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The Circumstances Which Led To Roy Oswalt Playing Left Field
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I’m not really sure what I just witnessed tonight, but if you stick around I’ll do my best to explain.

The Phillies began this evening’s game playing in front of the largest crowd at CBP this season (thanks to Chooch bobblehead night) as Cole Hamels took the mound going up against Bud Norris. Per the usual Cole Hamels start, the Phillies decided to refrain from scoring while he was in the game and needed a 2-out, ninth inning desperation home run from Jimmy Rollins to send it into extras.

Fast-forward to the bottom of the fourteenth, game still tied 2-2, when Ryan Howard came up with runners at first and second and the game on the line. On an 0-1 pitch, Ryan Howard tried to check his swing on a pitch down and away, but third base umpire Scott Barry correctly called it a strike. Obviously mad at himself, Howard put his hands on his hips as if to say, “why the hell did I just swing at that?” and this Scott Barry prick puts his hands on his hips blatantly mocking Howard.


Four pitches later, after Polanco and Utley moved up to 2nd & 3rd on a wild pitch, Howard once again attempted to check his swing on a similar pitch and this minor league fill-in that substitutes as a the 3rd base ump called Howard out on strikes. This time, though, Howard threw his helmet and bat in disgust, and the man everyone came to the stadium to see, Scott Barry, (did I mention he’s not even a real MLB ump?) tossed the big man from the game.

Needless to say, Ryan Howard wasn’t too happy. Observe:



Here’s video. Scott Barry, ladies and gentlemen:

Now here’s where things get entertaining. Because Ryan Howard was tossed and Charlie Manuel didn’t have any available bench players left, the only option was to use a pitcher in the field. So they decided to trot ROY FREAKING OSWALT OUT TO LEFT FIELD, and move Raul Ibanez to first base for the first time since 2005.

Of course, the first batter of the inning flew out to left field where Roy Oswalt looked more comfortable than Alfonso Soriano. The video:

The screengrabs:


And yeah, I know the Phillies wound up losing in 16 innings and all, but it’s gonna be a while before anyone forgets this game. Oh, and fuck Scott Barry.

(HUGE thanks to @dhm for .giffage)

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  • TonyIsDynamic

    I love the Oswalt grin. XD

  • Outlaw Pete

    I was at the IronPigs game and missed it. Will they have a replay on any of the channels??

  • General Public

    May Scott Barry get sodomized by a telephone pole.

  • Sophie

    Those stills really fuckin turn me on. That ump baited Ryan. He’s a douche bag asshole, and now I have to google image Howard so I can successfully………..

  • phil
  • Phils Phan

    Scott Barry:


    ATLANTA — Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman and manager Jim Riggleman were ejected during the team’s 3-2 loss to the Braves on Wednesday night.

    The incident occurred in the eighth inning with the game tied at 2. After he struck out swinging to end the top of the eighth, Zimmerman threw his bat and helmet in disgust. He didn’t say anything, but home-plate umpire Scott Barry ejected Zimmerman.

    It marked the first time in his career that Zimmerman was tossed from a game. Riggleman then argued with Barry for about a minute before being tossed out himself.

  • John

    Go ahead and like the “Fuck Scott Barry” page on Facebook. Get this trash out of the bigs.

  • maxL

    Dear god that game was amazing.

  • Keegan

    So in Zimmerman’s case, he wasn’t even mad at a call? He struck out SWINGING, and was obviously mad at HIMSELF, and was disgusted at HIMSELF, and got thrown out?

    Who the fuck IS this guy?

  • hsjiii

    My favorite part was when Howard points his finger in Gibson’s face and goes, “Dont you talk to me.” on his way out to deck Dingle-Barry.

  • Bridge to Lidge

    I’m going to use this post before a workout as something to get me pumped up. I will imagine Scott Barry is the hitting bag.

