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Just when I thought it was impossible for me to like Domonic Brown more than I already did…

The man is wise beyond his years.

(Thanks for the heads up, @bikewobble)

Oh! And speaking of Dom Brown and fashion, have you seen the Birdland store lately?


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The #2 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft for YOUR 76ers stopped by the broadcast booth after throwing out the first pitch yesterday and chatted it up with T-Mac and Sarge Matthews. And I didn’t think it was humanly possible for a visitor of the booth to even approach the coolness of the Sarge, Turner tried his best by wearing a nice Phillies red Kangol to match his custom #12 TURNER Phillies jersey. Observe:

After the jump, a nice Sarge .gif…

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This afternoon in Clearwater, the Phillies announced some brand spanking new promotional items to handout to ticket holders for various games throughout the course of the 2010 season. I’m sure you’ve seen most of them, like the 2009 NL Champs Pennant (April 12), the 2009 Champs shirt (April 14), Shane’s foam finger (June 6), and that sweet ass Roy Halladay bobble (May 18). But now they’ve added more to their free shit arsenal, and I figured we might as well check ’em out.

The highlight of the bunch is a game against the Braves on Tuesday, July 6th where children 14 & under get an official 30″ Louisville Slugger wood bat featuring Charlie Manuel’s name and signature, and PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES screen printed on the label.

I was under the impression that they stopped giving these away at games in fear of people getting beat to death with blunt wooden objects, but I guess they’re trying to counteract that by giving them to kids only. Either way, it’s BADASS:


So make sure to rent-a-kid for that game if you want a bat. At least school’s out.

After the jump, check out another giveaway. This one possibly being inspired by The Fightins…

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You may know Andy Martino as the Columbia Graduate who became a Phillies beatwriter for the Inqy via the New York Daily News (I read his profile!), but there is a slim chance that you really know Andy Martino. He doesn’t do nearly as many radio and TV appearances as say, a Todd Zolecki, David Murphy, or Scott Lauber, plus he’s only been covering the team for about six months now. So chances are, you just see him as that guy who took over Zolecki’s beat.

Well that all changed last night after he appeared on CSN Philly’s pre-game show out in San Fran.

Andy showed up for his taping looking less like an MLB beat writer and more like a cross between an extra on the set of Swingers and that cat from Clueless who would rather watch Tony Curtis movies than bang Alicia Silverstone.

Honest to God, I’m not sure if he was in character for this spot or not. You be the judge:

I love how after Andy explained that he got his hat from The Sarge, Mitch Williams goes, “I’m glad you did that, ’cause I was fixin’ to blister ya on that hat, Andy.”

I’ll tell you what though, a nice Sarge hat is always a fashionable accessory. The Adidas track jacket on top of the polo shirt? Not so much.

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Sarge Gets Fanned

You think it’s easy being the Sarge, don’t you? Well, you would be right!

Because when you work as hard as he does, with the color broadcasting duties and being a world-renown author as well as an ex-MLB superstar, you get treated to the finer things in life. Like limo rides to and from the games, special accommodations in only the finest hotels on the road, lavish steak dinners that would make royalty jealous, and when you’re standing on the Bud Light Rooftop Deck above Ashburn Alley waiting to go on-air for the pre-game show, you get fanned by producers so you’re not sweating for the camera.

Oh yeah, and you can spill beers with absolutely no repercussion.

To get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes Sarge, I’m gonna kindly ask if you’d JUMP.

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If you are an avid follower of the famed Sarge Matthews Twitter account — like muah — surely you’ve read about the little “contest” that he proposed the other day.  If you haven’t, no biggie, the following e-mail that showed up in the ol’ inbox yesterday will clearly explain everything.  It was sent to me by a The Fightins dot com reader and visitor of Petco Park named Collin who decided to test the validity of this so-called “contest” on Tuesday night.

I’ll let Collin take it from here:

Hey guys, so the Sarge (@G_Sarge_M) put out a Twitter APB on June 1 that read, “First one to bring a “IT’S MUFFIN TIME” sign to the broadcast booth wins a free hat.” Naturally, my friend Mike and I loved the idea of free WFC memorabilia and constructed a makeshift sign out of a Coors Light box at Petco Park [on Tuesday] after bagging a Cole Hamels autograph during warm-ups.  We made it up to the press area with the MUFFIN sign only to be stopped by security. Those laid back SD security guards didn’t really believe us and wouldn’t let us pass… until T-Mac walked right by us! We told T-Mac about the Twitter “contest”; he laughed and told us that he really wanted to get this sign over to Wheels/LA/Sarge. So we got the Tom McCarthy sponsored tour of the press box, got some huge laughs out of the guys (Wheels first words to Sarge were “You asshole…look what you’ve done!”) and got a picture with MUFFIN and SARGE, which was taken by T-Mac himself. Mike is in the Werth shirt (right), I’m in the red Northampton Community College tee.


‘Enjoy’ is an understatement, Collin. That story is borderline legendary.

Anyway, here’s the proof.  Featuring the brilliant photography skills of Tom McCarthy:

After the jump, Collin breaks out the “Muffin Time” sign in the crowd and Sarge talks about these two extraordinary gentleman during last night’s broadcast…

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Sarge and T-Mac were on-air last night doing their usual comedy routine thing, when the conversation moved towards Twitter; which prompted McCarthy to ask Sarge why he doesn’t Tweet about his brand new line of hats that went on sale yesterday at The Bank.

Sarge, being the modest fashion plate that he is, didn’t even mention the fact that he has one of the best Twitter accounts around (@G_Sarge_M), but did talk about how he perfectly matches his Kangol to his blue Phillies polo shirt.  Watch the video, after the jump…

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Alright — which one of youse was messing with my boy Sarge’s control board last night?

It was you Wheels, wasn’t it? I guess that’s your payback for being called “muffin” on air? Fair enough.

In case you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, allow me to fill you in… When Sarge came into the broadcast booth at his normal time in the top of the 3rd inning yesterday, someone obviously messed around with his audio equipment prior to his arrival. So when Sarge began talking, he was hearing an echo of himself a couple of seconds after he spoke. This clearly startled the Sarge, because he became somewhat disoriented and had trouble conveying his thoughts. He then pleaded to Tom McCarthy to tell him what was going on, but all that guy did was sit there and laugh at him. Poor Sarge.

Here’s the clip of the incident with Sarge sounding like a drunk stroke victim. Enjoy:

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