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The coolest damn catching of a foul ball you’ve ever seen
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That gentleman right up there made one of the cleanest, most effortless catches of a foul ball last night in the history of people catching foul balls. It was in the bottom of the 4th inning when Jayson Werth sent a screamer foul behind the plate in the vicinity of the Hall of Fame club. Coincidentally, that’s the exact time that fan (who has since been IDENTIFIED by as Ian Driben from Cherry Hill) was carrying his soda and some fries back to his seat.

Usually when those two things converge, it ends up with the guy getting hit with a foul ball, his cardboard carrier filled with approximately $35 worth of refreshments goes flying in the air, and everybody laughs at him. Well, not Ian. And not last night.

You’re gonna have to get past the jump to see it, but I highly recommend doing so.

This particular kind of cool can’t be taught, folks.


    I don’t mean to shit on, but if you click on that link, that story is listed under BREAKING NEWS.


  • Adam Eaton


  • Werth’s Soul Patch

    Pretty beast catch…to bad his seats weren’t in left field…catching a fair ball.

  • maria

    That had disaster written all over it.

  • Denny’s Baez

    This guy’s definitely got some swagger. Not Jay Happ-quality swagger, but enough to make people notice.

  • eyebleaf

    Nice catch.

    Fuck the Mets.

  • Amandah

    I hear he has balls the size of mangos.



  • j_romes

    Degree of difficulty was like a 13 out of 10: coming off the stairs, grub in hand, and the ball was a neck-high seed.

  • doogie

    Tyson Gillies loves him some coke.

  • Bobby Abreu

    Pssh. Try doing it with a padded wall behind you and see how brave you are, Mr. Driben.

  • what can brown do for you?

    @ totally agreed. I clicked on the link to see the story and let out an “are you kidding me?” when I saw it was posted under “breaking news”. Haha, pretty sad that’s the most breaking news we have today.

  • Capt Murdock

    I thought he was done for once he got turned around but he recovered nicely.

  • Phils Phan

    Only thing worth watching on is Emily on “Down the Shore”. [Insert one of the many scandalous things I would do with onions and her in a Wendy’s bathroom.]

  • Billig

    That was the best, most relaxed catch since Cliff Lee in the World Series last year.

  • Brandon

    Definitely the play of the night. We were standing in the 300 level and I thought he was going to get nailed. But he caught it so nonchalantly.

  • Mr. Bryan

    Aint no thang!

  • Ian Driben

    I also caught a VD.



  • Poster Nutbag

    is ian driben in any way related to frank drebin?

  • jd

    chase-utley like skillz and humility

  • Mark

    Wait, where’s all the haters that says he should go back to JERSEY!!!

    Yes I’m still sick of how that Pukemon event got blown into a Jersey-hate campaign. I, as well as Cool Mo Driben here and Pukemon are from Cherry Hill, and would like to say that cool fans and d-bags alike come from all parts. Go Phils.

  • WerthBeard

    Wow! Looked just like cliff lee there.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    That was the only thing that made the game worth watching last night. Really very fun.

  • WholeCamels

    Mr. Driben was high school classmates with The Good Phight’s David S. Cohen, who did this back in April:

  • HarryForever

    The Phils should trade Tyson Montana for that guy.

  • Gil Thorpe

    not even goona LIE he look liek he comm trate outtta LAKKEOOD makin a play liek that gettin his JIWANJAMES on for rell

  • KruksLeftNut

    @ Mark Cherry Hill is to NJ what NYC is New York state.
    If you grow up in Bucks or Montgomery county, you get Jersey bashing cred in your breastmilk.

  • jd


  • sam

    the ball actually hits the facade of the upper deck and falls into his lap.

    so degree of difficulty = ball dropping straight down with little spin or bite

  • The Lone Filafel

    Its good to see not everyone from Cherry Hill throws up on little children.

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