  • Phils Phan

    Trying to find information on Barry, such as his home address, where his kids go to school, where his wife buys her vaginal dams, etc., and came across this:

  • Phils Phan

    Unedited from Google Cache:

    Scott Barry has been an umpire in the Gulf Coast League (2000), Appalachian League (2000-2001), South Atlantic League (2001), Midwest League (2002), Carolina League (2002) Eastern League (2003-2004), International League (2005-2009). He has also been a fill-in umpire in the majors (2006-2009) and worked the 2006 World Baseball Classic.

  • Scott Barry

    I EAT COCK!!!

  • Philly fan stuck in DC

    Matt Yallof just put that little low blow out there for Scott Barry during the Phils highlight – “Scott Barry is a minor-league replacement”. Nice, even the home guys are talking shit about him (although he is a former CSN Philly reporter).

  • Bobby Weenus

    Are Umps allowed to blatantly bait players so that they can call them out in .2 seconds after the next swing?

  • Philly fan stuck in DC

    This is awesome –

    Note the date the blog was written and the dates of all the comments.

  • Adamr14

    “Now the Oswalt trade makes perfect sense. JA Happ had questionable range in left.” a la sportspickle


    Phils can’t hit, which is why they lost….but Scott Barry shouldn’t have a job tomorrow

  • Captain Awesome

    I said this over at The700Level, but in good news, Roy Halladay’s 2.16 ERA is currently the best in MLB. Still, tonight’s game makes me worried about any playoff runs this team may get. If you can’t get 3 runs on the Astros w/ your regular lineup, how can you expect to go toe-to-toe with the best the AL East can offer?

  • blackinmind

    here is the radio feed of ejection: fucking pissed to kill someone.

  • Adamr14

    Fangraph of this game looks like a fucking heart rate monitor on a spleen transplant

  • maria

    It fucking SUCKED to lose this game (umpire played a part,but the offense was godawful). However, it was fun to see Oswalt in left and see the crowd get pumped when he was in left and he came up to bat.

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    That was 10,000 times worse than the Ed Rapuano ejection of Victorino last year. Doesn’t quite have Jim Joyce beat, but at least Joyce wasn’t a fucking shitdick about the situation. This guy’s a douche. What a fucking joke. What the fuck is it with these fucking umpire clowns???

  • John
  • Phylan

    Here’s Larry laying the smackdown on umpires following Howard’s ejection:

  • Gaze_NJ

    Robots/laser beams > MLB Umpires.

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    You can’t look upon this lineup as your regular lineup.
    Utley and Howard are both playing themselves into condition.
    The time spent on the DL gave each of them only minimum rehab games.
    Hopefully their timing is restored in short order and we can see the REAL lineup.

  • Tollbooth Willie


  • John

    Thursday’s game should be interesting, Barry being the 1st base ump and Howard playing first.


    one of the best pieces I’ve ever seen, and quickly too. Good stuff guys, and fuck Scott Barry. All Howard did was flip his bat after a shitty call. Selig better sit down and consider replay for 8 hours tomorrow instead of sucking a big Yankee dick

  • Outlaw Pete

    Barry – #87
    Sidney Crosby – #87

    just sayin’

  • Bozo

    This is one of the few games where it didn’t take me a long time to cool off about the loss. Of course it’s easier since the Braves lost.

    Bullpen was really good. Can’t really blame Herndon(of course plenty of people probably will), 5 scoreless innings going into the 16th and he was pitching fairly well.

  • Andrea

    I want to hear what Ricky Bo has to say about this game.

  • Brandon

    Outlaw Pete I can finally go to be now. My questions have been answered

  • Greenman!

    I wants robots and lasers to shoot Barry

  • Bozo

    By the way, I think it’s fair to say that most of Philadelphia is starting to love Oswalt even though some of us(myself included) were against the trade because of all the “doesn’t want to play in Philadelphia” rumors. He’s pretty fucking awesome.

