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Sonny Forriest Jr. Sings The New Phillies Anthem
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Perched atop his motorized scooter equipped with only an amp, a mic, and his silky vocal tones, Philadelphia resident Sonny Forriest Jr. has been spotted maneuvering his way around The Bank charming the fans with his soon-to-be SMASH hit tune in support of the Fightin’ Phils. I think it’s called “Go, Phillies, Go” or maybe “Three Strikes You’re Out” — something like that.

The song title isn’t important here, what is important is that a one-legged man on a scooter has penned the most infectious theme song a baseball team could ask for. Judge for yourself:

Beautiful, ain’t it? Good man, that Sonny. If you’re headed to the game this afternoon (like me!) and you notice Sonny scooting around with his mic in hand, show some love and drop him a couple bucks.

Side note: My boy Sonny was even on an episode of The Jerry Springer Show entitled, “These two broads stole my leg.” Classic.

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  • Joe B

    That man deserves a standing “O”

  • The Juggernaut He can’t help it these womens are in love with him

  • MP

    Phillies Fever is still the best!

  • madonna

    Aww Chollie’s mom died today.. he might not manage.

  • The Phunyun

    The camera work on that clip is TEH AWESOMES!

  • slowski

    id like to conceive a child to that sweet lovin makin music

  • Crafty

    “Stand-up, Sonny! Oh God love ya. Everybody stand up for Sonny.”

  • GenericFanGroup

    I saw him at the Series I yelled 3 strikes your out at him he was a little startled

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