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The Astros old grounds crew outfits are hilarious
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Along with the Phillies and ‘Stros wearing their old throwback duds last night, the grounds crew at Minute Maid Park also played dress-up and wore their old astronaut outfits just like they did at the Astrodome in ’65.

What in the hell possessed them to do this?


It didn’t stop there either, take a gander at the futuristic space-whore outfits of the ushers:

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  • Englishphill

    And just check out the guy eying up the futuristic space-whores (and I think his wife is impressed too..)

  • Justin

    And the other guy sitting in front, denying his obvious raging, white-hot attraction to them. DON’T YOU LOOK AT THEM, says his wife’s voice in his head.

  • Rich

    They look they were out to fetch Big Brown’s bomb

  • PolancosHeadIsHuge


  • joe wade

    space whores FTW

  • Pat M.

    That first picture is just…wow. They look like a bunch of mental patients who convinced themselves they were astronauts.

  • Heathcliff Slocumb

    No way meech actually posted this at 6 AM – total blatant use of “post at future time” methinks.

    It would make sense to use futuristic technology for a post like this though – since those space suits and usher outfits are so from the future and all.

    If I’m wrong, and meech actually posted something at 6 AM on a Sunday, then I can only guess it was a long night of par-tay-ing that ended somewhere around 6:23 AM.

  • Gonzo

    Expect to see a Fightins reader win today’s Stump the Fans trivia question. I nailed it in about 15 seconds.

  • bigmyc

    C’mon, Bonzo. That Stump the Phan Trivia stuff is Beerleaguer territory.

  • Gonzo

    Meech loves the trivia, even though they shafted him on a gift last year.

  • Sbuck

    anyone know why peter happy was playing first yesterday?

  • Curt Schilling

    Wearing those uniforms was the stupidest thing the Astros grounds crew could do.

  • Lynniemac

    Did you type and hit send fast enough, Gonzo? I only came up with 3 out of 4.

  • Bob

    They look more like convicts on work release than a professional grounds crew. Some things are left better in the past.

  • maria

    I am much more excited for the powder blue unis they’ll be wearing against the Brewers. Although, I’m not sure much will top these groundskeeper astronaut thingies.

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