  • Adamr14

    The more i think about this game the more pissed I am… like at first it was just all surreal and absurd that it was just funny, but now every chance we had for the offense to step up and gain a game on the team in atlanta that plays baseball is pissing me off more and more…. I should just go to bed

  • blackinmind

    holy shit, did you guys notice jayson werth reaction in the back in that video?

  • will.H

    i wonder if he’ll be behind the plate tomorrow or thursday. Scotty doesn’t know.

    it’s easily the best worst game i’ve ever experienced. oswalt catch.. you’d have though we won the division. all the chaos during howards ejection was fun, wild and gave me a slight boner. Getting home at 130 was awful, but we’ll never forget the night Ryan Howard almost gave Scott Barry a tigeruppercut.

  • Sal Fasano’s Beard

    Moterfuck anybody who hates the phils. Ryan howard is the man, and that dueshe nigger who called ryan out should suck a 15 inch penis. fuck him. serously he sucks a fucking black dick sideways. the phillies are the best team ever. fuck that shit. roy oswald, mad respect…. fuck the astros.

  • Adamr14

    Last thing… we didn’t have our highest attendance of the year to watch you umpire, Scott Barry. Go fuck yourself.

  • tofoomeister

    I sure am glad I snuck down to the front of section 126 in the 13th. “Scotty” stayed about as far away from Howard as he could without retreating into the left field stands.

    The 15th was especially amusing.
    (Herndon pitching an intentional walk) APPEAL IT! SCOTTY, DID HE SWING? I THINK HE SWUNG!
    (Nothing happening on the field) YOU SUCK, 87! FUCK YOU, BLUE! SCOOOOOO-TTYYYYYYYY

    Great plays by Ibanez, the power-hitting 1B, and Oswalt, the been-there, done-that LF.

  • beelove

    one for the ages, for sure. i missed a whole evening’s worth of plans here in portland to stay in and watch the game. when that bush league chump tossed howard, i am 99.9% certain my neighborhood heard more F-words and C-words than they have in the past 10 years combined. (people are really nice here, it’s really warm today and this was about 8:30 local time so people were out and/or home with doors/windows open.)

    it was a little entertaining to see oswalt in left and make a play there, and likewise for raul on that diving play. not so much on the dropped double play ball.

    like most people, i think that entire umpire crew can eat a massive bowl of dicks, but really, 2 runs against the astros in 16 innings? yet another turd for cole hamels’ great pitching? ugh. reminds me of the 16 inning loss against the orioles in 2004. that game, thome was 0-8 with 5 Ks. howard tonight, 0-7 with 5 Ks. brutal. and at least that game still had fireworks afterward.

    relatedly, i can’t believe it took me 125 games – or 16 innings worth of CHATTY DURP McTMAC in one sitting – to realize that, on, you can totally sync the tv broadcast with franzke and LA on the radio. tom mccarthy’s awful, awful, awfulness finally pushed me over the edge. if you have (and didn’t already know this, because duh, i didn’t), you can launch the video in one browser (say chrome) and turn the browser volume all the way down. then, open another browser (say safari) and launch the WPHT radio broadcast. BAM. at last, franzke and LA on the tv, no more t-t-t-t-t-tom m-m-m-mc-c-c-c-carthy. HURRR DURRRRRRRR TMAC TMAC TMAC DURRRRRRRR CHITTER CHATTER CHITTER CHATTER HEAR MY VOICE HURRRRR MCCARTHY HURRRR DURRRRRFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. jesus fucking h christ, mccarthy.

  • beelove

    seriously: thank jesus, praise allah, and rub buddha’s belly for scott franzke and larry andersen. three cheers for those two jolly good fellows. i feel for wheels and sarge, but man i’m taking franzke and LA every time. fantastic broadcasting, right there. send tmac back to the mets with andy martino where someone of his talent belongs.

  • Natalie

    I was at this game. It sucks that we lost, but it was exciting. And it’s the night I officially became an Oswalt fan.

