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T-Mac & Franzke recall what it’s like to announce perfection
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More from the perfect Halladay weekend: My boy Dan Levy from On the DL Podcast talked with T-Mac and Franzke for his Press Coverage piece this week about what it was like being in the booth to not only witness, but call the play-by-play for Roy Halladay’s perfect game.  Real good stuff here, folks.  Check it out.  [The Sporting Blog]

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  • Amandah

    I can’t stand T-MAC. His awful banter with Wheels and non-stop blabbering makes me want to bend over in front of the t.v., open up my butt-cheeks and fart on the screen when he’s on it. I choose radio over watching the t.v.



  • maria

    I love Scott Franzke.

  • fuck the mets

    Did he have to use the picture of Roy and Jamie talking about Justin Bieber?

  • Joe D

    What really pissed me off during Roy’s perfect game was T-Mac constantly saying Roy was “falling behind at 3-2”. Going from a 2-2 count to 3-2 is not fucking falling behind.

  • Joe D

    One other thing that pissed me off this weekend with McCarthy….after Moyer knocked that dot down that came right at him on Sunday he began talking about how Huff from the Indians was hit with the A-Rod line drive. And I can’t even make this shit up, I really can’t. T-Mac went on to say that what was really interesting about the A-Rod hit was how the ump waited to see if the ball landed in fair territory when it went into right to determine if it would be a hit. Is this guy fucking kidding me? He is kidding right? A ball that clearly hits a player in fair territory can land foul for a foul ball? Jesus Christ.

  • Mr. Bryan

    Franzke > Man Baby McCarthy

  • TonyIsDynamic

    Both were awesome to hear. It must have been great to call a perfect game. I personally love whenever I ask someone why they hate Tom McCarthy, they just lock up and go “Uhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

    I get reasons on Wheels though!

  • Amandah

    @TonyIsDynamic. I hate T-MAC because he laughs at unfunny shit during a broadcast, he talks way too much during a broadcast, he looks like a baffoon (Shallow, yes, but it is a reason I hate him), he has droopy, ugly looking man-tits and he probably farts Wheels’ cum.



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