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T.GIF – Strike for Benny
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I know Ben Revere is persona non grata among many Phillies fans these days. He’s never hit a home run in all of his MLB service, and he hasn’t even displayed much gap-to-gap power. He only hits slightly better than I ever did and my coach put me in the minimum 2 innings per game the league required (his defense is better than mine ever was). There was also something about how he ordered a cheesesteak once after living in Minnesota for awhile.

This post isn’t here to argue the merits of the trade that brought him here, or where he should be batting in the order, or even if he should be batting at all. But a rare event – such as Revere hitting a line drive to the warning track  – deserves to be commemorated.

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  • Alexander Hamilton

    lovely family you’ve got there

  • Hunter Pence

    That’s cool, but remember when I took that turn really wide and tried to kill Sammy?
    Good times.

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