  • Jupiter’s Rings

    just got home from the game. you gotta love the philly crowd (that stayed). after the 14th inning stretch, everything started getting ridiculous. great to see everyone go nuts for oswalt in left (where i sat). what a fucking baller.

  • Glad I was There

    First of all, the best game I’ve ever been too. Now that I got that out of the way…..

    Yes, the offense was terrible. And that SHOULD be the main story but we’ve been dealing with these slumps with this team the last few years. It happens in baseball. Utley and Howard obviously need to get their timing down. I’m not gonna worry unless this goes on for a few weeks.

    Now, Scott Barry made the absolute worst decision I’ve ever seen. Yes, this is far worse than Jim Joyce’s missed call. It’s fine to miss the call. It happens in the game but when you mock the hitter that crosses the line. Then when the player is obviously frustrated, you give him the hook for slamming the bat? It’s the 14th inning! Players get emotional, you have to let that go. Umpires have started to become the story. Some of them, like Scott Barry, seem to want to take the spotlight from the players. At least Joyce admitted he was wrong and everyone moved on. First Ryan Zimmerman, who had never been ejected, and now Ryan Howard, another player who rarely if ever gets ejected.

    I really hope Bud Selig sees this. It started with Joe West and his stupid comments on the Yanks/Sox long games and now Scott Barry with his smug look and his hands on his hips. Enough is enough. These umpires need to be held accountable.

    Now were looking at probably around 3 games without Howard once the suspension comes down, but no punishment for Scott Barry. That is unacceptable

  • Bobby Payne

    Yeah, the best thing to come out of this was Oswalt’s real BIG WELCOME to Philly. I wonder that last time he had that many people cheering his name. The smile on his face was huge. Though I still say he looks like the kid from Jurassic Park.

  • Joe Table

    I was at the game and I gotta say it was one of the most memorable games I’ve ever been to. Having said that, fuck Scott Barry!

    Also, i’m so glad I didn’t have to listen to T-Mac for 5 hours tonight. I just watched the video of Oswalt’s catch, and I have to say that is the worst home team call I’ve ever heard. You can tell that t-mac doesn’t give a shit about the Phillies. Just listen to that video and hear his fake enthusiasm. He starts out all nonchalant, “and he makes the catch.” Then realizes midway through that the crowd is going nuts because it’s an awesome moment and blurts out, “ROY OSWALT PUTS IT AWAY FOR OUT NUMBER ONE!” Once again that was one sentence, “And he makes the catch, ROY OSWALT PUTS IT AWAY FOR OUT NUMBER ONE!”


  • Ghettoduce

    Umpires that get rankled remind of people that got picked on as child and become cops.

  • Mark

    Both of those umpires should be suspended, and Scott Barry should be fired immediately. I didn’t actually see his mock of Howard at the game but that is blatant bullshit. Fuck that other ump for holding Howard back. If a player is suspended for bumping an ump, even accidentally how is it ok for an ump to physically restrain a player?

    What an awesome game to have been to. Just a shame that one shitty ump ruined what could have been a great walk-off win with a shitty call.

    And holy shit that Larry Anderson rant is amazing!

  • Jason Ballew

    The best thing about that game (and I am a lifetime Astros and Oswalt fan) was hearing the Philly crowd chant “Let’s Go Oswalt”. Then, a minute later, seeing Geoff Blum and Jeff Bagwell in the Astros dugout, smiling and clapping along.

    We miss you, Roy, but I truly hope you get your World Series ring. Hoping for a Philadelphia / New York World Series.

  • Don Pigeon

    Unanswered questions about tonight’s game: (1) Since only ‘wake-up call’ firings make this team think at home plate, is it time to fire Greg Gross and bring bank Milt Thompson? (2) Why didn’t the Phils sit fastball against Norris, who pounds the strike zone with 92-94 flat heat and NOTHING ELSE? (3) Why couldn’t the Phils solve Houston’s American Legion caliber bullpen (4) Why are the loose cannon umpires always the most incompetent (Scott Barry) (5)Speaking of Barry, does that man ever blink??

