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Philadelphia Futures is an organization that “provides Philadelphia’s low-income, first-generation-to-college students with the tools, resources and opportunities necessary for admission to and success in college.”

This past Sunday, Chooch presented “Getting in the Game” to raise funds for Philadelphia Futures and 14 of his teammates joined him at North Bowl. Photographer HughE Dillon was there to capture the event for Philadelphia Magazine, and I was surprised to learn that Jimmy Rollins is a damn good bowler: Read more »

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I know Ben Revere is persona non grata among many Phillies fans these days. He’s never hit a home run in all of his MLB service, and he hasn’t even displayed much gap-to-gap power. He only hits slightly better than I ever did and my coach put me in the minimum 2 innings per game the league required (his defense is better than mine ever was). There was also something about how he ordered a cheesesteak once after living in Minnesota for awhile.

This post isn’t here to argue the merits of the trade that brought him here, or where he should be batting in the order, or even if he should be batting at all. But a rare event – such as Revere hitting a line drive to the warning track  – deserves to be commemorated.

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On the Phillies day off last Thursday, a few members of the Phillies took time out of their busy schedules to head to the bowling alley and raise some scratch for charity. Among those in attendance were Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins, RAAAAUUUUUUULLL!, Cole Hamels, Jamie Moyer and the most stylish man in broadcasting, Sarge Matthews.

During the CSN broadcast the following night, Tom McCarthy was showing some highlights from the event and didn’t pass up the opportunity to get some good-natured ribbing in on the Sarge.

Take a gander at Sarge’s bowling skills, after the jump…

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Strike? No questions asked.Newly awarded Gold Glover and key member of the World F’n Champs playoff run, Shane Victorino, was back in his hometown of Las Vegas this week and organized a bowling party with his friends and family to celebrate his accomplishments. Sophisticated pirate Norm Clarke has the details:


Outfielder Shane Victorino, a spark plug in the Philadelphia Phillies’ postseason run, hosting a World Series championship party for his family and friends on Sunday in the VIP bowling suite inside Red Rock Lanes at Red Rock Resort. Among his friends joining him was Reed Johnson of the Chicago Cubs. Victorino lives in Las Vegas in the off-season

Reed Johnson? Huh. Whatever, it sounds like a fun time was had by all and I’m just thankful that Shane Victorino made a public appearance without wearing that atrocious Christian Audigier/Ed Hardy gear.

Norm Clarke (4th item) | Las Vegas Review-Journal
Shane Victorino Celebrates World Series, love, and Gold Glove | Las Vegas Sun

After the jump, pics of Shane & fiancee and Shane & Reed Johnson…

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