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I don’t want to say that the Phils have been giving off an air of despair lately or anything, but…


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So I was all jazzed they were bringing back the #askthebooth segment. I fired up a bunch of relevant questions, like this one…


…and then I hear Gregg Murphy begin to rattle off a question to the booth. In my opinion, it was not capturing the spirit of the promotion. If the question was any softer, it would’ve floated to the booth. Read more »

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Maybe Wheels had a brain cramp and started trailing off and McCarthy merely picked up his slack, or maybe he cut him off like a weary mother does to a child who continues to dribble out the most obvious and mundane observations.

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Washington Nationals latest #1 draft pick Bryce Harper held his introductory press conference at Nationals Park yesterday where he schmoozed with the press and put on a show during an afternoon batting practice session. Apparently, this guy was hitting bombs into the third deck in left field (where only Adam Dunn hath ventured) and even showed off his raw power by hitting some impressive opposite field taters. But, of course, Bryce had his own special nickname for those, one you might actually be familiar with.

From Adam Kilgore’s story in The Washington Post (emphasis mine):

“Harper slapped on a red hat with a white curly “W” and sat before a room full of reporters, his family and members of the Nationals ownership group. Quickly, Harper introduced a new phrase to the franchise’s lexicon. He explained that during batting practice earlier he had hit several “oppo boppos” – opposite field home runs. “


It’s well-documented that Tom McCarthy brought the phrase “oppo boppos” into the “baseball lexicon” a few seasons ago. Now, I’m not sure if TMac ever copyrighted that phrase, but he’s credited for it on Urban Dictionary, and I think that should be good enough to win a litigious battle.

Photo via D.C. Sports Bog

(Shout out to The Fightins reader Hahri for the tip)

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More from the perfect Halladay weekend: My boy Dan Levy from On the DL Podcast talked with T-Mac and Franzke for his Press Coverage piece this week about what it was like being in the booth to not only witness, but call the play-by-play for Roy Halladay’s perfect game.  Real good stuff here, folks.  Check it out.  [The Sporting Blog]

NINE INNINGS OF SARGE ON TV! Just a heads up — “Scott Franzke left the team to be with his wife, who is expecting. Wheels and LA on the radio, McCarthy and Sarge on TV tonight.” [@ToddZolecki]

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