  • Ghost of Larry Anderson’s Liver

    being there was a surreal experience. out of all the games over the past few years this is easily the strangest. the remain 10,000 or so with the loudest “let’s go Oswalt” chant was just fantastic. i hope now Roy2 is happy about the move cause i dont think he has gotten a response like that in houston… even when they were a good team

  • Nino Espinosa

    After the first check swing strike, you can see Ryan Howard talking to the home plate ump saying “I am mad at myself, not at him (meaning the 3rd base ump). Essentially what this means is that Mr. Barry lit the fuse for what was to come. If an athlete cant even vent his frustrations to himself without having an ump 90 feet away stare him down, what has this game come to? Mr. Barry needs to at least temporarily be relived of his duties, at least for tonights game. He is going to end up being a distraction. This is not to say that Ryan Howard has not stunk for the past several games, which I am sure did not help with his overall mood.

  • Joe West

    ‘At a boy, Barry. Let’s get these games sped up a little. It’s even better that you made sure that YOU, not the players or managers, are the most important people on the field.

  • Adam Eaton

    One of the finest moments in Phillies history. Oswalt may now have achieved a form of Cliff Lee love.

  • hanzer

    @beelove you dont even need to do the two browser thing with the if you install the nextdef plug-in you can select the audio for the game. either TV Radio or just the park audio with no announcers.

  • Morandini’s Triple Play

    Its shit like this that makes you understand death threats. Fuck Scott Barry.

  • http://deleted JohnMatrix

    if howard gets supspended, gload will start and will NOT be 0-7.

  • Gabrielle

    So I was at the game, but because I had to be up at 530am for work, I left in the 14th inning like the pussy that I am.

    I thought I would miss all of the traffic – I ended up sitting on 76W in construction while listening to Ryan Howard get thrown out on 1210AM….I don’t think I’ve ever been so angry with myself as I was last night.

    On the plus side, my Chooch bobblehead is fucking AWESOME. I love that you can accessorize with the catcher’s mask.

  • Chris


  • Fitz

    Larry Andersen is a pimp

  • ZWR

    If he plays tonight, Ryan Howard is going to hit an 800 ft home run and kick that donkey in the face whilst trotting. WHILST TROTTING!

  • guy chesterfield

    Scott Barry thinks he is more important then the game and its stars. He’ll never be a permanent
    MLB umpire. What an attitude? Low self esteem

  • 3 Finger Lenny

    The rumor is that the 3rd base ump dislikes canadians

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Well in that case we gotta bring back Stairs.

    Or at least call up Mathieson for a “wild pitch” at home.

  • Vote Polanco

    Howard deserved to be ejected. Not to mention he played like shit last night.

  • Watrick

    YES! I had Scott Barry in my Umpire Fantasy League! I knew keeping him on the bench all year was going to pay off big! Two ejections in one game!

    Hey, why did the thumbs up things go away?

  • greg

    howard said something in the direction of 3B i cant read his lips but he clearly said somethin

  • Dubee Dubee Du

    If Howard deserved to be ejected for that then so did Werth with a similar reaction directly behind him.

    The ump mocking Howard and calling that 2nd check swing a strike was totally baiting the player.

    Howard didn’t erupt until he was ejected, then fuck it he may as well get his moneys worth.

    @3 Finger Lenny- It wouldn’t surprise me at all the way he acted.

  • Jdashdog

    It ashame we couldn’t have been brought here together under better circumstances, but at least I have the salvation of a great Fightins post and angry commenters to help me in this time of need.

    Anybody going to the game tonight? I cannot fucking wait for the ump intros.

  • epiphany1

    I’m sorry but Howard’s facial expressions made this whole thing funny. But, what I want to know is how is it possible that Gload was ejected when he is on the DL?

