t officially supposed to report to Clearwater until Saturday, a few key members of the WFC got a jump on the competition and showed up early for some workouts.

Judging by this picture snapped by The Inquirer‘s Eric Mencher,

a.) Chase Utley’s hip appears to be recovering at a rapid pace, and
b.) There is an establishment somewhere in Florida where you can get both mugs and jugs.

After the jump, the oh-so-dreamy Hollywood Hamels tosses the pill and Charlie Manuel’s belly protrudes.

Here’s Cole:


And finally, just a reminder:


See the rest of this beautiful photo gallery at The Inquirer.

  • GTO–Josh

    yes. it is back and I cant wait to get down to spring training to see me some WFC.

    maybe I’ll track down this mystical mugsnjugs place while I am there.

  • MikeY

    God damn, I miss baseball.

    I mean, hockey is a nice layover, and I love the Flyers and everything, but there’s nothing like the start of spring training to signal that the shitty season known as winter is almost over.

  • Ron

    Don’t believe the hype for mugs and jugs, i went there when i went down to spring training last year, it is a karaoke restaurant, not a hooters type place. On the plus side there were some hot girls singing there

  • Chalk

    Serious Question: Was the 2008 World Championship* sponsored by Pepsi?

  • Eminencegirl

    These pictures make me SO HAPPY. Thanks Meech!!! CAN YOU SMELL THE LEATHER?!?!?!?

  • GTO–Josh

    @3 Ron

    Thanks for the heads-up, although you completely rained on my parade. I will search elsewhere for mugs and or jugs. mostly jugs.

    ok only jugs.

  • joebob2k10

    “Serious Question: Was the 2008 World Championship* sponsored by Pepsi?”

    How do you get that?

  • Mand

    look at the background. it totally has the rip off obama campaign logo, which is coincidentally the new pepsi logo. way to catch that chalk

  • Mand

    scratch that…it’s the old pepsi logo…my bad

  • MikeY

    @ Chalk:

    “2008 World Championship*”

    …maybe I’m missing the joke or something, but why the asterisk?


    @MikeY: JC Romero. It’s just a way for the Rays fans to deal with getting the shit kicked out of them in the World Series.

    You really can’t blame ’em, it’s pretty much all they have.

  • Joey Wade

    they’re STILL mad about that? christ… hopefully the bat has sex with all of the rays wives, just to make them that much madder.

  • MikeY

    @ meech:

    I was unaware that chalk was a Rays fan, although I figured that’s what he was referring to.


  • Amanda

    The Photos are beautiful. Lovin Chases new haircut. None of that slicked back grease stuff..

  • Clare

    Man, those are some pale stems…WHICH I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY TO SEE IN MY LIFE!

  • Hummer

    My man crush on Chase just got less odd and creepy now that I see his new haircut. Why man?

  • PhiPhan5648

    All of the Photos here at, over at, combined with the incredibly spring like weather is serving to get me pumped for the Phils this year. I can’t wait to get my Season Ticket’s package in the mail!

  • will.H

    and the Sheraton Sand Key Resort is sponsored by julius caesar.

    i cant wait to see the wfc feb 26 against toronto. and way to blow the load on mugs n jugs, now what are pops and I gonna do?

  • Smacky the Frog

    Got my 6 pack tickets this week. Going to two Mets games.

    I want to skip these next two months and gets rights to the baseball…..

  • Tug Haines

    Is it wrong to have a boner right now?


    No, Tug. I think it’s wrong not to.

  • PhiPhan5648

    Not it all dude… cause last time I checked, the PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES were the DEFENDING WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONS!

  • GM-Carson

    Mugs’n’Jugs sounds classy. Maybe I should take the wife there for Valentine’s Day.

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