  • Pablo

    Howard is not normally such a thug. Overrated and a strikeout machine who is overpaid and hurting his team, YES. But not usually a Milton Bradley type. Shame.

  • Jdashdog

    Fuck you, Pablo.

  • Jdashdog

    Pablo, honey, you washing your ass? Keep yourself clean, honey?

  • Mr. Bryan

    Wheeler is such a clown. “as the kids say, that is sick” just shut up.

  • Joe D

    Howard saying “Don’t you fucking talk to me.” to Gibson gets me so fired up.

  • Joe D

    Oh and Oswalt is cool as shit. That little grin completely wipes away the loss for me. On that one ball that went into the stands though I thought for sure he’d run into the wall and get hurt. At which point I would have done 110 mph over the Walt Whitman to castrate Barry.

  • Cho Cho Chooch

    @epiphany1 – Gload was on the bench and (loudly) said “That call was fucking bullshit” right before the phillies batted in the 15th. The Home Plate Ump heard this, and tossed him.

    Roy Oswalt’s smile after the catch made my night. Just saying.

  • rags to riches

    man howard was pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeedddd…..good thing he didnt actually reach scottie or he might have tore scotty’s limbs appart one by one….of course that might have no been a bad thing

  • Natalie

    “Howard didn’t erupt until he was ejected, then fuck it he may as well get his moneys worth.” I was wondering if maybe Howard, since he was already ejected, got so riled up to energize the rest of his teammates. But I do believe his rage was genuine, so who knows.

    I seriously had chills during the Oswalt at-bat, with the chant!

  • Phylan

    Howard is not normally such a thug

    See if you can find the dogwhistle!

  • Joe D


  • Scott Barry, die in a fire

    Did anyone else think it looked like he said “Fuck you” when he tossed Howard rather than “You’re gone” or “You’re outta here” Looking at it in real-time, the only thing I could think it looked like he yelled was “Fuck you”

  • Billig

    I think it’s officially time to go get an Oswalt shirt. Even though the Fightins lost and I didn’t get home from the game ’til almost 1:30AM it was an f’ing awesome game and one that no one will forget for a long time. Even if fucking Scott “The Flying Douchebag” Barry fucked it all up for everyone.

    “LETS GO OSWALT”!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fightin Phils don’t stop fighting!

  • http://deleted JohnMatrix

    To everyone who said it was a good game: IT WAS NOT A GOOD GAME. They lost, hardly anyone hit, and they could have made up ground. Hamels got fucked once again.

    P.S. Does it piss anyone else off when they show the Citizens 7 smiling and jumping around when the phils are losing?

  • Fletch

    Good writeup, but you should mention the other ejections. During the broadcast they said that Manuel and Gload were also ejected during the aftermath. ESPN’s box score only mentions Howard.’s does include two ejections, but says it was Howard and “unknown Phillie”:

    Not sure whether the second is Manuel or Gload, or whether all three really were ejected.

  • ScottGraham

    I’d lay money on Eskin applying his “covert” racism and spending his entire show ripping Howard for getting thrown out of the game (basically being “uppity”) while Ike tries not to snap and rip his head off.

  • J

    @ Fletch, it was Gload. Charlie was never ejected.

  • Phan Stuck in nyc

    @JohnMatrix – I hate that Citizens 7 thing. It stinks in general, most especially at a point when they’re down.

    At the commercial I flicked to the MLB Network & they said that Manuel was ejected too (they didn’t mention Gload). But when I flicked back to the game Manuel was still there. I never heard anything about Gload. DAMN, I thought I was upset last night but the more I know about this the angrier I get.

    The Oswalt chant was amazing, it was fun that he seemed willing to play LF with such good humor, and Ibanez at 1st had at least one good play. But no one was hitting well and I kept thinking they’d get the game in hand at some point, which they never did. In any case, I feel like both of these games were given to the Astros by the umps. Plan and simple. The Phils just made it easier.

  • Scott Barry, die in a fire


    The Citizens 7 thing is stupid. Not only are these people jumping around and cheering when they’re losing, but also, they take 7 people out of the crowd who are decked out in Phillies gear and FORCE them to put on green Citizens Bank shirts..!? Are you kidding me? If they ever pulled that in my row, I’d refuse. I’m at a Phillies game; I’m wearing Phillies gear. If I want to open a checking account, then we can talk about your stupid ass bank.

  • Northside Louie

    I’m waiting for the “Don’t you talk to me” shirt…..

  • adbphilly

    correction northside louie, im awaiting the shirt with howard’s first king kong like screenshot above with the caption “don’t you fucking talk to me”. that’d be the most epic shirt ever. I love how you can clearly see howard mouth “dont you fucking talk to me” two times and tmacs just like “dont you try to talk to me” just say it tmac, say it, “fucking”. that would be about as great as wheels “as the kids say these days, that was sick” oh wheels and tmac. I wonder what harry would have done in this situation.

  • The Lone Filafel

    This never would have gotten to this point had the Phillies just scored one Fucking Run in the previous few innings.

  • GTO

    Howard is exceedingly scary in that .gif

    Watch out bro

  • illafifth

    Scott Barry is obviously BAD ASS and a man who means business… Ryan’s just lucky Barry stayed where he was and none of that shit came to fisticuffs!

    Oh wait—actually, reverse all that.

    Too bad Patrick wasn’t on hand to run out there as well, pants or no pants and ready to brawl.

  • Joe D

    Any chance anyone can blend this gif of Howard flipping out with the crazy eyed Victorino truck gif from the playoffs last year?

  • GTO

    Burrell would never ever stand for Barrys’ shit. I commend Howard for his patience and may God have mercy on whoever pisses him off next.

    I wonder how well his cheerleader gf is walking after last night

  • Tyson

    Fuck Scott Barry.

  • Homer Simpson

    1. Very exciting and memorable game (even if I lost some valuable sleep time)
    2. Officially welcoming Oswalt to Philly family (lets go Oswalt!)
    3. Great to see so many fan sticking it to the end (so jealous… I wanted to be there to see it)
    4. Howard showing such emotion (it’s not just a paycheck, he really cares for the game)
    5. Gload getting ejected (so funny – he’s not even on the active roster, he’s on DL!!!)

    5. Yet another brilliant performance by Cole was wasted
    4. Phils lost, especially when Braves also lost and we could have gained ground.
    3. Cool Ryan lost his cool
    2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Howard gets suspension – will be really pissed… but not surprised
    1. That F***ing barry has no business umping in majors.

  • illafifth

    Also just heard that Oswalt said he’d never felt as big an adrenaline rush as the one he did last night playing LF and having everyone chant his name since his first game in the majors… oh my, this man is too cute 😀

    (P.S. I’m a girl and all so it’s OK to call him cute and smiley face it)

  • Miss Qwerty

    I have been writting to sports radio shows and sports blogs been tweeting articles writting to MLB and to ball parks complaining about scott barry WE need to make our voices heard these minor leauge umps have no reason to be in our proff games as I chant kick scott out kick scott out

  • Dave

    WOW, we are really talking about a guys wife and kids over a call he made during a baseball game? That is a little much don’t you think? Did he make the right call on the second swing, it is pretty close could see it go either way. Did he have a quick trigger to toss Howard, maybe but really the guy was 0 – 7 with 4 or 5 K’s. Oswalt could at least put the ball in play. I understand the frustation over the call and the passion for your team in the playoff hunt as my team no longer is. But this is pretty brutal on a 34 yr old kid, who is working I believe his first full year in the bigs.

  • bb

    Howard went around, Barry rung him up, Howard slammed his helmet and bat down, automatic ejection. Whats all the crying about?? Howard knows better.

  • Werth the Wait

    Remember that time Roy Oswalt played left?

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